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  1. Caine-HoA.

    I have deleted your thread regarding the referendum on EU membership as it does not correspond with the rules of this forum.


    Thank you

    Spartan Derek

    1. Caine-HoA


      Ok i wasnt sure, as i wrote in the topic.



  2. @Ryiak I've always felt Firestorm was already on the edge of beeing too big to play (especially on the dreadnought and battleship side of things). If it would be true (dont ahve any data) that average size of models went up i wonder why. I don't see any benefit in having on average bigger cruisers. If it is the case i think its more because of the production processes. SG models always have been more of the "blocky" type if you know what i mean. It seems streamlining those processes and having more add on pieces to the resis hulls as well as going away from metal has embraced that even more.
  3. Actually i thought SG went resin because it was cheaper. Look at the old (wonderful!) Ba'Kash. They had metal arms and were pretty pricey, yet great models. After them came resin only models where you glued half the arms to thier hulls. Some of them still look good but i dont like the edges on the arms creates by that method. I then thought "well they had to do it because probably too few ppl bought the old expensive Ba'Kash cruisers. The same goes for Xelocians. The were great looking unique models, but quite expensive and not very easy to assemble. If i now hear the prices go up because the use resin instead of metal i have to wonder... @drop on pieces If i compare new and old lines of cruisers <=> heavy cruisers i have to say i loved that they were different models for the old lines. Yes some drop on pieces work well enough to make the models look different. But as a rule it seems to force too similar designs and hull sizes. Again i thought "ok, SG is trying to streamline their production processes" and this makes things cheaper. Yet most products got more expensive. Sorry but ive always loved SG for their great minitures in combination to good prices. If both miniture design quality (IN MY EYES!) go down and prices up i get less and less interested. I know its just my story but thats one of the reasons im not as here as often as i used to be. I was looking forward to Planetfall for years, now i have a box and didnt even play it yet.
  4. I know im not here as often anymore than i used to be. But at the arrival of the xelocians i had to take a look :-) (Hey SG im still waiting for Vo'nar!) To be honest the new Xelocians are a disappointment to me. Wasnt there a middle ground between fiddly building crazy models and brick walls? Missing some of the older lines charme on some of the newer models.
  5. The hold button is for savety reasons. The Army Painter one is good but you should be very careful with it, the laser is strong enough to damage your eyes on this one!
  6. Btw. why is the gate mentioned as part of the box but not the ship? Did i miss something?
  7. Nice new models for both factions. If i had too much money right now i would get it. However i dont have a aquan fleet yet and already have the rulebook. So too much content that i cant make use of. Although i might get some of those great new directorate ships eventually.
  8. I highly doubt they will bring back older models. They partly made new ones to reduce the amount of metal parts. I als like some of the older models better than new ones. Ba'Kash crusiers, Relthoza Heavy cruisers, Relthoza shunt cruisers are some other example with great old models that outshine the new models in my opinion. Sadly i can't help you because i wanna keep my Medusa even though i don't have a Aquan fleet.
  9. Just because i got my box yesterday and to counter some of the negativity of the latest topics im here to state that im actually hapyp with what i got. - Models are great as usual. - I like the small scale of the rulebook - The rulebooks new layout and production value is fantastic, a lot of pictures get you into the mood of playing the game (although honestly it got some spelling mistakes that even I as a non native noticed) - I love that i actually get terrain when buying PF models I've to say i waited for a long time for Planetfall to be released. Maybe thats why i wasn't so unpatient anymore when it finally hit stores. It sounds like a lot of ppl were totally hyped and then didnt get everything in the first two month that games like DW have build up for years. Remember its just the beginning, I think its to be expected that you don't have fully fledged forces available yet. I'm not happy the some decitions made by SG the last years (mainly the boxed only attitude that leaves me with massive extra cost when i have to order from their UK shop). However i still love their models and their passion for the hobby! Thanks for pushing the Firestorm universe to Sprtan Games. I love having access to space ships and scifi models. Really how many games do we have on the market with that offer?
  10. As an example FSA says 25% of your board should be covered with some kind of terrain which is quite a bit. My guess is that most players still use less than that. However FSA is a space game and the terrain works a little differently so i guess you cant really compare it.
  11. The ever recurring tabletop/wargaming question. In FSA 2.0 there was a rule for this in the book. Don't have the Planetfall book yet (still to arrive). I guess the best answer is to adjust it a little each game and look for the best amount for your local meta yourself. That might not be the easiest approach depending on the players in your group. However if the long ranged faction tends to "always" win there could be something wrong and vice versa.
  12. Planetfall release in 2012 was announced as not beeing a full release under the Studio Sparta branch. I didnt think it was a good move at that time but they never stated its going to be a fully supported game right away. they should kept working on it in the background (at least without a release).
  13. I dont see the big problem. if ppl don't want to preorder before they see ORBATs then let them do exactly this. Where is the huge difference you wont get the models before december anyway. Preordering something is crying to you to be patient.
  14. I'm sorry but i have to agree to AndyT overall. Maybe it's just because i remember cheaper times but I as a foreign buyer don't see any compulsion to by the single models with most of the prices i can see. There are multiple reason for that and maybe Spartan Games simply cannot act differently but it's still a fact for me. Mabye it's because of higher production cost, higher material costs, a growing company, growing product amounts for the games (having so many factions for a single game like DW), steamlined processes or whatever. The current option to buy models aren't an alternative for me in 99% of the cases. I did buy italian bombers when a friend of me wanted to get something from SG directly and we could get to 0 shipping costs. It still felt expensive for what i got because of currency exchange and single model prices. Out of such a case it just won't happen. I won't list all the points again because i did that in various threads before. I even can understand that they way SG is going since about a year or so is necessary. It still has an noticable effect for me as a non-UK SG fan. Often i see myself wanting one ships of a boxed set but i don't like the rest of the minis. For the boxed set price i would get it from a german shop. But buying it as a single model from SG's shop just doesn't make any sense money wise. Some time ago i could buy smaller bunches of models and thus beeing more selective of which models i add to my armies/fleets. Sometimes this lead to having one model extra above a squad maximum. This wasnt perfect but honestly for me it was better than not buying the models at all because i cant get the ones i like. Examples are the new CoA ships added in the 2.0 fleet box, the Ba'Kash battlecarrier and some other products.
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