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  1. Hi admirals. Any news about rules for the new OSO ships?
  2. Players: Opaikea vs Darkma (not on forum) Points: 800 Scenario: 8 (Invasion from System Wars) Factions: Aquan (attacker) vs Directorate (defender) Battle Log: 11 / 1, ¬°Aquan Victory!
  3. I'm in shock yet... Dear Spartan Games: Less Warhammer. More Firestorm.
  4. Players: Opaikea vs Darkma (not in forum) Scenario: Border Clash Points: 850 Factions: Aquan VS Directorate Battle Log: 15 to -10 (Aquan Victory)
  5. I said "I think the best way...", it was always my opinion.
  6. First paragraph.. yep. But i prefer the blind list anyway
  7. 1) Yes, every new collision must make a maneuver check 2) Logic says yes, RAW says no 3) I think the best way is MFV agreement -> lists -> roll scenario 4) No
  8. Players: Opaikea vs. Mordekay (not in forum) Points Value: 800 Scenario: Border Clash Factions: Tarakian vs. Sorylian Result: 14 vs. -6 (Tarakian Victory)
  9. Players: Opaikea vs. Darkma (not in forum) Points Value: 800 Scenario: Recover Resources Factions: Tarakian vs. Directorate Result: 15 vs. -5 (Tarakian Victory)
  10. opaikea

    Fan Art

    Yes!, very nice work zelord.
  11. Players: Opaikea / Bismarck (not in forum) Size: 1000 Factions: Terran / Relthoza Mission: Border Clash Battle Log: +15 / -6 (another terran victory with "La Armada Invencible" ).
  12. Players: Opaikea / Bismarck (not in forum) Size: 1000 points Factions: Terrans / Relthoza Mission: Capture the Station Battle Log: +15 / -4 (another victory for the Great and Most Fortunate Navy)
  13. Players: Opaikea / Elastor (not in forum) 1000 pts Mission: Capture de Station Races: Terran vs Dindrenzi Battle Log Scores: +15 / -4
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