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  1. Do you declare indirect weapons at the same time as direct? If so i've been playing it wrong! Whoops
  2. I've found that not linking fire with them can be a super effective way of wrecking cruiser squadrons with them. 9AD should at least strip a HP off a cruiser and hopefully crit. Follow up with 14AD nuke torps on the most damaged one or best target for AOE and you've got yourself a pretty chewed up enemy squadron after one activation.
  3. Interesting point on clearing 'ceptor cover. I take it to do this you would have to shunt in pretty close? So that the interceptors would 'intercept move' into the PD range of the hastas?
  4. Cheers guys! Originally i had planned on trying out: Hasta w/ +1 shield, weapon shielding and 3 interceptors, 2x scythe accomp. 3x Warwolf 3x Falcata 5x Scythe 3x Plumbata Given your suggestions i reckon i will either drop the corvettes to throw in another bare bones falcata OR Drop the warwolves to max out the corvettes, cruisers and sprinkle some upgrades around the fleet. One thing i've noticed is our ships/squadrons tend to end up quite expensive. I've found myself outnumbered every game i've played. This was an attempt to try and correct that problem, and see how our fleets fare when going for a cheaper stuff, more ships approach.
  5. I've seen alot of love for the Falcata on here, but i was wondering what people's preferred layout for a squadron is? Do you go for the shield or movement, experienced engineers or no?, do you throw in a heavy cruiser or not? I've done all of these, but not in enough games, nor have i been playing long enough, to truley judge the merits of each choice. The main reason i ask is my latest 800pt build i'd like to try out has a squadron of 3 naked cruisers. I'm wondering if they will be as effective as people say they are, and also just curious as to how much points you guys will happily invest in a cruiser squadron.
  6. The upgrades on the halberds i think are totally worth it. Weapon shielding seems to be always awesome, and reinforced sides makes you CR9 on the sides, which ideally will be the ones facing the enemy most of the time. Warwolves are tough little cookies too. CR 9 is nice, decent PD, you've got a shield in there, and they kinda just roll around and hurt things. Used them lots, liked them lots. Reapers and Plumbatas are sweet, a sentiment echoed by many from what i've seen. Go go little guys!
  7. Ooooooohhh my word i did not realise that. Apologies. Fortunatly i haven't used that in a game and blatently cheated. For sure then don't go for pack hunters. Srs wise, i've used mine with 3 fighters and to be honest they haven't done much. I think fighters would be fine in larger squadrons, but 3 isn't enough. 6AD can just about take down a frigate, and then you've lost your +3 PD for killing a frigate until you can pump them out next activation. Have one explode to turrets and you're left with 2, which i can't see being effective with much. Larger games i'd like to try running 2x Hasta with 6 fighters and support them with some cruisers though. Could be a nice little self sufficient pair of squadrons.
  8. Picked up the box a few days ago and have used one in 2, 800pt games so far on its lonesome. +1 shield and weapon shielding have been my choices so far, and i'm a really big fan i have to say. The 11AD broadsides and rb 1 and 2 are a huge bonus. Throw in 2 scythes with pack hunters and that becomes 16/17 at rb 1/2. The FF kinetics and wings are icing on the cake. Quick laungh i would say at 800 pts is probably not worth it. An extra 7" of range on fighters or bombers for me, isn't worth losing that extra shield, and really i think interceptors are probably best if you're just rolling with a single BC. One kill on 3 bombers and it's 6 AD. Not super worth it. Fighters give you some PD whilst they're hanging around but only 6AD at max strength if you decide to go on an attack run. Interceptors give you a solid defence against torps and other srs.
  9. Cheers man! I couldn't find a scentence that specifically stated that they were not considered 'models' but i'll take your word for it Good to know we have a pretty lawyer proof rulesset on our hands!
  10. Aye, but what i'm saying is, if they don't, and just chill b2b with a target, can their parent ship then launch an assault in the boarding assault phase and, whilst compiling dice for the boarding assault pool, combine in the dice from the assault boats as they have an AP value, are part of the same squadron (I think, obviously this loophole hinges on the fact that they are) and are in B2B or within 6" of the target.
  11. A wierd little idea popped up today whilst discussing boarding stuff with a friend. So assault boats activate and do their attack run in the movement segment of the parent ships activation. All good. They can't leave their parent ship's command distance without making an attack run, still all good. Looking at this, you would think its clear, Asault boats assault seperatly to everyone else. But what about in the following situation? Your parent carrier, lets say someone with a 6" command distance, starts its activation within 6" of an enemy ship. A rare thing to happen i will agree, but stick with me here. In the movement, the Assault boats that are floating around with it move into B2B with the enemy ship, but do not launch an attack. The enemy gets to shoot its PD at them, cool. Lets say they stick around after, and they're still within their parent ships command distance. All good. Boarding assault phase comes around and the parent ship launches a boarding assault against the enemy ship. The Assault boats are sitting there in B2B, can they combine in with the parent ship? The rulebook says that assault boats launch boarding assaults like any other model, and that also any model in the squadron can combine in assault dice for a boarding. Is it any different than say SRS adding in Pd dice against some torps targeted on their parent ship? Obviously i would hardly ever do this. Its difficult enough to set it up, and is rediculously rules lawyery. Was just an interesting thought on a possible cheeky tactic to w whap out at a tournemant and put together a rediculous amount of Assault dice in a boarding action.
  12. They are indeed just cosmetic! You'll see in the fleet manuals each entry has multiple names. Eg the battleship has both 'Falx' and 'Swordbreaker' listed for the same profile, so you can use both new and old models. (Swordbreaker being the older one). At the end of the day though, i suppose it doesn't really matter what you stick on the flight stand. The stem itself represents the actual size of the ship (All ranges are measured stem to stem). The models themselves are just pretty things to look at! Hell, if you were a spoilsport you could even use empty flightstands and a simple mark to show which arc is the front one.
  13. We gonna have a debate on the appropriate usage of the word synergy now? Seriously though thanks for clearing that up Shino, i see exactly what you mean. I like the idea of swapping out a mixed squadron for 3 heavies too, may have to try that out in my 1200 list. I have decent enough hammers in the Warwolves and xiphos and i'm thinking they could provide a nice anvil.
  14. @ stargrunt, Regarding TAC Cards. They are part of the game, why wouldn't you combine them into your strategy? I'm not saying they are required to make something work well, i'm saying that when you combine a squadron with a card, you get powerful results. If you build a fleet without considering what TAC cards will be working with it then in my eyes you are not using a significantly influential part of this game to it's full effect.
  15. Possibly the best start to a forum post i have ever seen on the internet. I go for +1 shield and experienced engineers points allowing. I was never really sure WHY, but it all felt like a good use of points. Recently, i've discovered what could be quite a useful tactic. The shield allows you to use the +1 shield kurak card on them, suddenly they have become a bit more survivable (useful when they are straight up brawling). If you move over half your movement you gain a hazard marker, but the experienced engineers will hopefully mitigate that. At least more so than if they weren't there. I will admit the thing i've really yet to pin down is list writing, i often find that if i write a list and throw upgrades everywhere, i'm only investing between 100 and 150 pts in upgrades across the whole fleet. If i wanted to add in another squadron, i would have to strip every upgrade off everything (some i feel are pretty important, like Weapon shielding, +1 shield and +2 wings for 'ceptors on the carrier) and at the end of it i would be left with an extra squadron of 5 frigates. I'm new, i don't know for sure which is better, but my gut is telling me that fewer, better equipped squadrons will be more effective. At the very least, you're denying your opponent BL points that he would otherwise be able to get from that extra squadron.
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