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  1. +1 to del boy's comments I use the Axis and Allies board too!
  2. The new box is dope! New heavy battleship? New heavy cruiser? New combat carrier? 3 new medium cruisers? Plus smalls and more SAS to throw around? Count me in!
  3. I'm pretty sure I read in the play tester thread that they were losing the dual turret option...
  4. CDR_G thus will be happening in Sydney Australia! My LGS has an abundance of blisters so I highly doubt they will be low on stock by the time this all goes down. Also have 2 fully painted store fleets (FSA and kob) and most of our core gaming group have several fleets they are willing to lend out to newbies to learn with as well
  5. The use of the merchant navy boxes is an alright idea but again it's 5 boxes I don't really have the coin for!! Might look into making some airfields though save the TFT ruling
  6. They could if they wanted to.... Being an 800pt event it'd make it hard to fit a carrier and much else in, TFT / SAS rule is more of an idea than a steadfast point of the event,
  7. The venue is my LGS, the 'venue fee' I included was more so I have a plan to give back to the store for their support.I've run a few events in other systems and have a plan in place to run an intro / v2 adjustment day in the lead up to this bigger event. I wouldn't want to buy 20-30 merchant navy boxes just for the oil rigs! I'll have to change the wording of the TFT rule regardless (to sas) so I'll just included that the fleet basic sas' may rearm and refuel at their deployment board edge
  8. Plan is for July (with a precursor intro day in may/June) at this stage I know the missions and tournament specific rules will probably need a little tinkering with the new rule set. Hopefully with v2 the game will speed up a bit so we can go a larger fleet size
  9. I have played a few games St the 750 to 800 point level and been able to get them done easily within the time frame. I feel that in a tournament environment (even a friendly one) the times could either speed up or slow down depending on the game, I am looking for an effective way to enforce the time frames without seeming like a jerk TO
  10. Hi all, I've recently started planning an event to be held at my local store for DW, and I am looking for ideas and critics if possible!! $25ish entry fee -to TSP for venue -for supplies / player pack -for prize pool 10 players = $250 budget - venue fee - blue cloth for tables - Players Packs -Templates? (Sponsor?) -STAR Cards? (Sponsor?) -Novelty Awards? (Sponsor?) -2 Oil Rig Obj Markers (build?) - Prizes -1st (fleet box?) -2nd (blister?) -3rd (blister?) -painting (blister?) -Sportsmanship (blister?) Rules: - 800pt fleets - Generic Commodore - 30% must be Smalls - No Dreadnoughts - Naval or Air Core, no land - No Enplacements - 10 'fleet' TFTs may 'refuel & rearm' by leaving their deployment board edge and returning the next player turn. -1hr 40 min per game (set up & 3turns) Oil Rig Stats: 5 HP, 4 DR, 5 CR, 2 CC, 2 AA, 2 AP MAR: Combustible Ammunition D6 Oil Rig Critical Table: 1 - Explosion! (1" radius per remaining HP) removed Oil Rig from play. 2 - Fires! CR same as DR until EoT 3 - Man Down! -1AP 4 - Equipment Destroyed! -1 AA 5 - Equipment Malfunction! -1 CC 6 - Ricochet! Oil Rig only loses 1HP instead of 2. Missions: 1: Black Gold! -2 neutral 'oil rig' platforms to be pre-placed on the table, players to place 1 owned each during deployment. -Neutral rigs worth 1 points at EoG -Opposing rig worth 2 points at EoG -To capture a rig player must have a ship within 1" at the end of its movement and roll 5+ on a D6. (Player gains +1 on the D6 roll per friendly model within 1" of the platform & -1 per enemy model within 1" of the platform ) 2: Cut off His head! Destroy the opposing Commodore's flagship. (Large or massive) 2pts for crewless destroyed or captured opposing flagship 1st for damaged opposing flagship 3: Break the Line! -Sail your fleet across your opponents deployment edge. -Ships may not return to the battle area once they have sailed off the edge. -2 points cross more than your opponent, by more than 150pts -1 point cross the same as your opponent, within 150pts 4: Colonization is the key! -Control more of the board than your opponent at the end of the game. -to capture landmarks have a model within 1" of the object at the end of its movement and pass a roll of 4+ on a D6. (+1 per friendly model within 1" of object) -objects can be recaptured at any time. (-1 per enemy model within 1" of object) -2 points for holding more objects than your opponent -1 point for holding the same number of objects Two options for the timetable, I feel a one day event is more approachable for traveling players but I'll take suggestions. Time table (1day) 0900 open & registration 0930 TO Announcements 0940 Game 1 1120 break for lunch 1220 Game 2 1400 break 1420 Game 3 1600 break 1620 Game 4 1800 finish 1820 awards 1900 clear venue. Time table 2 (2day) Day1: 1000 Open & Rego 1030 TO Announcements 1040 Game 1 1200 break for lunch 1300 Game 2 1440 break 1500 Game 3 1640 break 1700 game 4 1840 end of day 1 Day2 0900 open & TO Announcements 0920 Game 5 1100 break 1120 Game 6 1300 end of day awards etc
  11. I've had the same idea for fleshing out my FSA fleet! Although I plan to use foamex and plasticard mainly, with brass rod for the cannons. Only thing I am struggling with are the small turrets & aa guns
  12. The B52 isn't the biggest combat plane anymore... but it's a good depth of scale. The C5 galaxy and the C17 Globe master are currently the big daddies in the western description, the several overly massive Antinov models being the Russian versions. I know these are strategic lift transport aircraft, but modern day weapon systems have made large slow and bulky fighting aircraft a thing of the past. Both because of the anti air capability and that now 'fighters' can carry a ridiculous amount of armament. I'd say with the exception of the new 100mm flyer from Salute there are similar sized aircraft for the ones in the game.
  13. If I were a betting man I'd put money on the Saratoga picking up some more TFT complement and losing some gunnery stats with this new carrier gaining extra gunnery and support at the loss of some TFT sqn size
  14. Fleet Name, 2nd North-West Pacific Fleet "Storm-Born" Vice Admiral Pearceson Area of Operations: South West Pacific Massive & Large Models: FSN Eugene I, Enterprise Class BB, 3x Springfield Escorts. Rear-Admiral Jamus Bright FSN Seattle III, Saratoga Class Carrier, 3x Sprinfield Escorts. 18x Aircraft, the Trail Blazers, Multirole Commodore Cragarian Lowndes FSN Pendleton II, Independence Class DN, 3x Springfield Escorts. Vice-Admiral Pearceson's FLAGSHIP FSAF Autzein I, New Orleans Class ACV, Air Marshal Rikire Kelly (Under Construction) FSAF Eagle Point, Valley Air Class Air Commodore Richard Johnston (Under Construction) Medium: 6x Lexington Class Cruisers, FSN Milwaukie FSN Wheeler FSN Redmond FSN Albany FSN Tigard FSN Keizer 6x Princeton Gunships FSN Salem FSN Portland FSN Gresham FSN Beaverton FSN McMinnville FSN Corvallis Small: Augusta Class Frigates: FSN Lane FSN Marion FSN Multomah FSN Jaxon FSN Benton FSN Linn FSN Clackamas FSN Douglas FSN Yamhill FSN Polk 10 Corvette Class Frigates FSN Unity FSN Prescott FSN Barrow FSN Summerville FSN Indana FSN Mitchell FSN Monument FSN Antelop FSN Lonerock FSN Greenhorn Tiny: Tiny Flyer Squadrons Fighting Ducks - 15 Aircraft, fighters (5 stands) Beaver Tails - 15 Aircraft, fighters Huskies - 15 Aircraft, Torpedo Bombers Seahawks - 15 Aircraft, Torpedo Bombers Thunder - 15 Aircraft, Dive Bombers Uprising - 15 Aircraft, Dive Bomber Sonics - 9 Aircraft, Reconnaissance
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