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  1. I discussed the matter with Kurgan and followed some advice you guys gave me here on forum and I belive that I finally don't have to be ashamed of my models. I'm going to finish all of them and then I will post my game reports on this forum too.
  2. Falx with +1 shield and +1 movement cost 195 points, so you might paid too much for it. I hope Dindrenzi will perform better in next battle!
  3. New update! I add more details to my ship and post for you some pic from my games. Hope you enjoy and like the changes!
  4. Players: Allegro / Vechio Points Value: 1000 Scenario: Border Clash Factions & Allies: Relthoza / Sorylians Battle Log Scores: 1 / 4 Two draws in two days. I should have won the first game against Aquans but after very good push I made some mistakes that cost me game. I was defending my station with such a superior force (by look) that my opponent decide not to board it, but kill it instead. He hide his army in gas cloud and I went to hunt him down. I killed his cruisers and frigates, but he end up with superior force punishing my mistakes and enjoying that 5+ and 6+ to hit benefit and interceptor bubble. I was really frustrated at the end of the game, with my scenario station being killed by pushing into asteroids and my Battlestation sitting cloaked. Result left lot to be desired for me. Second game was fair fight. We brawl a lot, Sorylians shunted from reserves behind me with 2 squads and pushed hard my squadrons (killed two) and trying to board resulting in 1 dmg or nothing. My respond was mine spam behind me which killed frigate squadron. Simultaneously my corrosive markers (5) tear Falx into pieces! I escaped with remaining squadrons to maintain win. Lost battleship during process which result in draw. In both games I played admiral with our commander training. In first game he did nothing (1 dmg from corrosive) in second game, he tore 3 HP from Falx, very nice. In second game Sorylian admiral played his commander too and he is monster! Very nice addition to game for lizard race. But commanders seems to be fairly balanced to me. It hurts a lot to have less free TAC cards and other penalties.
  5. Players: Allegro (D) / Godspell (A) Points Value: 900 Scenario: Capture the Station Factions & Allies: Relthoza / Aquans Battle Log Scores: 4 / 7
  6. mhm.. how about corrosive & SRS spam with new commander?
  7. Players: Allegro / Kurgan Points: 1000 Scenario: Border clash Factions: Relthoza / Directorate + Work Raptors (Attrition) Battle Log Scores: -9/ 15 At the end of the turn 2 I knew I was going to lose. So I went for Fold Space Escape, but 4 out of 5 squads died anyway.. Kurgan OP
  8. Alright, this explanation make sense, I somehow miss post saying this.
  9. Now it's come to theoretical question what is actually causing the dissaray so the forces cannot defend themself at all even though they just won the fight over the ship. If the effect is something that give disadvantage to defender only, it make sense.
  10. When you successfully board a ship, your number of success minus enemy success rolls should be the new AP value. Security in Disarray shouldn't be of an influence to you in this manner. Would be nice to hear clarification from Spartans.
  11. cymruvoodoo, on 23 Jun 2015 - 6:17 PM, said: The important thing to realize is that new Invasion ships are mainly aimed for new Invasion mode. And they seems to me quite solid for that. Commanders are great addition for experienced players. Most beginner don't even play all MARs/SRS etc for a first few games ...
  12. Does Durable MAR reduce number of assault craft SRS token?
  13. I like the fact that not all Dindrenzi like RSN and that not all Sorylians like Aquans..
  14. Our ships seems to be good for Invasion I couldn't help it to compare them with existing ones.. The real question is.. can the new frigate be accompaniment for someone?
  15. We have mostly core fleets in our area, I thing the only problem might occur with RSN guys. But as I'm going to participate mostly in Spartan campaigns.. it's all good
  16. check fluff page, she is a "spider-girl" Quote: "Born into the K'.. (bla bla) Hive, she has enjoyed a priviliged brooding, and has always been destined for command." and It kinda make sense .. on our planet, the spider females are bigger and more aggressive than males.
  17. So that's 170 points for 12AD boarding and 12AD assault shuttles.. thats good for Invasion and for boarding fleets but otherwise, there is huge competition for that slot.
  18. Nah I don't think so, Relthoza suits should have darkening filters because their eyes are sensitive to light, but she is badass in suit too!
  19. She is brutal! Our "girl" kick asses. Kinda shame she is in power armour and we cant see her face. Cheaper corrosive for whole fleet is awesomeeee. Repair drone card is also very good. I'm not sure how widow with biohazard would work.
  20. Does that mean that some players can block my specialized admiral because they find her too good? Nah, that's not nice at all. I'm worried that races without these additional "heroes" (minor and other faction) will use it preventively with logic: If I don't have mine, you won't use yours)
  21. Well, Relthoza ships looks pretty good for Invasion. Assault cruisers and new frigates can be used as very specific units for FA too. Cruisers for boarding (against Terrans), frigates as accompaniment for BB (upgrade to 3PD!, why not). I dont think that assault carrier have place in FA for us. Our basic carrier seems to be better for me Our Admiral perks are awesome. Cheaper corrosive and card for repairing wing? Hell yes!
  22. HT26

    Kurgan's Fleets

    I can confirm that those Aquans looks much more awesome and detailed in real life. I'll take a picture of them with my camera if I get a chance to play against them.
  23. Players: Pepsssin / Firstflash (not on the forum) Points: 1000 Scenario: Border Clash Factions: Relthoza / Terrans Battle Log Scores: 15 / 3 My mate is winning but not sharing, So I thought I should fix it. Go Hives!
  24. Any suggestion for mirror match?
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