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  1. I'm in Erie PA , but that's probably a bit of a drive.
  2. I think the Independence should be reclassified as a Heavy Battlecruiser, its pretty much filling that role anyhow. A bit of points reduction and giver her volleygun broadsides. I too would like to see a true Gunship that can gun the ship out of things. Maybe a torpedo variant of the corvette ? And yes a speed buff for the Avions and the Valley. The Valley is a beast and great for boarding, but way too slow, maybe a kinetic ginny?
  3. I hear Sharpshooters will now be a value (X) per ship. Hence all the red dots on his chest.
  4. I would like to see a variant of the Princeton Gunship, maybe volleyguns instead of rockets. Or a new gunship that is more powerful like the Danish ships.
  5. Run the New Orleans with Lees. People who know what a Lee squadron can target them heavily, the New Orleans can fix them easily. Its a good trick to keep them healthy until they boost with kinetics to prize something.
  6. Recently I have played 2 games with the dreadbots, 1 against and 1 with the my own. In both games the big bots proved to be the key to victory. You have 2 choices, either you dedicated firepower to kill the bot, and the enemy fleet kills yours, or you try to keep your objective in mind and the dreadbot is truly dreadful. In both games it was my FSA vs KoB. In the 1st game I was able to use a combo of dive bombers and Marines to weaken then prize the Windsor. At the end of the game however I had not completed my objective of killing the commodore, and my fleet was shot to hell. This was because I had spent too much firepower on the Windsor. In the 2nd game I had John Henrys big brother, armed with the Colt wrist cannons. My opponent, same KoB player, took Raj allies and kept his eyes on his objective. With rugged 2 and shield 3 my dreadbot took no damage and by the end of turn 3 I had won with the loss of a Boston sunk, and an Annapolis captured, and a few frigates sunk. The cherry on top was the last shots of the game. I was in range band 1 and just unloaded everything into the Raj heavy battleship with Brianna ( thats my bots name I refuse to use the suck ass designation ) . It was brutal, the Raj BB was reduced to 1 hp, and corrosion took care of that. Both games were 1250.
  7. I still can't find either rules or how to order it. Its not on pre orders, or the store page. If it is I can't see it on my tablet. I redownloaded the orbats and no stats yet.
  8. Maybe its our huge... Wait for it... Industrial base... Our enormous. .. Wait for it. Population. Or it could be our food. We have lots of it, and plenty of room to grow it to sell to the Brits, but not the Frogs, Jerry's, or ****. And just wait till we finish conquering the Hawaiian Islands so we can corner the market on pineapple.
  9. Yes it would have to be attended by a pair of New Orleans with the chains and hooks.
  10. Heres the Cape Fear Battlegroup. Gotta update my pics my fleet is a lil bigger now. Edit, my file is too big, gotta figure this out.
  11. I'm gonna give the Restitution some love. Hate the name, love the model.
  12. I'm confused, how do you upgrade the BB armor? Shields? And the sustained fire MAR ain't an upgrade.
  13. Are the stats out yet, and where can I find them?
  14. So basically an Emperor class titan. I am of 2 minds here. On one side I love the model, must have it, it will be my new precious, will have it, and will field it once or twice. On the other side. I quit 40k because of such as this. DW should not become GW.
  15. How big are these monsters? Personally I love the Restitution, not the name could have been much better. I will probably never use it, but I will get 2 just to paint and display. Really whats with the name? It has got to be the lamest of all the big honking robot names. Irs a skimmer!
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