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  1. I am going to be so broke! Were talking Kraft Mac broke! New Prussian and Japanese stuff. Anyone know where I can get a 2nd job?
  2. I love the looks of this ship. By the looks of those turrets we will enjoy a good Bar-B-Q. Besides, what are we complaining about? We got new stuff. The ROF got nothing!!!!!
  3. I have played PE & EOTBS for a couple of years now, don't get discouraged, play the game, find the right combo that works for your play style and don't give up. I have three other friends that I play with. 1 has KOB, another RC and ROF with a bit of ottoman thrown in. We play a massive 20,000 point world campaign battles. 10,000 points of PE and ROF vrs 10,000 points of KOB and RC. usually in 1,000 - 2,500 point games. When I need to stop the KOB or RC, I use the PE. They work. If you play on a table with some terrain use it to block LOS, use a combo of ranged weapons with spotters to soften your adversary and move cruisers shielded by small ships. Move in for the board. Not some much the kill. Boarding is the key for PE. Shaffer's list is spot on. Long range, spotters and move in for the board. Try different combos of the same idea. Boarding assaults are what you want to look at.
  4. Very excited about the new rule book, and like always with DW the price for the product is great. 320 pages, hard bound, very nice. I did read above in the posts that the 2 player battle box may have a trimmed down version? Has this been confirmed yet? And if so,how much is getting cut?
  5. Depending on the size that you want. There are several companies that make a decent bridge. Volmer, Kirbi, Aroura, Heljan, Rix, Atlas " Look at N and Z scale Trains" and many others. Like most of us we have drooled over the Hamburg pics. of DW. The girder bridges they used are from Heljan and appear to be N scale. Some of these kits can get expensive, Atlas is the cheapest. "Ebay is a great start" With some extra plastic you can do wonders. Most of these bridges are not wide enough to move large land ships over. N scale bridges are usually 1" wide. Most of these bridges are kits and simply get two and make them wider. They have decent detail, rivets etc. Depends on how picky we get. I have been playing since DW came out. The biggest problem I find with terrain is that they did not leave room for game play. If you want to make a diorama or disply board, great, cool. But if we are playing a game. Go cheap. Things get broke. scale does not have to be perfect and leave room to move. Have fun!
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