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  1. So disappointed that the brits don't rock. torpedos without rb1 is definetely not cool.
  2. It should not make you feel less british
  3. Against an average list (not polish / sub-spam) you have a great list. tell us about your experiences, later on.
  4. awesome paintjob on the russians. i love it. Brits again too weak?
  5. I too suppose, that the unpopular Marseilles are made (or maybe ballenced) to benefit from a GNE gen supporter. I am planning to test such a list at maybe 1500 points in the future. the (non capital) Marseilles are shielded behind rochelle and vauban as long as necessary. Vauban will be staying in the back, giving support fire against smalls and boost the Rochelle. Rochelle with 6+1+2d3 inch movement will be unchained in round two. Hunting larges. followed by corvettes. Marseilles with 10 + 2d3 inch for fighting fragile mediums. Vauban + gne la rochelle + cloud + gne 3 marseilles 3 cherbourgs 4 full squadrons lyons & requins mixed.
  6. i am going to try out an experiment in the near future: 2x couronne + cloud 4 x epaulard 3 x dieppe 2 x 5 requin 1 x 4 requins 1000 points I am afraid it is very very fragile. The strategy may be to hide behind terrain and lure the opponent. Epaulards with indirect fire shoot first. couronne and epaulard as counter strike. dieppe and requins charge. Or how about replacing the couronnes with a vauban?
  7. the french fluff is written very fair in my opinion
  8. I miss a japanese disruption generator.
  9. In real world 19th century france was (weakened by being) one of the biggest colonial powers. It had the majority of its military in its colonies, leaving the homeland almost undefended. Most colonies were not profitable and weakened the state. Thats why Napoleon got rid of the first colonial empire and de Gaulle in 1958 liberated the second empire. ==> every 150 years a smart polititian appears in the french gouvernment. The others... well... The power of DW french forces is explained as due to having "the advantage of concentration on their side, with the bulk of their forces stationed in their home country." (page 35, top of column two)
  10. It is true, in round two i had already destroyed all smalls and was not afraid of the carrier and battleship, he had left. If i hadn't chosen this mission and had ignored the terror ships i would have had a threatening amount of firepower for two larges. Additionally i had tested to put a cherbourg (RoF battle cruiser) into flanking forces. I gave up later without the battle cruiser having come on the table. If i had kept both in the primary detatchment i would have had an enormous amount of firepower compared to my opponent. On 1000 points thow, two terror ships are 320 Points => 32% MFV => i have to blow up everything else and prize some of it.
  11. i played against 2 yureis at 1000 points with my RoF. I could choose my mission due to mission 6 and chose "medium+50%" because i saw two ships with crit 9 and 7 hp. seemed realistic. During the game i learned, that it had the phase generator. My mistake, that i didnt check everything about this stuff. Spartan... I have to ally with EobS to get a disruption gen only because of this ship? I may ignore one but not TWO! Wasted an evening and am very disappointed about the system. Until then it seemed great.
  12. excellent answer. I would recomend Spartan to make such a list for every system.
  13. Is there a tactical summary about the playstyles of the different factions? Speed, firepower, maneuverability, durability, gun-ranges, quantity of models... This matters to me as much as the models as i am searching for a faction that fits to me...
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