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  1. HOLY FRAK!!! its like something out of Terminator lol I love it, where did you get the fire effects?
  2. Agreed, ill buy it simply to have more Din' ships because i already own everything they have in their arsenal so bring it!
  3. More on topic... That "Fall of Dramos" box, will that be a new starter? I cant see that happening as Return of the Overseers just came out. Maybe a small campaign/story box with older ships that reflect the time? Im very interested in this.
  4. Im more excited about the redesigns for the ships. The new torp cruiser (seen in the Kurak Alliance fleet guide book) looks soooo much more beefy and bad ass!
  5. Not sure... I would assume it would be something to add in a FAQ update.
  6. You'll only find them in blisters of 2x unfortunately... As they dont have an updated box for v2.0 but hopefully they will get their own patrol fleet box with a battleship and everything. I had to hunt for months on ebay to find me a 3rd torp cruiser. I have 2x assault carriers so i used one as a proxy but im a tad OCD and absolutely hate to proxy.
  7. Love the Torp cruisers! I never make a list without them. Long range pester unit with their torps. Good for picking off smalls and mediums. Park them in a corner at full stop and use Sector Shielding to help ward off incoming long range shots. But if the enemies get close, their gunracks can blast out almost as much dice as their torps. They really chew stuff up as close range. They are a tad fragile though so be careful what you do with them.
  8. all of these are fantastic, not sure about the tails for the Orcas but whatever.
  9. Good i was right. I told him the building is basically a area bubble that grants 2D6 to each base thats threatened.
  10. Do things like Hard Target (-2) still apply to Infantry (like the Nyx) when they occupy buildings? Id say yes because theyd die so easily. But an opponent asked why is the building just as hard to shoot at as the troops inside lol
  11. Plastic as well please. Can't stand pewter.
  12. Granted these are "firepower leviathans"... Should we expect them to do anything but shoot?
  13. FSA disorder is fine, what are you talking about?
  14. Also... Does a command element benefit from its own Command Element MAR when needing a disorder check? Had a game where my Din' Kratos needed a test. 3D6 base, +1 for Elite, but...can it get a +1 for its own comment element?
  15. Agreed, we'll eventually get cqb focused Leviathans for sure. The dinfrenzi chronos leviathan has already been previewed months ago.
  16. Snapper corvettes are my top choice for T3 squads. I have always had "meh" performance with the frigates, they usually are vaporized a turn or two in the game...good cannon fodder or distraction. Snappers are great clean up crews. I always take a minimum of 1-2-3 squads depending on the size game. I always shunt them in mid-game to chew up wounded T2 or even attack T1s from behind. With 4AD in torpedoes each PLUS the Pack Hunter rule, a full squad of 6 can toss 26AD at a target. Great for attacking ships with low point defense or wounded large ships. Ive never been unsatisfied with them, they always work wonders for me. Plus they are Elusive Targets, large ships hit them on 6s, smalls still hit on 5s. Once on the table they will stick around unless they come under concentrated fire. 2x 6s can pop a ship into oblivion. So my tactic is to shunt them in and have them wreak as much havoc as possible before they get picked off 1 by 1. Luckily the Pack Hunters rule will always give you +2AD as long as you have at least 3 ships left in the squad. So they don't become totally useless one they have sustained some casualties.
  17. Yeah, best to shunt them out while you can.
  18. So... Has anyone got it yet? Played with it yet? I have mine but its still unassembled. Have been working on that giant tripod.
  19. Don't you have to declare at the start of their skydrop? Or beginning of their activation? Edit: yes is says once they are nominated for a skydrop activation then you must declare it.
  20. Got mine built today. The turrets sure look cool as does the Din' officer with his big shoulder pads and stuff. Im still not sold on the big barricade turret bases for the gun teams. Doesn't seem mobile enough. What im going to do is paint the cover to look like a light screen... Like a force field that can activate and deactivate when the user wants to haul the gun around. Makes more sense to me that way then painting a giant metal doorstop looking thing that slides around the battlefield lol.
  21. Yes they always deploy via portals. So you should skydrop one near your board edge for them to come on, and a 2nd in enemy territory to warp them there for some good flaming action.
  22. Assuming it survives its initial drop activation... On its nxt one, can it go flat out 16" to get to base-to-base to utilize it's CQB weapon? Since its not a main ordinance weapon, i would assume so.
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