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  1. So does a srs themed fleet work or are the main shipps not tough enough t last or are they just tricky to play . this was a list idea that i had. was thinking could to use terran fleet on the board o rush up and engage then use the hawker fleet to shunt in with 14 ad nuclear turrets and bomber tokens. +++ Srs fleet (1200pts) +++ ++ Terran Fleet (Standard Fleet) (865pts) ++ + Tier 1 (345pts) + Carrier (345pts) ····Ares (345pts) [+1 Sh (10pts), +3 WC (5pts), Beam Primaries (10pts)] ········Rules: Beam Weapons, Deck Crews, Sector Shielding ········Bomber Token (30pts) [6x Bomber (30pts)] ·······Fighter Token (25pts) [5x Fighter (25pts)] ········Cruisers (140pts) ············2x Hermes/Sentinel/Teuton (140pts) [2x +1 Sh (20pts), 2x Beam Primaries (10pts), 2x Weapon Shielding (10pts)] ················Rules: Beam Weapons, Sector Shielding, Weapon Shielding + Tier 2 (300pts) + Cruiser Squadron (150pts) ····Hermes Squadron (150pts) [3x Hermes (150pts)] ········Rules: Sector Shielding Cruiser Squadron (150pts) ····Hermes Squadron (150pts) [3x Hermes (150pts)] ········Rules: Sector Shielding + Tier 3 (220pts) + Frigate Squadron (120pts) ····Armsmen Squadron (120pts) [4x Armsmen (120pts)] ········Rules: Beam Weapons, Difficult Target Frigate Squadron (100pts) ····Missionary Squadron (100pts) [4x Missionary (100pts)] ········Rules: Difficult Target ++ Hawker Fleet (Support Fleet) (335pts) ++ + Tier 1 (335pts) + Carrier (335pts) ····Regent (335pts) [Nuclear Turrets (15pts), Weapon Shielding (10pts)] ········Rules: Deck Crews, Nuclear Weapons, Weapon Shielding ········Bomber Token (30pts) [6x Bomber (30pts)] ········Resolute Cruiser Accompaniment (150pts) ············2x Resolute (150pts) [2x Nuclear Turrets (10pts), 2x Weapon Shielding (20pts)] ················Rules: Nuclear Weapons, Protected Systems, Weapon Shielding
  2. man wish i could paint like that still trying to find a colour scheme i like for my kedorians. these look amazing tho
  3. ok but i just noticed the apollo come on a large base and there the same ship. kinda weird that they would put the same 2 ships but one be inherently weaker then the other for base size?
  4. it will be the tyrant size base.
  5. So how agents the rules is it if i drill a second hole and use a 2 peg base for my Razer Thorn? i find the small single peg base to unstable. i personally dont see a benefit or a down fall to it really. but wondering what people on here think?
  6. Hello so just bare with me on this one its my first battle report. so lets see how this goes and enjoy . so the lists Kedorians -900pts Zhou-Nor Class Carrier -Shunt Matrix -Energy Transfer -6-Bombers -1 Support shuttle Squad -2 Zai-Dan Cruisers -Beams squad -2 Gai-Shar Destroyers 3 squads -4 Zer-Nak Frigates -Energy Transfer Ba'Kash fleet Karrak class battle carrier -+2mn, -+3 wing -weapon shielding. -3 interceptors and 6 bombers Varnak class heavy cruisers -weapon shielding Varnor destroyers -special forces 2 squads kelor frigates sorry for bad pic End of turn one i moved up frigates and revealed his hidden unit. i moves my carrier and crusers up and did some shooting not alot of damage was handed out. turn 2 was a bit more bloody. so from Kedorians side we concentrated fire on his ambush unit a whipe it off the table. used are frigates to kill his and do help with killing ambush unit. also did some good damage to his unit heavy cruisers. also found out a neat trick with srs and shunt matrix. u can bomb a unit then shunt away with your bombers didnt think the order of play worked that was so i thought that was cool. now from the ba'kash side little more interesting. so first he used his frigates to cut all my units to basicly non effective strength. kept his main carriar closed and moved toward me deystoryes and took side shots at kedorians carrier. his heavy cruisers pulled a ballsy move drove right into the debris field took no damage proceeded to kill one of the 2 cruisers in my squads boarded the other and took it over (i then use my frigates to blow up my own cruiser after he took it). and did a tone of damage to my carrier all of this shooting through debris field. so at this point Kedorians are hurting pretty bad frigates and almost all gone a carrier only has 2 hp left and his main ship is closing fast with my destroyers. so kedorians turn 3. Tried to shoot with no effect and did a bombing run on his heavy cruisers did a crit then shunted the hell out of there. frigates didnt do anything other then die. and destroyers failed at there rolles. tried to kill off his heavy cruisers since they were already weak from the turn befor. Ba'kash turn 3 main carrier kept driving towards my destroyers takeing side shots were it can at frigates. his heavy cruisers also helping take out the last of my frigates. and his frigates also cleaning up the last frigated behind him. game at this point is over but we kept playing cause why not and see what happens, so turn 4 and the final turn Kedorians turn 4 destroyers still trying to kill his heavy cruisers to see if i can at least get the kill. my carrier move up and shots/bombs one of his frigates to death then dies to his heavy cruisers. Ba'Kash turn 4 carrier move forward and only get 21" away so still cant shoot my destroyers. frigates move to try and get shots at carrier do no damage and losses one to bombers. heavy cruisers move and kill carrier. so we start turn 5 and he get int and i call it there. fingered if i got int i could pic up his heaves but his carrier would wipe out my destroyers so i can him the tv for it. so end of game tv Kedorians -7 Ba'Kash +17 in the end it was a fun game learned alot about Kedorians and cant wait till i get my battle ships to play with thanks for the read every one hope u enjoyed till next time. maybe ill even trying do a video one next time.
  7. So I have have my kedorians for a while now and I'm still stuck on how to paint them. If any one could help out and post some pics of there ships that would be aswome I need some idea on how things will look.
  8. Lol I accually took idea from 3 diffrent lizard armies that have been posted I knew I wanted to do main yellow just didn't know we're to go from there. but I'm still stuck in the infantry for there colours. I'm thinking the same brown I have in the tanks for there scales and then yellow Armour is how j think I will go just need to do some test models for that.
  9. So I finally settled on a scheme. Almost like befor toned down the glow finished up my base on a model now I just gotta figure out the infantry
  10. Yea there from the armerican army Shermans. I also have been trying to find a right size wire or something to do antennas as well but I can't find any that ar small enough.
  11. I gotta say I live the idea of 18AD CQB infantry.
  12. Wait the new big are out but no stats for them
  13. Well if u get 2 core helixs u don't need the extra bases since u can only have 2 units of them anyways. Just thought it was odd that I had an extra base in both lol
  14. So did any one get an extra light infantry base in the core helix boxes. I got an extra one in each box. It's just one of the 2 holes plain ones but in each box I also got 2 extra drop in light infantry. Did I just get luck with both boxes or is this normal.
  15. U sure did I did my yellow different from u in the hopes it wouldnt be exactly the same. I wanted to do a different glow as well but nothing else looked as good at the layers of blue I also got an idea that might set my off from yours gotta get the parts and see how they look lol.
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