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  1. This year, I will not be running the DW Tournament at UK Games Expo. Sorry, I've personally had to curtail quite a lot of my hobby related activities, going to UKGE2017 would not be appropriate. If some one else wants to take my place feel free.
  2. Its well worth doing as there a so few way Wargamers can justify being sponsored for a charity. Choose some thing you believe in supporting, like a veterans charity and go for it.
  3. Desside is near Chester. Deeside Defender Wargames club meets at the Broughton Wings Sports and social club. At the Airbus factory.http://www.deesidedefenders.co.uk/index.html
  4. A Wargames Challenge About 2 years ago to raise funds for the Army Benevolent Fund we held a 24 hour gaming session. See the linked video. I once again feel the itch for similar event, but would like to throw down an open challenge to other gamers especially in the DW community. The Goal To raise funds for a charity of your choice by playing Dystopian Wars (or any other game) for 24 hours non stop. I think an event like this should not only be tactically challenging but mentally and physically as well. That way its adds value and worth to the sponsorship. The Organisation Deeside Defenders can provide a venue for the games should that be desired. Or there could be, at least, a coordinated effort to play the games accross the UK during a specific month. As my previous opponent is less keen on doing this again. I am looking for some one a bit mental or (a team of guys) to face across an at least 6" x 24" table in a fully combined arms 24 hour battle. If any one else would like to host that would be great as well At this stage I'm just putting out feelers. Your thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated. But if its for a good cause, why not lets see how hard we can push our selves as wargamers? My previous 24 hour game
  5. I'll put up the UKGE results this weekend. My possible thoughts on carrier/activation Spam would be to limit it to 1 carrier per large capital model of another type.In order to have a carrier you must have a battle battle ship, 2 battle ships 2 carriers.
  6. To all the guys at the tournament. A big thank you. It was great event with many memorable games and excellent sportsmanship. See you guys Next Year. A big thank you to Beth from Spartan games for her support and helping with the judging the painting.
  7. Guys Two weeks to go, please could you send me more of your fleet lists. For any one struggling to get a fleet painted I can lend out any one of my 11 painted fleets. Please ask if you need help. (Though personally I recommend my Italians or Ottomans on looks alone)
  8. Tournament Questions TAC cards won't be used. Points scoring will be as per last year Game scoring is done by means of Crushing Victory, Marginal Victory and Draw, as already stated. Crushing Victory – Winner gets 4 Tournament Points (TP) Loser gets 0 TP Marginal Victory - Winner gets 3 TP Loser gets 1 TP Draw – Both players get 2TP Tie Breaking Tie breaking as per last year will be based on a track of the number of ships captured.
  9. Event news and Fleet Lists Gift packs - to eligible for the Gift Packs players will have to play a minimum of 2 games. Please remember only people who have play the full 4 games will be in the competition running for a tournament prize I can confirm the following contents for the gift packs: DW Fleet Action Rulebook (the new quickplay rulebook that launches this month) Acrylic turning template set DW Poster Dice and dice bag Fleet Lists It would be of great help if you could send me your fleet lists preferably as PDFs (but I'll work with other formats) by Saturday 28th May to Chancer.a400m@gmail.com Thank you.
  10. Thank you. That would be useful I was gong to make a request on Monday. Can people email lists to Chancer.a400m@gmail.com
  11. That's a fair point. As operational assets are generic and could be from any nation. I'm OK with that. I'll update the details accordingly.
  12. 2 Games on the Saturday 2 Games on the Sunday 1000points Naval or Air Core 60% Large 60% Medium 40% Small No Dreadnoughts of any sort. No Allies. Fleets must be of a single faction/nation. Operational assets are permitted. All fleets must be fully painted (If you don't have a full fleet I can provide fully painted loan fleets choosing from: RoF. LoIS, OE, FSA, RC, Australian, PE, Danish, KoB ) Let me know in advance. Time Table Saturday 10am Registration and introductions Game 1 10.30 to 1.00pm Game 2 3.00pm to 5.30pm There will be opportunities for open gaming on Saturday evening so feel free to bring more than just your tournament fleet. Sunday Game 3 10.00am to 12.30pm Game 4 12.45pm to 3.15pm Prize giving 3.45pm Please could you let me know on here as well if you are interested in attending?. Additional Info Use of TAC cards to be confirmed Scoring Victory points as per Section 5 page 139 of the Rules There will be separate judging for best painted fleet. If You Can Make Only One Day You Can Still Play To qualify for prizes players must play on both days. But if you can only make one day and your opponent is playing on both, his points will contribute to his overall score. All players even those playing for one day will receive a gift box from Spartan Games. Trophies for First, Second, Third and Best Painted Additional prizes to be confirmed. Tables 6'x4' Tables with 8" Deployment zone plus advance and flanking zones. Scenery will be set up in advance for the event by the umpires.
  13. Sorry no allies just pure breed forces.
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