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  1. Bit of a bummer,I've just printed all of the fleet lists out....this is why I want books
  2. I'm wanting to add a forward airfield to my Chinese aerial fleet,however,I'm not wanting the fortification model I was thinking about using the wani forward deployment base...
  3. How does everyone remember what dice are exploding,heavy or normal?
  4. Me neither,I was going to paint my fleet all terracota,but I love that colour scheme
  5. Ive had them bathing in detol,tried scrubbing a carrier and its still holding a fair bit of paint,so may leave it for another 24 hours?
  6. Would fairy power spray work?
  7. Hi Ive just acquired a large chinese force thats painted quite dark,because of this,iI want to strip the models and was wondering what works best on spartans resin? I already have a tub of faiey power spray
  8. Im not 100% sold on fresnels either, however I dont like zenos, and I feel I have to take one or the other to be an additional damage dealer squadron
  9. Yeah, not sure why, but I bloody hate it, never used it, and I dont plan on
  10. What happe s of you enemy cancels them TACs out, talking from past experience, I dont think ive ever got one of the cards off without 7t being cancelled. I usually take platos to deal with smalls, keep them relatively close to the fresnels and that keeps them relatively safe
  11. 13th war fleet, 'the unlucky ones' Admiral-position vacant its practically new crew, new ships etc when the 13th go to war, as the attritionalbrate is tremendous
  12. Why? Itll mix things up a bit, change is good.....usually
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