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  1. And i have taken my leviathan out on several occasions, much to my opponents dismay. I do find it a difficult choice between it and the heavy helix as both are effective for me.
  2. Funny.... Now I'll have to name my scorpion "Screwdiver" just for Corehunter as he is my Terran opponent.
  3. Players: LordRedDragon / xXHorndogXx (non-Forum) Points Value: 4000 Factions & Allies: Relthoza / Directorate with Works Raptor Starting Zero Hour: 40 Zero Hour Score: -12 / 21 (Major Relthozan Victory ) Turn Count: 3
  4. Players: LordRedDragon / Corehunter Points Value: 4000 Factions & Allies: Relthoza / Terran Alliance Starting Zero Hour: 40 Zero Hour Score: -9 / 8 (Major Relthozan Victory ) Turn Count: 3
  5. I too find myself debating taking our lev. vs. the heavy helix, usually comes down to type of terrain. Open fields of fire? Take Heavy helix, City fight? Take lev. helix.
  6. Latest game vs.Din's, I didn't even get to deploy 2 of the four light skypods. His forces were gone by the end of turn two, only minor numbers left with heavy damage on all, player conceded. The 2 light units I did drop did massive damage to his units, along with the 1 hvy unit that tore his nyx a new one.
  7. Anybody else haing trouble downloading battlescribe?
  8. Been there....done that.... it was awsome!!!! 4 Ralthozan infantry bases + FH in nexus and an enemy who initiates a QCB.
  9. Does anyone think that maybe we should be able to fire from a droppod? Sure not much room to move around in them, but surely they could have some firing ports built in for hot drops in the center of hostile forces. Maybe at reduced AD for limited arcs of fire?
  10. You could hold the Infantry in the pod for another activation in order to out activate your opponent, thus knowing where his anti-infantry units are.
  11. I don't think Sectored Armor is the same in Planetfall as it is in Armada. Cloak is not the same. In Planetfall the rules state "Sectored Armor - This model never suffers from the penalties to their DR from flank or Aft Main ordnance Attacks." It does not say that it is removed after the first hit as in Armada. Makes sense really, Sky pods and weapons platforms aren't built like tanks and apc's, no need for the same weight savings and they will not be engaging the enemy in a mostly forward oriantation so more armor front is not nessesary.
  12. That's what Ralthozan TD's use focused fire for (48 Inches - 18 AD).
  13. The Td's for sure. But the Inf were indeed a valiant sacrifice.
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