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  1. Really wishing to see it. Dindrenzi tanks of this helix look really apealling on a closer round. Indeed the quality of all the assault helixes is really really good. After the mixed feelings I had with the command pod, this one is for sure on my buying list.
  2. Really nice models, I like my dindrenzi ones (but the union of the missile pod with the body looks done in a hurry to recicle parts). but on the other hand those directorate heavies are tempting me... (they look really versatile for other scales too) Would we have the rules before march???
  3. But this is unlikely to be used against a primary target as the main ordance. This type of long range CQB (due mov flat out) could be a great finisher for oportunity targets while keep the focus of the main ordance in heavier ones.
  4. Liked quite much the new flyers. Tempted to try a Daedalus only double helix... Fast, cheap and long ranged (finally we would use the kinetic MAR). Look like they will be nerfed soon,
  5. I am wainting for the new ORBATs to make an order, but I will not buy without knowing the rules.
  6. Cyber weapon MARs specically says that its to hit roll is affected by any MAR in play as any other weapon system. Cloaking is one of these rules (no rerolls on 6 on the attacks roll) so its diffcult to support that Cyber weapons overcome this. "All shideling effects" is probably written this way beacuse Shields are not the only way to make a save, there are also Cover ones, in this case Cyber weapons would not allow also this kind of saves. (But this is of no use, because I think only infantry can gain cover save, and infantry can not be affected by Cyber Weapons.)
  7. Sorry Zeph, who isDelboy? Spartan staff? (I follow the forum not very often, but in some games you can actually find in the official forums the person who designed the rules). EDIT: I found, is Spartan-Derek. And if this is not in the (already updated) rulebook. Its really so hard to put in the FAQ document? I have it printed along the new rulebbok to check during games, but I cant not look in the forum in mid game.
  8. I cant find that statement neither. But the rulebook structure is a bit chaotic so if someone have the reference please post it, (or in the FAQ) IMHO the rulebook is simply poorly written in this aspect. And this is really big issue. Could be different situations (having also at least one common MAR): -Can combine but only apply MARs common to all weapons: I dont think is the case (but for me would be the most discussion avoiding resolution, like coherent effects MARs in Armada). -Can combine but apply always all MARs: Sound pretty cheese to me, and really out of common sense. -Can combine and apply depending of "type of the MAR": MARs similar to TERROR could apply always as are written as "hit by an attack with the Terror MAR", but MARs that affect to hit modifiers will not, because they are really the only case really specified in the rulebook. ("You can combine but got the worse to hit number").
  9. Its a bit tricky in the case of MARs affecting the To hit number . In the FAQ file the is a question about how to deal when combinng weapons having different to hit number, but shows only an example of differente range bands vs hover vehicles. But in this case the attack must use the worst to hit number in the combined pool or fire as separate attacks. Combining an scatter with a non scatter weapons could fall in a similar situation but is unclear. For me would be intiutive to use the same restriction as the ranges examples in the FAQ as the question is "How is firing resolved when targeting squadrons with mixed to hit numbers?"
  10. Sure they are. e.g. How exactly deploy large suqadron on sky drop: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/15699-sky-drop-and-large-squadrons/, In the case of sky droping Letos (from DF leaviathan helix) we are talking about not knowing how to deploy a objective taking unit. It is not any obscure rule, its a core mechanic of the game.
  11. Looking at the example pictures form pages 80-81 of the PDF rulebook seems to be measured from the edge of the drop marker to the center of the sky droped model.
  12. Its quite anoying that Planetfall Cards are not available for download.
  13. Relthoza heavy infantry looks awesome. I was very tempted to have them as a second force (as in FSA) but I am waiting because they look too much nice. Anyway Erebus infantry would get very likely drop option in future helixes (4 bulky bases can use the regular infantry drop pod, so no even need new model) and will have almost the same stats than a relthoza HI in controller range (24 to 25 DR, 24 to 25 shoting AD, 16 to 15 CQB, 275(probably) to 270 pts). One great advantage for relthoza drop tropps is not a matter of stats but of helix/army organization. Their drop nexus and designators are in regular units, no need for aditional specialist tanks like Dindrenzi or Aquan, so smaller units but problably more cost efficient ones. Their infantry needs the spires to be efficient but they are going to be right there if droping to attacks objectives.
  14. @Zeph: For me is also the most logical way to do (all in coherency of the first dropped model) but is never defined in the rules. So nice is there is some FAQ in the future. In case of doubt I always try to use the most restrictive option to be sure not to cheat. @Magarch: To deply all elements as much in the same point as possible, rules would indicate to deploy all elements base to base and then avoid any interpretation. But its not the case. I know there is no "first model" to deply, is just an interpretation. There is no even an clear statement that need to be a model in the actual drop point (could be perfectly the center of the squadron, in for example a 2 aquan turrent squadron). As simple as is not defined by the rulebook. So need player agreement or future FAQs.
  15. How exactly works sky dropping with large squadorns? The rulebook only really show examples of sky droping single element squadrons, and states that element must be deployed in Coherency. This is easy with Aquan/Dindrenzi turrets. One element is deployed in the point determined in deviation and the other in coherency. But I am thinking in the Leto 5 units squadron from the Leviathan Helix thant can purchase sky drop. How are they exactly deployed: -One in the deviaiton point and all of them in coherency with this model? -One in the deviation point and all other in coherency between them, but no need to by 2" of the first model? Maybe it do not looks very important, but with scoring light vehicle that can claim an objective only touching it can be a big deal.
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