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  1. Thank you for a speedy reply, Ill just have to wait and see pity. I will use a ring in instead
  2. Fridgie40

    Oaanes ???

    Hi all, Just wondering is it still possible to get hold of the Oannes Carriers and if so where ? I looked all through the store and could not find it. Its not out of production yet ......is it?
  3. Thanks for the survey, look forward to seeing how this helps 

  4. Mental note; do not, repeat do not -uck with Nerf herders. Way to dangerous
  5. Gday, Im just after a clarification if possible, in the new infantry supplement it mention the Solar Titan laser having pin point 4 is that now the case ? Or is that a typo
  6. I can comment from watching a Spider vs Drug squad game and man the spiders tore the Directorate a new one. It was all over near the start of the second turn and the Relthoza were only down one squadron. this was a 3000 point game and my poor Aquans are not looking forward, even after there up grades I don't see it ending well for me. The Relthoza player even commented that he didn't see any need to up grade their stats as he is still undefeated and that's vs several different factions. More play testing very required.
  7. This may be sour grapes on my part but does any one else thinks these are under priced, overly nasty. Also if they are cyber why do shields have no effect as the attack would an electrical of some sort surely shields ( electrical defense ) should do some thing. Just saying is all
  8. Cheers, could not find that even though i looked. Must have been a boy look.
  9. OK, you can take 2 stigray turrets in an Aquan squadron. Do they both land together as an infantry unit and are placed within 2" of each other. Or are they rolled for individualy. Has any one had this issue?
  10. No those ones are purely for holding all the crit/damage markers, but it is designed to fit into another box that can hold models. I had the boxes made to fit into a comercially available figure transprt bag. So in the bag are two boxes that interlock on top of each other. Also have another draw that holds all my Firestorm bases
  11. Of course it looks cool I designed it. Its the start of the 40th Battle Shoals glorious carear in crushing the suits of the drug squad and finally bringing paece and stability to the universe
  12. Fridgie40


  13. If your just getting the basic techniques mastered now, stick to that. Do a base coat, wash the model and then dry brush. Do your base coat in a dark colour say dark gray, brown or even black. Match your wash to the base coat colour and then Dry brush with a very contrasting high light. If you look at mother nature most dangerous insects and bugs have coloring's that basically say "look at me I'm a bad mean dude, don't mess with me" ie wasps and spiders. Keep it simple and as long as your happy with the finished model all good.
  14. I'm Very lucky that I know a cool dude that takes my LibreCAD projects, checks them, Virtually builds them and corrects any issues then laser cuts them. Presto 10 mm sci buildings will post some photos when the first batch of three gets done.
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