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  1. Some beautiful minis on display here, WA. Your Corsairs are giving me a massive Turanic vibe. Is that intentional?
  2. Nice low visibility scheme. Probably not your intent, but it reminds me of certain Russian aircraft camo patterns.
  3. I bought both the Dindrenzi and the Aquan battlestations, and while I haven't put together the Aquan one yet, I can say that both stations' clear resin pieces have given me zero issues with getting them off of the sprue. They have very few attachment points to the sprue itself. Now getting them to hold paint is a different matter, I hear...
  4. Army Painter's primers are top class products; adhere well, are very durable, and come in a variety of colors. Looking forward to seeing this fleet progress.
  5. That is a phenomenal lighting technique you have there! Please post more.
  6. That's a really cool "skyline" pattern on the Bastille! And good looking other models, to boot!
  7. Magnificent! That is an exceptional piece of work, especially for just one day. Also, happy birthday!
  8. That is absolutely magnificent! My eyes lit up as soon as I saw the Vaygr scheme.
  9. That's an awesome looking fleet! Most reds I've seen on Dindrenzi ships don't "pop" as well as that one does! How much fun was highlighting all that black though?
  10. Squished, a word of caution to you on your incoming Works Raptor fleet: I had great difficulty getting the metal panels that flank the Interdictors and the Attrition to stick to the resin hulls with your standard Zap-a-Gap CA glue. I had much better connections after I scored the metal pieces with my blade to get the glue to stick to better purchase. It clung to the resin just fine.
  11. Big fan of how you turned the disparate pieces into actual wreckage. I see engine blocks that look like they have sheared-off support struts and passageways. Way cool! Not a big fan of seeing that beautiful Dindrenzi vessel hulled to space like that. Another wrong to be avenged against the Kurak Alliance!
  12. That Dreadnought is absolutely magnificent and the photographic tutorial is better still! Thanks for both!
  13. Try here: http://shipyards.relicnews.com/ Menu on the left.
  14. A very sharp-looking paint scheme!
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