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  1. I'm also in love with these sweet-sweet models, and profiles ^^ And terror artillery, finally, with the command barge bringing in some more soon.
  2. I wouldn't get my hopes high on this, at least not in the forseeable future. Only guessing tough.
  3. You use the highest participating pinpoint value. For example if you fire a pinpoint 2 and a pinpoint 3 weapon combined, you will roll 3 pinpoint dice.
  4. I can't really think of a good way to "fix" cyberwarfare, and I don't really feel it needs fixing. Maybe that 6 on already activated models, but that can be mitigated with correct target, and activation priorities. Maybe the "add 1 to the roll" could turn 6s into 1s would be good. In a game that lasts 3 turns on average, weaker effects would be pretty much useless, choosing the current effects would be too powerful. Since effects can be repaired at the end of the turn, you naturally have to use your cyberwarfare early in your turn on your main targets, if you can. I believe people need to learn how to use it, rather than try to "fix" it. Also I get the points of my cyberwar tanks back by shielding my other elements with them. Cloak makes them pretty sturdy, they can take lots of punishment, and if that makes my heavies not being focused in the first two turns, I'm happy.
  5. 1 month later, I'm back This was planned for a local tournament with the Adepticon (I think) mission pack, wich is for 900 points, thats why. It had to be a generalist list, since we didn't know wich missions will be played. Unfortunately the tournament was cancelled, so this fleet saw only a single test-run. Dominated that match pretty well, but my opponent didn't come with a very well tought out fleet, and strategy, so that played a huge part in it. I still think this is an interesting concept tough
  6. This sounds way more sensible than placing a grand company around a transport, losing a base or two, because you missed to account for a terrain peace, and then use all your cruising movement to get around the transport. In a very dense area, it is still possible to not be able to deploy a larger squadron, but that would be pretty much a corner-case.
  7. Well, OmniDyne has not much options at 900 points, but here is my go for a pure OmniDyne list: Executive class Battlsehip (230 points) +1 Shield Add Cyberwarfare Weapons Add Torpedoes Biohazard Torpedoes Countermeasures Executive class Battleship (235 points) 2x +3 WC Add Torpedoes Biohazard Torpedoes 6x Assault Shuttles 3x Auditor class Gunships (255 points) Add Cyberwarfare 6x Synergy class Corvette (90 points) Add torpedoes 6x Synergy class Corvette (90 points) Add torpedoes I'm thinking about crippling enemy ships, using my Marauder cards when needed (there are some sweet-sweet options with those), and taking their ships. After they have no crew, AP, and PD, even the 5 AP of my battleships sound considerable, and the assault shuttles should have no trouble getting through non-existent PD.
  8. That would be 1-2 shooting rushed, and no firing option (focused fire, or overwatch), 3-4 corroded, 5 disordered (wounding pretty much), 6 activated. I just went full retard here, never mind You can also play a card on a helix to have the option of adding 1 to the roll, wich is pretty awesome. Last game I played, I used my cyber tanks to keep terran lights constantly activated in front of everything else they owned, protecting my infantry, and partly blocking their movement. I can't wait to try the recon helix with the cyberwar HI-s starting recon, that sounds nasty.
  9. Well, the Wraith is an assault vehicle, but it's lot of points to take (and a pretty expensive box too). What I really miss is artillery. That would make us much more viable against mobile/long range forces, as we could provide some threat to make them go where we want them to. I think I'll give another run for the witches, this change looks interesting on them.
  10. Corporation: Omega Cybernetics Primary Profile: Military grade cybernetics R&D Military Assets: Considerable space military force, containing almost all types of known Directorate vessels. Their fleets are often accompanied by capital class vessels from OmniDyne. Operations with Works Raptor, and other Zenian League factions also recorded. Combat Profile: Omega Cybernetics fleets are often seen to be centered around ships utilizing their heavy cyberwarfare capabilities. OmniDyne gunships are often utilized to test new kinds of assault torpedoes, and on larger operations even a Foundry class dreadnought can be encountered accompaniing their Security Fleets, delivering crippling assaults against enemy ships. These assaults are more often than not aimed at taking out critical enemy personel, leaving the ship uncapable of delivering serious damage. These attacks are usually supported by long ranged plasma beams from Nemesis class Destroyers, Anarchist class battleships, and SRS strikes from Overseer class carriers. Omega Cybernetics assaults are aimed at breaking the remaining resistance on a psychological level, before collecting "useful material" for the next experiments (the combat itself being an experiment after lab tests are succesful). This is achieved by serious alterations of captured crew, making them barely survive their serious wounds, implanting them with brainwashing them, and making them agressive by drugging them right before letting them lose on the enemy ship, before the more conventional - of course heavily wired, or cybernetized - troops break the rest of the resistance. Omega Cybernetics security personel are always using the products of the company, Directors of the fleets have state of the art combat links, providing real time data on the fleet, and analisys of the enemy. Fire control is highly automatized, controlled by neural interface by a group of wired up gunners, who are also linked up with other gunners, providing effective synchronisation of attack patterns making their attacks close to unavoidable. Assault troops are always full of reflex enhancers, reinforced, and duplicated organs, and are sure to be accompanied by a swarm of drones to support their advance, consisting of simple weapon platforms, recon drones, smart grenades, or remote controlled utility drones to manipulate systems unaccessible to humans, just to mention a few.
  11. I might be a bit late for this, but our games usually last around 3 turns. My Directorate against Sorylians, or Aquans has usually been over in the third turn. Against Terrans, at 3000 points, it was over in the 4th turn. I wouldn't think it would take longer (turn-wise) than this at larger points, but we shall see
  12. The anarchist dealt pretty well against Terrans, and Directorate, I didn't really went for pulling range, I was more concerned with not taking damage while approaching, the Stealth Systems worked as a psychological weapon too, my opponents didn't really go for the Anarchist at long rance because of it, while I could score a few hits with the cyber weapon. Killing some crew off the enemy tier1 squadrons helped with going toe to toe with them. Against Aquans, the Anarchist got a really unfortunate crit at a wrong time from the Heavy Carrier, while closing on it for a full-on attack, and it had to sit out a turn because of a Main Drive Failure effect. I absolutely see that I shouldn't have gone for the opposite objective, and grouping my ships to crush the aquans would have been better. At larger games, I don't know if this could work, the frigates are pretty cheap, maybe dropping in allied corvettes could be nice, some works raptor maybe? I prefer playing at 2000 points, I don't think this can be pulled off there.
  13. These are just empty accusations! Our customer-friendly corporations would never do such horrible deeds! The only faction who did this kind of crime is the evil Terran Empire, why wouldn't they repeat it, when suiting their ambitions for total power!
  14. We had a tournament this Saturday, playing from 666 points (wich is 665 really...), and I wrote up a list with some serious frigate action. The basic tought was if my opponents try to pick off frigates, they wase a lot of firepower on them. If they engage the bigger ships, the frigates throw out a lots of dice. Also, 5 squadrons at this fleet size is pretty nice for over-activating anybody. The list was the following: 1x Anarchist battleship - +1 Mv - +2 WC - -1 Sh and Stealth Systems, - Corrosive Torpedoes - 5x Bombers - 2x Enforcer Frigate Accompaniment 2x Nemesis Destroyer 4x Liquidator Frigate 4x Liquidator Frigate 4x Liquidator Frigate On my first match, against terrans, the idea worked pretty well, unfortunately both me and my opponent were rusty in FSA, so we couldn't finish in time. By the end of turn 4, when we ran out of time, I was "winning" 4 to 3, having my anarchist at full hp, and having the enemy Razorthorn at 0 crew, half hull, and burning. The second match was against Aquans, I lost that match 10 to 0, I was too confident when I saw my opponent has only 3 squadrons, with his frigates in reserve, so I've reserved 2 of my frigate squadrons, and I was too comfy triing to capture the objectives, while one of my frigate squadrons only arrived at turn 4. My opponent rolled horribly, I have rolled pretty good in the first few turns, and even so, I've lost. I don't know, if I could have pulled it off by focusing my force, considering more average rolls, probably it would have worked better. The third match was against a pretty unexperienced Directorate player, he fielded an Eliminator, Destroyers, Gunships, and Frigates. My original idea worked very well this game, I have tabled him, while he was picking off frigates (lost 8 of the 14), and tried to fight my anarchist (fell just under half hull). What are your toughts on this list?
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