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  1. You wouldn't say no to a naval submersible carrier that could drive Onto land would you? I know I couldn't.
  2. They look great and not because orange is my favorite color. Green I think was a good choice. Digging the rising sun qon the carrier too. I'll have to get to Home Depot more often for cool paint colors...Walmart has nothing for me.
  3. Here is my Odin, "Ender Wiggin". 141st Martian Ferrous Planet Specialization Brigade "Redcliff"
  4. zacharybinks

    Terran Alliance

  5. A less literal and more nostalgic sense of "old" any skimming magenta would do. I think id model a surfacing skimming medium carrier first with bombards. A partner to the St. Malo and asymmetrical warfare.
  6. May have to steal that chrisbburn
  7. I've been pondering the same thing. I was pondering either Special insignia Different camo scheme Extra modeling ie more armor or something Flags would be neat.
  8. Get an old Magenta skimmer and buy any of the flight decks in the parts store. My first thought was the HEC one and convert from there. Maybe add some hangars on top.
  9. To me it sounds like an extra "bonus" CQB attack. Basically you can step on something and shoot CQB attacks at the same time.
  10. Those are fantastic. Definitely doing into the inspirational folder.
  11. I love the fact they always look better in person/real life. Mine should be in tomorrow.
  12. The look of the medium carriers is awesome. Very CoA. Looking forward to getting a box. I went and looked at the newest battle box, it has "diving" templates. I am thinking that we just get a wave lurker. However I would live to be wrong a submarine carrier would just be too awesome.
  13. Big fan of that scheme on those subs. Stands out and still menacing. Good job!
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