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  1. I am very happy to have DW coming back -- and based on the WWX rules, I am excited to see what Warcradle comes up with. That being said Storminwolf, the issue I have is having bought into the game rather heavily and being left with obsolete models. I will not spread negativity and I will of course wait and see how the new scale affects the old scale. If worse comes to worse, I'll just play the new rules with the old minis. Cheers!
  2. I believe it is assumed that each player will have their own decks. You can buy the decks separately, or print them out. I purchased two Gubbins boxes since I already had miniatures from first edition. From what I have heard, you can use one deck for two players for smaller demo games. Cheers!
  3. Danke Burson! Looks like I'll be buying more models to flesh out this faction. Luckily I have quite a few Warrior Nation to hold me over while I do so. Cheers!
  4. I have the original stater box. So with the new rules I have two bosses and ten hired hands -- but what does everyone use the heavy drain rifle model for, since I don't see a card/model for it anymore? Cheers!
  5. Actually, you can Chaki. As TheSock stated, they can fit between the trays, in a double stack of trays. Baring that, the Battle Foam trays come with holes for the flight stands, in which they sit upside down, but nice and flat. Now you might have to trim the length of the flight stand depending on the thickness of the foam tray -- no big deal, took me a few minutes to cut them with snips, and then glue a magnet on each one. I have the Battle Foam Spartan bag -- very handy, and useful for other games as well; the standard Battle Foam tray size is the same as two Dystopian Wars trays, so I use mine with generic Battle Foam troop trays for other games. Battle Foam also has a UK production and distribution center, so purchasing and shipping in the UK and Europe should be easy and less expensive. Cheers!
  6. Yes, is the short answer. If you are speaking of the tiny flyer tokens, they can be placed base-to-base, two to a slot. Most of the other smaller minis can be doubled up in their slots as well, with the addition of a slip of foam. It all depends on the thickness of the Battle Foam, which is determined off the largest model in the tray. For example, in the EotBS starter tray, it is so deep, the frigates and cruisers can be stacked; same goes for the land armies starter boxes due to the size/height of the land ship. Cheers!
  7. Thanks for that clarification Nazduruk_Bugzappa! Cheers!
  8. Funny how you ask for advice, don't like it, and then proceed to tell us why we're wrong. Something that comes with maturity is not to ask "can I" but "should I." Learn just what it means to play with sportsmanship -- or don't, and remain small-minded and ignorant of the consequences. I smell a troll... or a 16-year old WAAC -- either way, done with this thread.
  9. Sorry, but had to laugh at this! It is funny where we draw the line isn't it? Sturginium power, river boats on the ocean without a keel, and mad scientists in Anartica are all right -- but airships are just too over the top! Cheers!
  10. I have to chime in my two-cents here. Sure, we play and want to win -- but not all all costs. You may disagree that you or your friend are WAACs, or whatever term happens to be assigned to you. But it is human nature to quantify and categorize things and people. Doesn't make it right, but it might cause pause for personal reflection as to why someone might be categorized in this manner. Don't be obtuse DKoW, of course the goal is not to lose. But, as Timbo said, does winning at all costs include cheating? This is not actual war, or some life and death struggle -- it is a competitive game between (hopefully) adults, or at least those with some modicum of maturity. I might add that even war contains "rules" that govern civilized behavior called the Geneva Convention, which by their nature preclude winning at "all" costs. Now, speaking of this game we all enjoy, I believe there is a cornerstone to a competative game called sportsmanship. This encompasses more than just winning -- though winning is not removed from the equation. Personally, I play to have fun -- it is a social endeavor as much as anything else. And yes, winning is secondary because I see pure enjoyment and camaraderie as primary; everything else is a learning experience. Cheers!
  11. Sorry if this sounds dense, and this was answered in the old forums. Last night we played a combined land battle (2 FSA vs KoB and EotBS; scavenger scenario -- downed airship with objectives to capture and remove to the deployment zone), and since it had been so long we were having difficulty remembering what the consensus was on the Trenton's turrets. From reading this topic, and on the attached graphic, it seems "A" is how the front arcs/rear arcs work; one player is of the opinion the 90 degree arc suggests option "B". What is the consensus here? We played using option "B" and it was ridiculous trying to line up a shot. Cheers!
  12. Not supposed to be done sounds like a good reason for doing it! I agree with Longstrider -- just divy up the factions and play; the enemy of my enemy, so to speak. In fact our group will be doing that this weekend. I have two full fleets of FSA, and everyone else just has starter boxes right now. So, it will be FSA vs. all-comers. All that really matters is you have fun! Cheers!
  13. I spoke with Romeo this weekend, and just looked at the custom tray creator -- it looks like it has been updated to include all our Dystopian War models! I run FSA, so there might be a couple that I overlooked, but check it out, and post here if there is anything missing. Note that KoB is listed under Britannia and Kingdom of Britannia. Cheers!
  14. Sweet, thanks! I'll get the boys together to try this out and see what they think. Cheers!
  15. Ok Cassaralla , you are old fashioned! I understand, and enjoy a real book -- but when it comes to just the rules (I don't need the fluff in a PDF), and electronic copy is so much easier to use. Electronic distribution is the here-and-now, and carries with it more advantages than disadvantages: access to the Internet available almost anywhere including via 3G/4G; tablet computers and ereaders are common place; and lower production and distribution costs for the producer. Not to mention updates can happen at light speed! Not to be forgotten -- all the files are already electronic, and can easily, quickly, and inexpensively be converted to several formats. There is a reason content management has gone electronic/paperless. If this is something that Spartan needs help with, hire me; I write and develop content for IBM! ;-) IMO, worrying about the few that might distribute ebooks illegally is not conducive to a 21st century business model. Piracy will exist regardless of form. Don't let a possible minority determine the business model for the majority. Cheers!
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