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    Apolloxer reacted to richomack88 in Please use metric...   
    Can't we just use the old measuring method of hands or use the average length of a household cucumber?
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    Apolloxer reacted to RuleBritannia in Please use metric...   
    I thought this was why we had Brexit to stop all this 'rational measuring system based on logical 10 base' nonsense!
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    Apolloxer reacted to Grand-Stone in Please use metric...   
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    Apolloxer reacted to Veldrain in What I (we) want... (dystopian empires reply)   
    Yes, I am still here but Spartan's support for this game walked out the door along with many of their players.  The disaster of Empires proves Spartan does not really have a clue what to do here.
    I have played a total of two DW games this year.  I have given Spartan zero money for over a year.  You can't house rule interest in a game when the company leaves it to rot on the vine.  Players will, and have, gone elsewhere.  While I would really like this game to live on it needs some help.  V3.0 is not needed.  It does not need Halo mechanics ported over.  It needs a few tweaks, new releases, and some faith rebuilt in Spartan.
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    Apolloxer reacted to Sebenko in What I (we) want... (dystopian empires reply)   
    When have I ever steered you wrong, scions of Spartan?
    Behold, my decrees of improvement for DW:
    First, no additions to the main rulebook. Only streamlining and rewrites for clarity. None of this "more SAS types!" tomfoolery Add the things that are said to exist, but don't: Factional, National and Heroic Commodore cards and the like. Seriously, how long has DW2.0 been out? Decree the third, tying in with Heroic Commodore cards, add some characters. The world is still rather threadbare to play in. What happened to the heroic commodores such as Piriya Kumar? Why can't I have my force led by Arturo Forza? Off the battlefield, who is even the Prime Minister?
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    Apolloxer reacted to Lord Nobody in Scope for a Dystopian Wars 3.0?   
    " Replace it with "Age of Sturgeon" perhaps?  
    Ok lets not go there, SG's does not deserve that.
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    Apolloxer reacted to Nazduruk_Bugzappa in Scope for a Dystopian Wars 3.0?   
    We just have to be careful that the changes do not swing too far the other way. For example, when the CoA drones were first considered too powerful, the playtesters made some suggestions for reining them in a bit. Unfortunately, all of the ideas were combined together instead of just using one or two of them.
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    Apolloxer reacted to draco84oz in Comments on the Kickstarter   
    You may be aware of the recent backlash to your proposed Dystopian Empires Kickstarter recently. And it isn't that the community wasn't open to the idea of a 15mm Dystopian game, its just that the announcement exemplified a trend that has become a little too common and obvious to us.
    The fact is that Spartan very much has a reputation of being like a Magpie - jumping from project to project without finishing anything, always looking out for the next shiny thing. It is a reputation that is driving some potential new players away. And it is somewhat well deserved - during the leadup to the release of Halo Ground Command, Spartan was totally devoted to that one game, and promised releases and updates for other games seemed to fall by the wayside.
    And that's not good - it makes the community feel that they've been forgotten, or, worse, decieved (I'm still waiting for my Dystopian Legions Russians...due Q1 2014). Remember the big hype when you posted all those blogs for new releases to existing games in the last couple of weeks? That was the community coming back and getting excited again, thinking that you'd remembered them...and then you said your next release was another new game. Which would take massive effort and massive amount of resources away from other projects. Plus, Kickstarter being used by an established company...eh, no - Kickstarter already had a bad enough reputation there, thanks.
    The other issue was that Dystopian Empires would have been released to a market that already had plenty of other well-established Company-level team-element games, such as Dropzone Commander, Flames of War, Epic 40k (Net and the upcoming GW version), and even your own Halo Ground Command. For a new game to try to break into that?
    And on top of that, there's your statement that you're a small company. If anything, this a more of an indictment rather than a mea culpa now - other companies, larger companies even (Corvus Beli, Privateer Press, Hawk Wargames, Battlefront) have one, maybe two miniature lines to maintain for their games. You've maintaining five (six, if you include Dystopian Legions), with most likely several thousand various model types. If you're a small company, you have to focus on what you've got and make it better, instead of constant expansion - expansion comes when you're doing well and have a large enough team (a la Games Workshop). Quality over Quantity will work here (and because this isn't Soviet Russia!).
    Let me give you some examples of things that your energies could be devoted towards, instead of another new game:
    Dystopian Wars
    For one, get the Fleet Action rules available for download. Its supposed to be an introductory/more accessible game, so make it more accessible.
    These factions have been mentioned in the rulebook in the Allies table, but have yet to be released or even detailed:
        - Free Chilean Republic
        - The Wani (More Phase Generators!)
        - Socialist Union of South America
        - Republic of Egypt (burrowing APCs?)
        - Portugese Empire
        - Spanish Republican Confederacy
        - Garibaldi's Legion
        - The Order of Honorable Gentlemen
        - League of Crimson
    Talk and rumours from the Spartans and the Vanguards have put forward the idea of improvements, revamps, and new models for the following factions:    - Dominion of Canada (what ever happened to that see-saw top Mobile Airfield?)
        - Ottoman Empire
        - Teutonic Order
        - Honorable Eclipce Company (Heavy Interceptor?)
        - New models for existing factions (the Brit artillery battlecruiser...)
    Additionally, some of the older models in the range are starting to look their age compared to their contemparies. The following models could probably do with a resculpt, especially in the light of some of the more recent, more detailed releases:
    (Please note that this is my personal list - others may have other opinions)
        - Enterprise
        - Washington
        - Princeton
        - Saratoga
        - Lexington
        - Sokotsu
        - Nakatsu
        - A-17
    You don't need to call them the same thing, either - you have precedent for using different names/models for the same stat line in Firestorm Armada.
    And whilst the Dreadnought Robots may not have sold well, they were well-designed miniatures, capturing all that weirdness that is steampunk. Why not do a few more? A British submersible aircraft carrier. An Antarctican Bipedal Titan Robot with Particle Accelerator eye. An EotBS Super-Dreadnought, the Yamato!
    Firestorm Armada
    Firstly - Taskforce rules - downloadable.
    Apart from the obvious release of the full stat documents for Firestorm Taskforce, there are still a few factions in the background that still don't have models:
        - Illosians
        - STL Traders
        - OSO Marauders
        - Pathogen (I think their rules also need a rework)
    Also, a third Sorylian vs Relthoza Starter box would probably not go astray, as well as the re-release of the Battle of Valhalla, so that all six main factions have a starter box.
    And if that isn't enough, your proposed expansions, resculpts, revamps...any sort of new release (even if its just a re-boxing of an existing line) can be a news item. Why not Reinforcement boxes for the allied races? (Ryushi escort carriers?)
    Dystopian Legions
    It was mentioned some time ago that a revamp of the Legions game engine in progress, but the line was effectively dropped before anything could come out of that. Its not that the game was unpopular, it just that it was competing against established games of a similar scale like 40k and Warhammer, or against good dedicated communities like that from Bolt Action. It needs something to stand out, and some of the weirdness of steampunk could certainly make the game stand out.
    Additionally, the range needs to be completed - even if it is just completing the range for the Antarcticans and French, but you already have test models for the Russians, so why not go all out with them as well? And after that - more mercenaries? Italian Condottieri?
    I would not be surprised if you had a bunch of ideas ready for Dystopian Empires, but, there's nothing saying that you couldn't include those in the Legions range. That "Medium" Ironclad on the DE banner would certainly look interesting in 28mm.
    Firestorm Planetfall
    Whilst I can agree that the game is playable in its current form, and its basically complete, additional variety certainly wouldn't go astray in this game - you've teased CQC Leviathans, alternate helices such as Artillery, as well as your more recent announcement of core helices for the allied races. Different model options for each of the helix types, such as different tanks, infantry types, a proper Dindrenzi Recon helix (as an alternative to the current "Beachead" Helix).
    But on top of that, helices for the Illosians, Kedorians, Ryushi, Xelocians and Takarians are missing - I would love to see a Ryushi Drone flyer helix, or see the kind of twisted biomorphs the Illosians field as shock troops.
    Halo Fleet Battles
    Fleet Battles needs to be supported and expanded as well - people are still waiting for more commanders and heroes (who doesn't want to field John-117 as a Hero!?), as well as the already-prototyped Halcyon/Autumn-Class Cruiser. Plus, what happened to the promised Sangheli ships?
    Also, there is the option there for a third faction - the Forerunners/Prometheans. Their ships would look very different to the current horizontal vessels (they're vertical!...its an Eve Online joke), and it would add much needed variety to a pretty solid game.
    And finally, the campaign rules in the Fall of Reach book certainly deserve another look - I mean, there are plenty of battles and the campaigns in the Halo universe. Why not release more campaign supplements for them? They don't have to be for sale in the store - its one of the great things about Spartan Games that the rules (generally) are available free for download.
    Uncharted Seas
    Why not bring it back, even if it is Mail-order only? You even listed a few new models a few years back (I remember something about an Imperial Human Dragon?), but its a decent game, and it could do well because the last well-known high fantasy high seas/tall ships game was...Man-O-War. That factor is a potential selling point.

    That all said, though, I think one thing that needs to be also done is that you need to have a good plan worked out - and I'm not talking just six months, I'm talking two-three year plans. Find out how long it takes a team to do something, plan their time on certain project, work out how that fits into the cycle of getting a product ready for release - Project Management 101.
    Face it, Spartan, you've got a loyal, dedicated community, a bunch of great people working for you, and good group of rule sets. The DE smack-down may hurt, but its better to get hit now rather than at a time when the company may be going belly up - because at least now you can fix the problem.
    We of the community fell in love with your games and still play them for a reason. You keep that going for us, and we'll keep buying your resin. Your lovingly crafted, solid, weird-shaped resin.
    Draco (Greg H) - Spartan Nut since 2010, and proud of it.
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    Apolloxer reacted to Tesla Knight in Comments on the Kickstarter   
    Bravo Spartan.
    I am acutely aware of the immense disappointment that the negative responses must have caused after what I suspect has been a large amount of time and effort pouring creative juices, energy and hope into a grand project.
    Asking for feedback rather than pressing on shows courage. Bravo.
    Personally, I will look forward to offering my thoughts as a fan of your work and whilst you marshal yourselves for the task of navigating forward from this point I would ask that you keep in mind one point:
    People wouldn't be this passionate about something that they didn't care about. 
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    Apolloxer reacted to Lord Nobody in Dystopian Empires Kickstarter!   
    To be fair SG's was listening. This is a Kickstarter so SG's will find out ahead of time if this is going to fly.
    Yes people had to spend the time setting it up, writing rules, producing sample models, but they are not commended to this yet.
    The 15mm market is huge and I could see them wanting a piece of that pie.
    If not for DL I think I would go for it. Time will tell.
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    Apolloxer reacted to Zond in Dystopian Empires Kickstarter!   
    I'm just baffled. Support for all of Spartan Games rulesets has been spotty at best, going through periods of a deluge of releases then a drought of non communication. The Dystopian range has been feeling the bitter drought recently. We've had the abortive launch of quick play rules and the complete lack of support for Legions. The game struggles to gain support in 3mm or 35mm, why should 15mm change anything?
    I'm also confused as to who this is aimed at. Existing Dystopian Wars players who want to recollect the range in a different scale? Legions players who want half sized versions of units that never materialised? Or the average wargamer who is put off by unsupported tiny and standard scales and thinks if only 15mm was available?
    Honestly all power to Spartan and I hope they succeed, however like their last Kickstarter for modular terrain I don't have a clue who this is aimed at. Coupled with the reputation that Spartans 1.0 rules are generally to be avoided and the inability of the company to stay focused on what will now be 9 separate lines (10 if you really want to count Armored Clash), I just see this creating further problems.
    I do however hope to be pleasantly surprised and proven wrong.
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    Apolloxer reacted to RichJones in Dystopian Empires Kickstarter!   
    1/100 (15mm approx)  action on the tabletop - as far as I understand it will be give mass battle feeling, but at a more personal feeling than DW and have a shed more stuff on the table than DL.
    The new Halo game is probably the best 15mm 'company' level game I have played (and I have played A LOT) for a fast paced game... If the mechanics are used in any part for this game we are in for a BIG treat. 
    There will be a lot more info coming soon I am sure. 
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    Apolloxer reacted to BuckDharma in Dystopian Empires Kickstarter!   
    I would be so happy to jump on this Spartan!
    If only I felt confident due to the great support you were giving me in DW. (Or Planetfall.)
    Alas that support has not yet come up to scratch, and so I cannot join this Kickstarter. if you had invested in proper internal manpower to support my investment whilst also putting out new games, things would be different. If you have done so and I missed it, please educate me....and show me the support I need....so that I feel confident this is not yet another short term thing you are hoping will be "the big hit".
    I want to give you my money Spartan. But I need you to make me happy in order to hand over my cash.
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    Apolloxer got a reaction from halosss in 800 point. new player   
    If you may get the models, I made a quick list for you to start:
    E-Turret-Aristotele seems like a good start. If you have it, add a Kepler as an attachment. This combination is our go-to carrier//long-range fighter.
    As you liked them, there is not much wrong with taking two Fresnel. Either link all systems on them to target a large, or link the weapons on one of them to target a medium. They do fall apart quite easy, though, and are (as all of the CoA) susceptible to boarding.
    Thus, take a Zeno. At 800p, more than one Corvette rush seems improbable. The particle accelerator of a Zeno (and maybe its mines) might take the sting out of it, and it has such beautiful broadsides for some added fun. 5 elite AP are nothing to sneeze at, too.
    I also like the Diogenes, full squad. They reliably remove one enemy small each turn with torps, and if the enemy smalls come to close, their speed and broadsides are helpful.
    And in order to have some boarding capacity beside the Zeno, 5 Thales.
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    Apolloxer got a reaction from Wolfchild in Drinking game   
    I guess just the rocks, nothing on them. Just to keep it local.
    The rocks could be highly purified scientific alcohol, though.
    But, as the covenantians come from all over the world, they should have the best-sorted bars in this age of strife, so I guess you need a lot of different shots/drinks.
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    Apolloxer got a reaction from rufus in Rufus' random reports   
    Ah yes, nice to see my crushing defeat in such excrutiating detail.
    I had some bad rolls on the Vengance and struggled with the corvettes. Still, I can't blame the dice, I made mistakes starting with the fleet composition.
    I'm still amazed by the amount of awe (and corresponding fire) the Chimeras evoke. And yes, I capitalised on that, as Rufus noted. Still, as they died very fast to massive gunnery in every game I played them, I guess they are really dangerous?
    The corvettes were my doom. As I was very light on smalls myself, I had no weapon systems to counter them. I tried to plug this gap with the Reapers, with the aforemented results.
    Lesson 1: More smalls. Maybe the flying ones, they have turrets.
    Lesson 2: more CAPs, more Furies in Escort. Might save a ship or two.
    Lesson 3: no more being greedy with Mister Deathbringer while nasty corvettses are nearby.
    edit: a word
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    Apolloxer got a reaction from Naptain Cemo in Arronax: Not Diving?   
    Great. Now my Dystopian Legion-CoAs will get very blue eyes.
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    Apolloxer got a reaction from Lugosi in Arronax: Not Diving?   
    Great. Now my Dystopian Legion-CoAs will get very blue eyes.
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    Apolloxer got a reaction from Naptain Cemo in Tactics vs X   
    I think the best solution are more drones. But I'd offer this solution most of the time.
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    Apolloxer got a reaction from Pious Van Dorn in Black Wolf drop in's   
    Forbes. Some Fighter-SAS, which get Acrobatic Pilots, flying, in order to stay close to the fleet without hindering them, and sustained fire mitigates the DF-effects. And of course, the Guardian.
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    Apolloxer got a reaction from projectmanhatten5 in Black Wolf drop in's   
    I'm quite happy to run Main Turret/Dilation Field on my Manticores, and DF/Guardian on my Nemesises. A second guardian usually finds its way into my fleet by the OCO-rule. DF allows my fleet to still exist in turn three, and it allows some tricks with boarding. In later turns, it allows you to divide the opponents fleet a bit, if he wants the fleet to have an effect. I've yet to regret this setup.
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    Apolloxer reacted to draco84oz in Black Wolf "One careful owner" - what to take in 2.0?   
    Can you explain this, as I'm not quite getting what you're saying? Why would a 1000 pt force be an issue? The Forbes itself would come out of the 40% non core allowance (~150/400 pts), and the small squadron (frigates/corvettes) would come out of the core allowance, as per the mercenary combined forces rulesLarge allowance shouldn't be an issue, since the Forbes is only ~150pts out of a 600pt allowance. Same with smalls, as the drakes are only 100/400pts...
    so, points allowances isn't an issue
    Faction isn't an issue, since the EIMC is free nations/coalition aligned, and the black wolf is any (well, almost any)...
    Is there somthing else?
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    Apolloxer reacted to Apolloxer in Official Thread: Invaders   
    Edit, due to a terrible delayed connection.
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