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  1. Striking is the word! Very brave choice of colour, but you're controlling its application very nicely. I can't help thinking there's a Slannesh-esque vibe going on here... but in any case, this will be a unique Terran fleet. Looking forward to more.
  2. That 'white mortar' effect on your Dindrenzi is unique and effective! I may pinch that for the Tron-themed fleet I'm contemplating. Thanks for the inspiration, keep up the great work!
  3. That's a very elegant and different look for the Omnidyne. Great control of colour.
  4. Greetings, all! After a lengthy absence from the Spartan stables, I've returned to have a go at Firestorm Armada. You'll have to decide yourselves if my return was worthwhile. I originally got into Spartan's range of miniatures via Uncharted Seas (may it rest in peace), but I was playing starship-based games long before that, so F.A. wasn't a big leap. With a local group gearing up for a Tournament, and I needing a regular opportunity to throw dice and shout "Pew! Pew!" following a lengthy battle with cancer, I grabbed a Rense Patrol Fleet Box, and proceeded to do things to it... Such as add fins from thin styrene sheet... ... and turrets from old Space Cruiser Yamato 'Mecha Collection' kits. Which let to the first of my ships looking like this: Quite pleased with this more 'anime' look, I got on with shooting some paint on to the Battlewagon and the cruisers... Simple enough scheme - white topsides and duck-egg undersides. Paints are Tamiya acrylics, shot through my trusty Iwata Revolution. Above, we see the ships with a few decals added. These came from a variety of Gundam decal sets, by Bandai. Great source of sci-fi letters, numbers and stencils! The EFS Albion in all her glory! I also printed up some 'base cards' to decorate the bases, and aid in tracking which ship is which in the heat of battle. Painting nebulae and such on bases is so last year. And the 'Spook' class cruisers (I ask you, what kind of class name is Spook???) Well, what do you think? A worthwhile venture into the world of Firestorm? I'm currently deciding what to do about SRS tokens. I have no love for the little half-relief thingies. I want to see flying models, dammit! Given the anime feel, I'm contemplating re-tasking some Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale mecha for the role... More to follow, so stay tuned! Oh, and questions about technique, etc, always welcome.
  5. GreyHart - don't despair! One should never judge one's own efforts by the abilites (or inabilities) of others. I might paint a fine ship of the line, but I am woefully slow. I honestly wish I was of the basecoat - dip - highlight = done! brigade. Then, I just might get some armies / fleets finished! However, please, please don't make anymore puns. For a Pirate, your pun-rate is too much.
  6. If it's flat and quiet, I can paint. Nothing ruins a painting session worse that interruptions, including those which don't actually involve you. On the upside, I took a quick trip to Military Hobbies - a great gaming store here in Adelaide - and picked up an Imperial Battleship, two Hawk cruisers, and three destroyers for the paltry sum of $25.00! Huzzah! Given SG's response to my question about spare parts (i.e. - 'no'), I think the DD's sails are going into the conversion box, but the others will soon be a part of the Caydez Squadron. I'll post updates next month!
  7. Oh well, there's our answer. That's a real disappointment, as there are some great scratchbuilding and converting opportunities presented by the US range.
  8. Awesome - It was the images of your Imperial Human fleet that convinced me to pull my proverbial finger out, and get to work on mine. Thanks for the inspiration!
  9. Thanks for the comments, all! What do people thing of my basing technique, by the way? No patience at all, Captain Dan! To me, a sailing ship is not a sailing ship without the rigging. Sails can't be trimmed without braces, (the ropes that pull the sails around, not the straps that hold up trousers,) and masts tend to fall down without standing rigging. That's generally a bad thing when that happens.
  10. Hello all, I received some more ships for my Imperial Humans last week, and very, very nice they all are, too! However, I asked this question via the comments box when I placed my order: Order Comments: Can you tell me if it is possible to purchase separate spare parts from the Uncharted Seas range - particularly sail/mast castings? Thank you! ... but, received no reply. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to purchase spare parts? Who do I need to smooze to make this possible? Many thanks! - Martin
  11. Thanks guys! Presidente - Yes, I've used decals from the GW Brettonian sets, with highlights and details painted over the top, in subtly different shades. Maybe a little too subtle, as the camera hasn't really picked up the hours of painting over them... Although there's no reason why someone couldn't paint symbols on the sails. I'm just not that patient!
  12. Greetings all, I've been hiding in the bilges here, undetected, for a while now... but the smell was getting too much! So, I've emerged, and brought with me an update to my modelling and painting blog that I hope will be of help to many: http://sites.google.com/site/martinsmodels/the-miniatures/uncharted-seas In it, I give some details on the (slow!) progress of my first Uncharted Seas fleet - Imperial Humans. Come on over and take a look! I'd love to hear some opinions. Questions are always welcome, too. Have fun!
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