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  1. It's kind of early, I can't sleep and while I'd normally love to debate most of the points brought up here about how Aquans are OP I'll instead say that I believe most of the other factions should be brought up. Most T1s should have access to some amount of mines. It seems silly that the bigger ships wouldn't have this weapon to combat swarms of lighter ships. Especially the factions with major fixed weapons. Most Dreads I feel should have DR7 and a supplementary indirect weapon, at the very least a bank of torps in the most common arc. Lots of ships could use a reevaluation of their upgrades. Possible increase/decrease in cost and increase/decrease in the value that is upgraded. Lots of the Fixed Fore weapon arcs could be relaxed sansing railguns. The Terrans should get a slight buff to AD or have some of their RB values swapped around. I feel like the weapon shielding mar has been overcompensated for. Sorylians with their reliance on tough outer shells should totally have access to Retractable plating or an extra HP. As it is now a lot of ships I feel are overpriced with a low DR with nothing to compensate. Dindrenzi could have turrets instead of gunracks but only have RB1/2 range or a new MAR that acts like Weapon shielding except it only kicks in at half HP. Relthoza should have more options for Mv boosts. As it stands the Shunt ability could barely be considered effective because it negates every defensive bonus they have and highlights every weakness with questionable returns. A MAR that allowed them to launch SRS after shunting might compensate or new upgrade options for more of their ships to swap weapons for SRS space. Besides a few outdated ships I feel like most Directorate vessels are pretty sweet. After Aquans they are probably the most well put together faction. I could go on and on with my obnoxious opinions, but I think I'm gonna try and get some sleep.
  2. Just played a test game using 1 each of the new squads added to a patrol fleet. 1000 points. Here are my standouts/impressions from the games and after discussing things with some members of the gaming group. New Cruisers should probably all be 4 HP. Zenian have 4 and the Kurak have 3. It seems kind of arbitrary. Directorate Carrier is lacking some sort of actual offensive option for the base cost. New Aquan ships are cute. Not worth taking compared to existing options though. Unfortunate. Relthozan Gunship could probably be a Destroyer with Kinetics. It doesn't really feel like a gunship compared to the others. Sorylian Gunship could also use some upgunning. Also doesn't really feel like a gunship. Escort Carriers mixed into normal squads don't seem worth it. If they could maybe be added as accompaniment it would probably up their desired factor.
  3. Frigates are a shunt bomb. You don't lose much by reserving them and for 80 points the full squad will still throw out decent omni directional firepower. They are fragile so don't expect them to last through anything though. Multiple squads are never a bad thing and not that much of an investment. Snappers are my favorite T3 currently. I run em at all squad sizes from 3 - 6. The amount of firepower that gets thrown at them that they live through is worth just as many points as if they'd actually killed something. On occasion they also kill stuff especially mid to late game when damage is starting to build and PD is suffering. Watch out for mines and other ships that have AP though. They will absolutely get slaughtered to either unless you roll hot on PD or the person rolls like poop on the mines.
  4. I'd rate our dreadnought highly. Possibly among the top 3 Dreads in the game. High DR makes it plink resistant though once people start throwing enough fire to hurt it reliably, it's probably not far off from a crit. Even counting a shield or two. It has lots of options to make it play the way you want it to and can bring a full wing for the extra punch that other dreads cannot. It has mines 9 and let's you place 3, 6 packs of mines pregame to mess with opening moves or cover a vulnerable flank/shunt side. Not many Battlecarriers to compare with, but as a Tier 1 ours is still awesome. Lots of Wings. Mines 8 and slightly better Battleship firepower. Nothing to sniff at. Even without taking options it's worth every point for Mine 8. Battleship is a toolbox of awesome. There's really no reason to play any other Tier 1 at patrol fleet in my opinion. It can carry a full wing. Has decent firepower that you can modify with Energy Transfer. Has Mine 6 which isn't reliable against other T1s but is plenty against T3s and some T2s. Battlecruisers are sexy. I play them naked as often as I take options. Dreadnought firepower that degrades differently. Can actually throw a decent amount of AP. Can still carry a full wing. I'd never put my admiral on one. I don't like our carrier. It's probably because our other T1s do the same thing. Still a solid model with all the things you expect from an Aquan model, but once you spend points on escorts or accompaniment I usually just switch to a different T1 that still does the carrier's job, just better. The Heavy Carrier from RotO is much like our carrier. It has sweet options and decent firepower, but once I'm done pointing it up I always feel like I can get better performance for cheaper out of the other T1s. Also no mines sucks. Battlestation. Second Dreadnought. Very tough. Good firepower in every direction, but it doesn't throw Battleship dice. More like a full frigate squad. Most of the time you only get to throw 2 sides and a nice Torp volley at something. If you wanna mess with opening moves it also comes with more minefields.
  5. If you are playing above above patrol fleet I say take the pair. Half the time I play them with +2", the other half I just play em naked so to speak. They are fast enough to let you decide how you want to engage and stick to cover on turns you don't have a great shot.
  6. Crystal Cruisers are my auto take once you go past patrol fleet level. They are reasonably tough, but cheap and offer a force multiplier far beyond their points as a Tier 2 choice. They don't have a lot of weapons, but they can still engage smaller targets either separately or linked. Gunships are a close second or a compromise option after/between the Crystal Cruisers. They have reliable damage output across the board and have reasonable defensive stats. If you need to squish Crystal Cruisers into the list, but don't have the spare slot they can make it happen. Destroyers are overcosted cruisers that trade out the extra weapon options for Stealth and a slower speed. I've only fielded my squad once or twice. I feel like they don't cover any gaps in my fleet and they don't offer superior firepower compared to my other Tier choices. Heavy Cruisers are sweet. They have rather average firepower that is made up for by having a fourth ship and ET. They do however engage multiple targets reliably, have mines and torpedos and are comparable to any factions Dreadnought. They are unfortunately cost prohibitive and not quite as tough as a dread. I usually end up taking a Tier 1 or multiple squads of Tier 3s instead. I rarely play normal cruisers anymore, but they are just like heavy cruisers with a few less AD, CR, HP. They have the option to take DT instead and its' value varies depending on who you play against. I find the DT to only really be helpful if the roll was awful in the first place and if the opposing faction doesn't have any mines. Defense platforms are cute and offer a cheap way to fill your minimum Tier reqs. Unfortunately their inability to move renders them mostly impotent depending on the mission.
  7. The road will be paved in the shattered hulks and frozen bodies of the Zenian. Also booze and blood. It should be a good time
  8. If you do go with the Tormentors aim for the opposing carrier and aim for life support. If you reduce the crew to 0 on the carrier it has to take extra command checks or its' srs tokens will have to return and once you get close enough to it you can just capture the thing.
  9. The R&D Cruisers do not negate cloaking. They just have to rely on Stealth for their own defence. Attaching Anything to the carrier with weapon systems allows you to link more weapons and thus make bigger pools of attack dice. The R&D and the carrier can both do Cyberwarfare. If you attach normal cruisers they can combine beams. They can always combine their torpedos.
  10. Hail Lord Chtulu. Or the Sebrutan. Whichever you Zenian scum prefer.
  11. Telarion vs Mr. Hayward - I believe He has an actual forum name, but I don't remember it. I'll find out and edit if he does. 1000 Border Clash Aquans vs Directorate 15 / -14 Aquan Victory
  12. List looks fun and presents lots of targets. The only problem I see with it is it's a glass cannon and with planning to put so much of your fleet in reserve you'll be in trouble if your reinforcements only trickle in. I'd be careful about putting your admiral on a Battlecrusier. They are generally too soft at 1200 points and won't stand up to the punishment an opposing triple T1 list can throw. I'd take something tougher to put your admiral on. If you can somehow make points I'd try and anchor each cruiser squad with a Heavy. If you don't mind changing a squad of T2s for the Veydreth Gunships they are much scarier shunting in.
  13. Telarion vs SeerK 1000 points Aquans vs Zenian League Border Clash +15 / -6 Aquan Victory
  14. Here you go guys! One my favorites! I usually start everything on table. Great advantage to our Enforcers is that they have RB3 firepower so it's easy to start em off at the back edge of your board and move em forward to snipe shots at cruisers or other frigates. Activate the Anarchist first and deploy interceptors if they are really heavy in torps. The list is otherwise pretty straightforward smash mouth. 190 Anarchist Battleship 10 Dirty Secrets 15 3 Interceptors 160 2 Annihilation Gunships 10 +2 Mines 165 3 Sharnak Cruisers (Bakash) 90 6 Synergy Corvettes (Omnidyne) 80 4 Enforcer 80 4 Enforcer
  15. If you can find a set of ships to use as Snapper Corvettes I highly recommend them. Otherwise just buy the Aquans Small box. If you can muster the willpower wait till the end of the month and buy the Terquai Patrol fleet coming out.
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