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  1. As excited as I am for Firestorm coming back I'm pretty worried by these Directorate changes. I've got 4 very large fleets, Terran, Directorate, Hawker, and Works Raptor. If I suddenly now just have one fleet... I'll be super bummed. I really loved how distinct the play styles of my two major fleets were.
  2. Awesome. Used to love this game. Looking forward to hearing about new stuff!
  3. Shame you can't target anymore. Maybe at least with robot torpedoes?
  4. Hmmm. I'm not super sold on this system. Command points for moves that used to be free feels wrong. You shouldn't need to have a resource cost tied to boarding or stopping a ship. Command points based on fleet size or number of squads taken or bought with points is fine. But what you do with them looks pretty wonky. I actually think the special orders system from Battlefleet Gothic was really solid. Not the assignment system, which was way too RNG based, but the orders themselves. It gave a bonus and malus to the ships involved so you had clear decisions to make. At the start of the turn each player assigns orders to their ships using command points, but make those orders interesting! Power to the guns at the cost of maneuverability, power to the shields at the cost of speed. Power to the engines at the cost of firepower, etc etc. Give a clear upside and downside to each order. Don't tell me my ship can't slow down or launch a boarding assault because the admiral didn't say to explicitly.
  5. Whether or not I get back into this game will ultimately depend on the rules and gameplay. While I want to support SG, I'm really hesitant to buy anything before having had a chance to look over the rules.
  6. I haven't been around lately, but I consider myself pretty appt at Firestorm and have a good sense of game design. Is it too late to get a look at the beta rules and give some feedback? I've been missing Firestorm and am eagerly looking forward to 3.0 but I'm pretty worried from what I've seen so far.
  7. The Judgement struggles as a battleship for several reasons. Most notably though, it's a slow, unmanuverable ship in a fleet of speedy agile ships, and very likely to be the only non-cloaked or stealth capital ship on the board. It doesn't fit with the rest of the fleet, and it only has one real weapon that can pull its own weight. It feels like an awkward Terran battleship crammed into a directorate fleet book. It's slow, takes little chunks of damage easily, and aside from its turret, can't do much. It doesn't have the AP to board anything on its own, and its torpedoes won't do anything at strength 6. It's like a worse Apollo, except the Terran fleet is built around ships like it, whereas the directorate fleet is not. Compare this to the Anarchist, which really feels like a directorate ship, is so customizable, and comes with all sorts of sneaky tricks. Regular cruisers really just pale in comparison because of how crazy strong heavies are. Also being non cloaked/stealth means they die instantly, being the only obvious target. They're not bad ships necessarily, but I can never justify taking them over heavies. Maybe knock 5 pts off and bump the heavies cost a bit.
  8. I've been out of the loop for a while, but the new ships have piqued my interest in Firestorm again... I've been looking at the new Terran ships and I really like what I see! The torpedo cruisers look really solid. I might recommend upping their points cost to 60 or so, because they seem like very strong ships. Really gives Terran a big ranged advantage. It's possible the atrocious AP and CP values are enough for a weakness for them to be good as is, but I think they look very strong. I would definitely take these guys. They might actually obsolete the Teutons, unless you want to throw down 5HP cruisers. The option for spooky nukes in a tier2 squad is very potent, and I love the idea of one being able to squadron with a Marshall. I LOVE the light cruisers! I always want to get more ships on the board, and these little guys are adorable. I think the pricing is spot on for them. They look great as is. Light frigates? Bit of a tough sell. Terran tier3 choices are already really strong, so these guys have a lot to compete against. That said, squad size 6 is pretty crazy strong. These guys might obsolete Missionaries. I love the idea, but I'm not totally sure this ship is what Terrans need in a tier 3 choice. And taking 2 alongside a Tyrant? Oh man. The Tyrant is already a monster of a ship, adding 2 frigates is going to seriously up its firepower. I love it. Might be too strong though. Either way, very cool. I'll definitely have to pick some of these new ships up!
  9. Sure thing! We're out of town this weekend, but I'm sure one of these weekends we can make it to to gns for s game!
  10. Hey now, I'm only pushing 30! I'm not that old yet!
  11. Aw, thanks! It was a fun tournament. Thanks again to Bull99 for running it as well as G&S for hosting!
  12. Looking forward to it! I think I'll bring my Terrans out for battle this time!
  13. Looking forward to the tournament! Could you post the missions here as well? I do not have facebook. Thanks!!
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