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  1. You mean like in the last two starter boxes?
  2. You have a point but consider the fact that with basic dice you have no chance to get more successes than you have dice in your AD pool which might be a huge factor.
  3. In my opinion, the Terquai cruisers could benefit from a little more contrast, but those Terran ships look really nice, I like the crisp paintjob.
  4. I finally watched your battle report and it was excellent! The silent film idea is awesome! Adding some firing and maybe explosion effects so that it is easier to see which models attack what other models would make it perfect. I must admit that my French is not very good so if it would be in English next time (or with additional subtitles) that would be great.
  5. Using basic dice sounds like a good idea.
  6. FYI, since I haven't seen it written anywhere in this thread, the average number of successes given by an exploding dice roll on 4+ is EXACTLY 0.8. A modifier of +x or -x changes that to 0.8 + 0.2*x or 0.8 - 0.2*x, respectively. I.e., if you hit on 3+ you get exactly 1 success on average. I can explain the computation to you, if you like, or you can take my word as a PhD in mathematics.
  7. For simplicity, just half the dice pool after linking and possibly other rules have taken place instead of halving the dice pool of each weapon first. But the change to blue dice is so small that, in my opinion, you could remove the cloaking field MAR entirely.
  8. Yeah, grav weapons seem pretty lackluster and the randomness of cyber is also a strange move.
  9. I suggest actually calling it Attacker and Defender because my experience with DW 2.0 is that I can never remember what Strategic and Operational Advantage means.
  10. The proposed fleet building method is the same that Dystopian Wars uses right now and it works just fine, there. I'm not saying that it is any better (or worse) than the Tier system but the level of negativity in this thread just baffles me.
  11. Thank you, Neil! As many others have stated already, it is very good to hear from you and to get some details. Regardless of the content of your post, I find that kind of communication very positive and I hope that Spartan Games will keep up regular updates like those (which do not necessarily have to be as expansive). That being said, I'd like to respond to one of your remarks: In my opinion, Firestorm Armada 2.0 is the most well-written rulebook that Spartan Games has produced to this date. It is almost free of mistakes, the rules are unambiguous, and it's well-structured. Sure, the game can be really slow, and I hope that 3.0 deals with that in a satisfactory way, but it is a very good example regarding the before-mentioned points.
  12. Other than that, their hulls are not particularly tough so once you make it into 20" range they are in trouble.
  13. It just means that a 6 doesn't explode into two more dice before rerolls happen. Just reroll the 6's like every other successes. If the rerolls result in any 6's those explode as normal.
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