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  1. Veldrain, you are right, no other game gets me more frustrated. If it's not fun, then don't play it! I promise not to post on the boards anymore.
  2. Dynasty has loads of Torpedoes, sad times, was so excited at the thought of a tough repair ship and then they put Torpedoes on it. This is going to sound petty, but I get so annoyed when I fire Torpedoes at a ship and they all get stopped that I am seriously considering pulling from the KS. Teddy is out of the pram, dummy is in orbit, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE KoB Torpedoes WORTHWHILE!!!!!!!
  3. Flying Torpedoes, if it has to have Torpedoes, let them fly!
  4. irob41, if they make it like a Ruler but without the Torpedoes and drop the price accordingly, I can't see the Rulers getting any play time at all. Proof will be in the pudding, watching this space.
  5. Torpedoes are a trap, guns are where it's at! Either make Torpedoes worthwhile or get shot and I guess they've gone for the latter.
  6. They don't have to agree, I would still expect Spartan to have the over riding decision, but imagine if the current rule book had been released as a Beta, how much better would the final product have been. How many simple additions and corrections could have been included to make for a better book.
  7. A lot less sas and a toning down of fliers in general. There is so much that needs redressing with the balance, but a more concise, structured and organised Rules/Rule book would be great. I would love them to develop a 3.0 or 2.5 or whatever and produce as a Alpha free digital download for community review and corrections. Let the community help build the updated version as Spartan seem to be desperately short of developers.
  8. I fear the community in the UK is fading away, our NE England group has all but evaporated. There's still a few peeps playing, but they are few and far between sadly.
  9. I have only started winning games reasonably regularly since all but ignoring Torpedoes. I go with the, how can I best get my guns on someone and still have movement next turn, should the torpedoes be targeting someone, worth a punt. I also find ignoring torpedoes stops me breaking into tirades about how awful they are and how often my opponent takes no damage from them.
  10. I would be free that Saturday, but sounds like I maybe the only one ...
  11. Best advice I was ever given about KoB, imagine your ship doesn't have Torpedoes ... Stay as far away as possible from everything, hide as much as possible and use Guns, Torpedoes are a trap.
  12. Do Spartan do a Monthly News Letter or something similar? Or is it just sporadic updates.
  13. Cool, cheers peeps. Halifax's are getting built up as we speak and I will certainly give the Stalwarts and Valiants a whirl. The rest of the subs will probably only come out to play for fun games, there's just to many amazing fliers that people take. See what happens next time.
  14. Hi all I have recently been lucky to get some games of DWars again lately, both at the UK Expo and local tournament, first for a while. Thanks to some help from 'The evil genius', I have improved with my performance and got some wins under my belt. However I have a problem with the two following scenarios; 1) French or Prussian, but mainly French, send in waves of lights, I deal with them while their massives either fly above me or just blow me up on approach. Copious amounts of capturing going on too. (15 Requins, 1 Battle Ship, 2 Flying fortress as list example) 2) Japanesse heavies. (Dreadnaught, Heavy Battle Ship, Sky Fortress and Chinesse Sky Fortress as list example) Last few games I have been running multiple Ruler's, last game had 3 and I still couldn't put enough meaningful damage on the heavies (or any in the case of the Japanesse). So my question is, how do you guys deal with these sorts of things. Thanks all
  15. I can only comment on Naval units, but I have to say the Swift for me. It never fails to give something back, I know it is nothing special compared to other nations, but it's good at being a sweeper and a protector of the big ships for me.
  16. Reacher, that certainly did not come across as a rant, a very thoughtful and constructive post. I certainly appreciate the work of developing the game, as a KoB player I used to be very 'abbrassive' on the boards, I consider myself a very calm and collected person, but as the local lads can vouch, DWars used to send me into rants at almost every tournament. The game feels like it is slowly getting to the point of a nice balance, it just needs seeing through. I really do hope that a bit of life can be breathed back into DWars, also I hope FStorm isn't the same because I just got a fleet on the cheap ...
  17. I would be all for an over haul of the rules, I do think Spartan have been chipping away at the balance of the game, for me as a KoB player I have gone from: I have absolutely no chance what so ever TO Well I have a fighting chance against most fleets, not French ofcourse, but most. For me the SAS spam and the ridiculous ease of capturing Battle ships with blokes in rubber dingies need resolving first Make a nice reference sheet, an ease read rule book with references to linking rules and the pages they can be found on BOOM! Dystopian Wars, for me, has been one of the easiest games to sell people on the visual and character of the setting. Problem is always when you sit down and play.
  18. I attended the tournament with my new and vitalised British, who acquitted themselves quite valiantly. After facng the filthy French SAS spam, thankfully due to me never really leaving 8" of my table edge, never really was an issue, however: If this tournament had been about capturing objectives I would have been stuffed. The fact is activation spam dictates the flow of the game and when you consider some nations carriers (dirty, filth Frenchy flying thing) are super battle ships, will get the first shots at closer range bands, potentially doing the critical damage needed. Although I really like the idea of Thamoz's solution of launching in the first turn, I also like what a Firestorm player suggested at the event .. when you activate the Carrier, you also activate it's SAS. I do appreciate the changes that Spartan are making to DWars and hope they will find a balancing solution that is fair to all.
  19. 1500pts?!?! Wowzer, better change my list LOL, totally missed that
  20. Seconded, no air core! Now to build a new list for Stockton tournament
  21. Just dropping a big thanks to Chancer for running the event and arranging a mega gift bag for everyone. I had a great two days of gaming and superb opponents. See you all soon, I hope.
  22. I am in! Hoping my Expo experience helps and I actually win a game this time.
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