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  1. Well.. I have around 20 srs tokens and 3 escorts which I don't play at all from carrier group box.. It's all about that Dread quality.. if they are same I can buy both single dread and destroyer group.. otherwise not. Prices went up a lot both after revaluation from our Czech Central Bank and from appreciation of dollar.
  2. Hello, Is there a change in quality between old Dreadnought model and the new boxed set? I need to know which one to buy and the old one is considerably cheaper, but I heard new sculpt have more details.. Can somebody clarify this one to me? Thanks in advance.
  3. Sounds like third cruiser squadron would be better investment..
  4. So.. are they worth buying? My main opponents are Aquans, Sorylians, Directorate, RSN..
  5. My problem is that Relthozan went from super elite race using high tech toys into WW2 russian conscript.. The Predator and Replicator feeling was so awesome.. now this is exact opposite. Recon helix is still sweet though
  6. I'll be back in summer Both number of games and results are awful... we look like a minor faction.
  7. wow, what an awful year for Relthoza
  8. We don't have any places to upgrade on light infantry. I for one welcome it, because you can spend more money on heavy infantry which is adorable.
  9. They are machines for me. I deny any other version, even official. I did the same with Sorylian leviathan. His fluff just don't match.
  10. Yeah, Relthoza is also more "take and hold" than reckon.. but as chrisbburn said, there are plenty of reckon units out there.
  11. I'm most satisfied with Relthoza. Finally no Namisc. +1 from me SG.
  12. Well it was said by Spartan staff. I'm on phone so can't find exact wording now. But it's not just about this but about missing deadlines generally. It would be much better to make deadlines longer than miss them all the time. Nobody would be dissapointed then. Every relationship even business one is about trust.
  13. They said they are doing double-helix release this release. How is that a mystery if there is no double-helix release that promise is not fulfilled?
  14. Yeah so after waiting 45 days we get 3 helix that we already mostly see 4 months ago and saying that they need extra month to do double release and after claiming that too many game systems wont affect production I hear exactly opposite. I'm always on Spartan side, but not now. To be clear I dont mind slow production release but I dissaprove broken promises. I still believe we will see more today. But it doesn't matter really. There are plenty other things to do.
  15. I agree with Pok. Only reason to join Zenians would be vengeance to the Collective buuut it seems irrational. I gladly welcome Illosians in our league
  16. Unfortunatelly we play the rules correctly so I'm gonna have to hope for different rolls because I cannot affect my opponents rolls. I'm sure next games are going to be better. I went mad after last game but I feel better now
  17. 4 reactors in last 2 games. My score is 2:9 so I've received 9 reactors in 12 games and gave 2. Not much rare I would say.
  18. Yeah but they aren't rare for me. I don't have to play games when I already know I'm goint to lose 1/3 ships due to reactors. Sure it's not problem for you, but it's a problem for me.
  19. Yeah my reactor score should be now 2:9 definitely not normal. I hate when I take a lot of care about list, tactic and movement phase, terrain usage, mine placing & so on and I go for a nice little win and then 2 reactors in one shooting explode..crippling 2 cruiser squadrons. I felt like ragequit yesterday and thinking why the hell I'm even painting it, but it's just a game and I made it slightly loose at the end. It still feels to me like game-breaking factor that can ruin day though. I'm sure that my reactor bad luck pool should be dry now and brighter days are coming I would understand if the effect was lower.. Like instead of crit it would be double crit for one ship and not for the rest of squad or something. Unfortunatelly I cannot houserule anything because we are playing league in our gaming club.. I will try to roll more double 1 to make my opponents taste that disaster. It all have bright sides though my anger at Armada made me paint my planetfall troops (Rel + Bak). I went for unusual scheme for Relthoza - metal, black, purple mostly because I'm tired of green. It looks good so far.
  20. Players: Allegro / Zrnozaba Points value: 1000 Scenario: 1 - Border clash Factions: Relthoza / RSN Battle log score: 4 / 13 (RSN victory) Reactor overloads are broken. Try to win with 2x imba reactor per game. Spartan
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