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  1. Spartan, until now you had my atention, now you have my interest! Fast play space combat in a war torn galaxy
  2. Im looking foward to paint them and test them as a single force. So assault carriers in kurak fleets? How do we use them in the lists? Theres still no allowence for them in the patrol / battle fleets right? Do they count as carriers?
  3. it seems more like a carrier to me or heavy carrier but i really like the T1 models!
  4. thank you all for the comments. 1. I primed the models with Rotbraun RAL8012 model air primer (vallejo) 2. next I preshaded with white. 3. I thinned a mix 1:1 of orange and medium yellow 4. apply a thin layer of A.K. interactive weathering effect FILTE, brown NATO tanks 5. apply at the spaces between panels and corners a black WASH A.K. interactive Wash for NATO tanks 6. with a universal solvent and a diagonal brush help your self to move the wash to where u want to. I think thats all for the ochre
  5. Part 2 ... Bastion Fleet I wasnt very keen to repeat the shole sorylian colour theme again, specialy after a whole year learning different airbrush techniques, I even started thinking in mixing the colour patterns... but finally decided to introduce the new techniques with some minor changes but maintaining the general concept. Step 1 prime black the models Step 2 Paint white making a transition for each panel (yes its a lot of work) help yourself with a plastics card so you start airbrushing at the card and follow to the panel) Step 3 mask the nose with tape and apply a thinned red ferrari. Step 4 mask the red nose and a bit more, so we can now apply the emerald green, which we need to thinn too. This is one of those small changes I mentioned before, I really need a brighter colour than when I painted my first sorylians,l later you will see why. Also I skip making a mix so its a win-win situation. Step 5 now we will mask the pattern desired for the model to paint in usaf grey and then in white. we are not finished yet... Step 6 apply acrylic gloss varnish from vallejo. let it dry in a room with out dust Step 7 mix black oil paint ( like the ones for arts) with Universal solvent (thinner)and apply it to the all the panels. let it dry for 10 to 15min, and then remove smoothly with a dry cloth. http://vid1382.photobucket.com/albums/ah259/khaleth86/Bastion%20Fleet/IMG_1594_zpsae5qefmb.mp4 for now you can the difference between a year ago sorylian cruiser and the new assault cruiser. Step8 Here is where I am right now, painting the metallic parts Also just to let you guys know what i post here is the effort of first screwing up a few times with the first model. I will be posting how the bastion fleet comes to an end, and i hope to test them out soon Sorry for the long post, no potato also
  6. Hello fellow admirals. since I've been expanding my kurak forces in many new directions lately I have decided to make a collective post on my finished and current projects. You may know my Sorylian Red heads: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/11415-sorylian-fleet-red-heads/?hl=heads http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/ah259/khaleth86/DSC_0040_zps9118070a.jpg My Syndicate Tier 1 models http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/13578-syndicate-step-by-step/?hl=syndicate Recently I have bought a RotO starter box with a friend and decided to take Aquans.... and here are the current results: Oannes, cruisers WIP Sulis: Kurak (Terquai) For this project i tried to implement some techniques a friend of mine told me, and here are the results: Torpedo Cruisers
  7. I have been waiting for a paintig challenge since ages, and now it comes when I've been half way through my sorylian bastion fleet. well it aint finished but nearly, I'll post the walk through as allways. (hopefully I allway do photos of every step XD )
  8. Glad theat they move you to try new things! Model air is ready to use directly with your airbrush. You can thinn them if you want to try some preshading techniques.
  9. I started doing airbrush with GW paint and thinner, but as time passes i highly recomend to start using model air paints of vallejo. Use the thinner for thinning the paints, and use the cleaner for cleaning the airbrush from colour to colour if there is a dratic change like from black to whito or yellow to blue. Airbrushing is a bit tricky at start, but with patience it becomes gratefull. Smoth highlights, works well with masks. I painted my 1st aorylian frigates with brush techniques it took me 3 weeks, with airbrush i painted a dreadnought, 3destroyers 3 gunships and a corvette squad in the same time and with stunishing results. If you search for my sorylian redheads you can see the evolution from frigates to the rest of the fleet, plus i added a step through tutorial. Sorry for the long post, no potatoes left.
  10. guys remember the stegadon and think that we have dodge the pterodactyl interceptor, not even close to what the gunship/transport design but we cant have it all, i really was expecting some sorylian like drones, something much slower and more area control... i'll like to see the sorylian interceptor form another angle, i hope they are better than what I expect.
  11. I actually used the net that comes with the Garlics they sell at the supermarket. here is some update on my slow slow progress hope to do much more during my vacations.
  12. and is a really good option to power up your fore AD 16-24" from 4 to 8 AD not much but sufficient for the 1st turn.
  13. Where does it say that interceptors combine PD with anything outside their squadron. I mean page and paragraph, cause I've only found that they can intercept enemy srs in 6" bubble....
  14. After several games with my sorylians I've come to this option, 1st turn hide your borkas, pressure the flanks with our skiffs, and make your heavies and heavy core walkers stay put and shoot at +3 at your enemies heavy helix and mediums, you have the best reach put there! Use it 2nd turn start manuevering your borkas to hunt weakened units, Continue pressing with your skiffs Start moving your heavy walker core squad to the front Make your heavies manuever to engage new units or prepare for incoming enemy units (flyers and scouts) 3rd turn now you have everything at its optimum range, throw dices and enjoy, all cards are on the desk by now
  15. The main reason to take tarakians is to push up the board your BB, those extra inches + movement TAC = shooting at RB2 in the first turn. It also means they are gonna shoot you way too early. The problem with the veydreth T1 is the battle log point you are giving to your enemy, very easy points due to low CR and no shields.
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