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  1. I agree with Galvainn, using yellow is a great idea: the brightness enhances the details, but this color is also relevant for a military vehicle.
  2. Now this is steampunk. By the way, the base seems a bit too big for such small creatures.
  3. This is the first time I laugh watching Dystopian Wars boats: a proof your friend did a nice job !
  4. When there's no defects, there's nothing to say. Really good work ! I'm curious about how the fleet will look like.
  5. There's no shame stealing a good idea This first boat is so nice I'm expecting you to do a great job on the next ones !
  6. Why did you create only square shaped icebergs ? I would imagine chaotic shapes instead. Do you plan to use the flat surface to move ground vehicles ?
  7. Such talent ! As I'm trying to work with little pieces for my own conversions, I realize how much your work requiers patience and precision. You did a really good job with this russian ship. Bravo !
  8. Very good work ! The only observation I can make about the decals is they give a WWII look to your ship, instead of the steampunk look we could expect for a Dystopian Wars fleet. But it gives personality to your army, which a good point.
  9. Gouniaf

    An ottoman Timar

    A Timar used to be the equivalent of a fief in the Ottoman Empire. I wanted to build an Island which suits my Ottoman army: To fit with the Dystopian Wars univers I used the Spartan buildings and some GW bitz to figure giant statues. The orange sand comes from Ikea. It's cheaper than the regular modelism sand. Painting the island was fast (about a hour). The building took me more time, but it was fun to do, as it changes from painting hulls: I tried to paint a glass effect on the cupola as I did on my Ottoman ships: Now I'm trying to build island with more creative shapes (because a square isn't that realistic). Hope you like it
  10. Nice collection ! You should apply washes or inks on the steel parts, to increase the contrast.
  11. Gouniaf

    Some work

    The flag on the japanese career's deck is gorgeous ! Really nice job.
  12. The planking isn't actualy tough. But I should spent more time on it, to get thinner stripes. You're right, I should change the title of yhe topic (But I don't know how to do). The painted merchant ship:
  13. Best batlle ever ! Everything is perfect: the models, the battlefield... You even thought to remove the dices from the table before to take the pictures (the kind of detail which ruins everything otherwise). Such a pleasure for the eyes ! Thank you Big Mac
  14. After having fun with the Tunguska, I decided to do something with the leftovers: I started by sanding the hull to make a regular ship from a skimmer. I also removed the broadsides and the top of the sides plates to hide the Ottoman design: I did the top of the deck with thin stripes of a plastic leaf: I tried to avoid any waste of material: With some wares made from plastic cards, stone, beads and plastic tems, we have a merchant navy: At last, I can paint something else than a green hull !
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