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  1. Terran Alliance Half Core 1 x Leviathan 1 x Recon 1 x Ground Attack 1 x Command 1 x Infantry Upgrade Set 1 x Hawker Aerial 1 x Assault (inbound)
  2. KoB (painted, except Windsor) 1x Majesty 2x Monarch 1x Avenger (conversion) 2x Ruler 1x Vengence 2x Lord Hood 3x Agincourt 3x Dominion 3x Vanguard subs 4x Orion 5x Valiant subs 9x Bastion escorts 5x Corvettes 1x Illustrious 1x Windsor BW (painted) 1x Death Bringer 2x Manticore 2x Nemesis 8x Fury 12x Reaper EIMC (painted) 1x Forbes IR (painted) 1x Chanura 1x Jhasa 1x Canda 3x Devak 3x Indus 5x Veeran RC (painted) 1x Khatanga 1x Borodino 3x Tiksi 3x Suvorov 2x Rudnitsky 4x Nikel 4x Veliky 8x Novgorod 1x Tunguska 2x Myshkin 1x Kursk 1x Belgorod 4x Orlov 6x Minsk 6x Kamchatka 10x Tikhvin Coa (40% painted) 1x Prometheus 1x Diophantus 1x Aristotle 1x Hippasus 3x Fresnel 3x Zeno 3x Cleomedes 6x Plutarch 4x Diogenes 10x Thales 3x Galen 2x Callimachus (water) 1x Epicurus 1x Herodotus (in the mail) 2x Arronax 1x Callimachus (land) (in the mail) 4x Skorpios (in the mail) 6x Atticus (in the mail) 20x Xenophon (in the mail)
  3. Base coated the Windsor, mobile oppression palace. Such an awesome model.
  4. mrponders

    Mr. Ponders KOB

  5. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Very well done, these models look awesome.
  6. Isn't it only 10 dice 5 + (5+5)/2 = 10, or am I missing something?
  7. I agree this would be a great to be able to have a digital version of the 2.0 Rules (understandably not for free).
  8. What can you tell us about the COA Particle Accelerators? Stats/ MAR's? Thanks
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