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  1. Recently felt the itch for Firestorm Armada again. Unpacked my Sorylian fleet and cradled them a bit. Would love to get my hands on some beta rules to test with the group. The year is almost gone.
  2. Greetings aces. With the dawn of 2.0 I decided to revive my old Sorylian fleet. Now I actually never finished my custom Fighter tokens - which is a boon - but got literally dozens of small Fighters, Interceptors, Bombers and Transports painted ready. I have some clear flightstands available but they certainly don't fit the dimensions of the new SRS tokens. Now, is the size and shape of the tokens play-relevant? Can someon give me the precise dimensions? Is 1.25" hex accurate? Hoping to use some clear acrylic hexes from Litko. Kirin out
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