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  1. Hello all, I and a group of players in Louisiana, USA have been playing dystopian wars off and on for a while now but stopped due to our game stores being in some what of a local flux lately. Recently things have settled out and I am looking to get in touch with players again. We typically are looking to play at our FLGS in Covington, LA, and Hammond, LA. If there are any admirals in the area, let us know!
  2. Yes please! I have wanted to see some medium Russian circulars (that aren't Rudnitskys) for a while now, maybe a monitor or armored cruiser class. It would need to have the characteristic 360 move of course and be slower than average, 5" or 6" at most. Either bristling with light mortars so it wouldn't conflict with the Tiksi for long range support vessel, or a single long range piercing cannon like the Dudinka.
  3. So, about the changes to the Russian SAS. The dive bombers lost surface hunter but gained Diving +1, while the torpedo bombers have only submerged +2? Surely this is a typo, I would like someone to confirm that this is the case. The dive bombers losing surface hunter is meh, but Hunter (Diving, +1) implies that they get +1 to hit on everything in the diving height band (includes Submerged and Deep Diving) but this makes no sense because on page 65 under Concentrated Bombing it states bombers may only target Surface and Submerged things, making half of the MAR useless? For the torpedo bombers, +2 Submerged only means they are hitting submerged subs on 3's, but still hitting Deep Diving targets on the usual 6, it seems like it should be +2 Diving. Thoughts?
  4. Sorry if this question has been asked before, I looked around and didn't see anything. My first question is, Can a flyer at obscured height level make an attack (with bombs or ordnance) against a sub at submerged? If so, what would the to hit number be? My immediate guess is that the to hit would be 5+ because height level to hit's are base not modifiers, same reason why a flyer at obscured firing at another obscured flyer is 5+, rather than 6+ thanks
  5. I don't maintain a proper blog, just this thread where I post my progress. I will try to keep in mind doing more step-by-steps, and yes I make my own flight stands. Thanks for the encouragement, work and other issues have cut into my hobby time lately so I feel progress updates are few and far between.
  6. Hello all, back with an update for the Russians. After giving a lot of attention to the Prussians, it's back to my goal of filling out my Russian air. Joining the fleet with this update are the Saransks: I am looking forward to trying these out in my next game.
  7. I haven't whipped up any Chany subs yet, but I have used the heavy bomber twice now, and it is definitely a new favorite. In the first game against a Covenant opponent it got chewed up in two turns by some Capeks. It only managed to put the fore guns on a light cruiser and bomb one frigate before going down. In the second game, it was a super star. This one was against a Danish fleet, and my opponent didn't really have the tools to deal with it. It stayed at obscured the entire game to avoid being boarded, and harassed everything it could line up with and did two crits and a damage to a Ragnarok with the bombs (very lucky rolls for me). My opponent played very well but got unlucky with some crucial rolls against it, that and the ablative armor made it a chore to take down. In the end, it went down to AA from a group of gunships. It was in this game that I discovered it doesn't have combat patrol, so the 3 fighters it deploys with can't actually run CAP on it, somewhat of a disadvantage, but the toughness more than makes up for that. Overall, my personal experience with it is that it does exactly what it says on the tin, amazing surface bombardment capabilities on a chassis more than tough enough to get it where it needs to go to make use of all that ordnance. I wouldn't call it an auto-include as it competes with the battle cruiser points and slot wise, and is only 40 points cheaper than a Tunguska, one of my favorite Russian units.
  8. I believe the jammer generators can be used against all salvos as they are listed as continuous effect.
  9. Hello all, Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter holiday. I have enjoyed the three day weekend and used my off time on Friday and Saturday to make more progress on the Prussian fleet: A pair of Konigsberg battlecruisers adds to my selection of mediums I also finally redid my Reiver light cruisers, sized down to fit more appropriately with their new designation. A size comparison with a frigate and gunship. My first attempt at Reivers were comically large, as big as the Russian cruisers. My new ones may be smaller than the actual model but I like the look of them better with the rest of the fleet. Also as a bonus, a supply ship I threw together for a three player game I had last week. It served as a central objective for the game and made it more interesting than a simple free for all. Thanks all, more to come soon.
  10. It has been ruled before in conversations regarding the Russians that their ships with light mortars (secondary weapons) can link with broadsides (also secondary weapons) on the model. I don't see how it would be possible for mortars to only be capable of indirect fire if they can link with other weapon types that are not capable of indirect fire at all.
  11. I would think Thamoz is correct, pg 92 of the pdf rule book, "This model only reduces its attack dice (AD) by 1 for every 2 hull points (HP) of damage taken" Nothing about halving in there so rounding doesn't apply here, right?
  12. Finally, a painting update! After some delay, I got around to finishing up the complete Prussian models on my table: Hussar gunships The Kaiser Karl The fierce Blucher A small group shot Thanks all. Next up is hard to tell, maybe Russians, maybe Prussians, depends on how my next few games go
  13. I live in the LA area myself, there were a few people that got together at a place in Slidell called LevelUp. That place closed recently however and I lost contact with them. Another shop, Big Easy Comics just opened up though, so I would be interested in playing with a group myself if people are looking for games in either Slidell or at the other Big Easy's in Covington or Hammond.
  14. Very nice description, sounds like a solid showing for the Russian Navy Everyone learns very quickly how devastating those little frigates can be if they get in close, and with 3 AP each they can be nasty in softening up targets for boarding. Don't forget that even the frigates have concussive ammo on their turrets. As for tips, the general consensus and my personal experience is that all of our mediums are excellent except for the sub, which is a bit of a dud (for me anyway, darn things NEVER make their swift maneuvers). Our battle Cruiser especially breaks the mold, as most other nation's BCs are glass cannons, while ours is basically a scaled down Borodino , no fancy tricks just fire power. Running them in pairs is especially fun. Keep in mind also that once you are close, the ships themselves become weapons as most of the Impact ratings in the fleet are above average. If you can use a squad of Suvorovs to smash aside smalls and fire on something bigger, you've achieved good value. Word of warning, it is super easy to forget our special rules, I don't know how many times I've gotten solid critical hits and then been so caught up in rolling for the result that I completely forget to apply crew damage for concussive rounds. And try to get your opponent to help you remember that ablative armor no longer applies after taking half damage, and that they can then re-roll their crits against you due to Vulnerable. Btw, escorts are not free, you still pay their point cost, they go into a squadron with the large/massive they are assigned to. Hope this helps!
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