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  1. If you may get the models, I made a quick list for you to start: E-Turret-Aristotele seems like a good start. If you have it, add a Kepler as an attachment. This combination is our go-to carrier//long-range fighter. As you liked them, there is not much wrong with taking two Fresnel. Either link all systems on them to target a large, or link the weapons on one of them to target a medium. They do fall apart quite easy, though, and are (as all of the CoA) susceptible to boarding. Thus, take a Zeno. At 800p, more than one Corvette rush seems improbable. The particle accelerator of a Zeno (and maybe its mines) might take the sting out of it, and it has such beautiful broadsides for some added fun. 5 elite AP are nothing to sneeze at, too. I also like the Diogenes, full squad. They reliably remove one enemy small each turn with torps, and if the enemy smalls come to close, their speed and broadsides are helpful. And in order to have some boarding capacity beside the Zeno, 5 Thales.
  2. I guess just the rocks, nothing on them. Just to keep it local. The rocks could be highly purified scientific alcohol, though. But, as the covenantians come from all over the world, they should have the best-sorted bars in this age of strife, so I guess you need a lot of different shots/drinks.
  3. Ah yes, nice to see my crushing defeat in such excrutiating detail. I had some bad rolls on the Vengance and struggled with the corvettes. Still, I can't blame the dice, I made mistakes starting with the fleet composition. I'm still amazed by the amount of awe (and corresponding fire) the Chimeras evoke. And yes, I capitalised on that, as Rufus noted. Still, as they died very fast to massive gunnery in every game I played them, I guess they are really dangerous? The corvettes were my doom. As I was very light on smalls myself, I had no weapon systems to counter them. I tried to plug this gap with the Reapers, with the aforemented results. Lesson 1: More smalls. Maybe the flying ones, they have turrets. Lesson 2: more CAPs, more Furies in Escort. Might save a ship or two. Lesson 3: no more being greedy with Mister Deathbringer while nasty corvettses are nearby. edit: a word
  4. About the drones: I think Presidentes idea (DR 1) has merit, if (and only if) it is combined with Combat Coordinator (Big Fuel Tanks, Acrobatic Pilots, Vertical Dive) on all carriers and some other vessels with a variable range (a Pericles ges 24", a Epicurius 16", a Kepler 8" or something like that). If someone wants to do a Game of Drones, they will have to put something in the line of fire. And if the opponent wants to stop the relentless waves of autonomous doom, they may do so by sinking the coordinator. Sure, it wont help the non-carrier models. But it encourages CoA-carriers in the thick of battle and might make their non-carrier-options more interesting.
  5. only if it grants no elevation bonus.
  6. Great. Now my Dystopian Legion-CoAs will get very blue eyes.
  7. I think the best solution are more drones. But I'd offer this solution most of the time.
  8. Well, it worked for me. My very first attack in a DW-game at all caused a crit and a magazine explosion under 1.1-rules.
  9. Forbes. Some Fighter-SAS, which get Acrobatic Pilots, flying, in order to stay close to the fleet without hindering them, and sustained fire mitigates the DF-effects. And of course, the Guardian.
  10. I'm quite happy to run Main Turret/Dilation Field on my Manticores, and DF/Guardian on my Nemesises. A second guardian usually finds its way into my fleet by the OCO-rule. DF allows my fleet to still exist in turn three, and it allows some tricks with boarding. In later turns, it allows you to divide the opponents fleet a bit, if he wants the fleet to have an effect. I've yet to regret this setup.
  11. Not if you have a 1000p game. But dragon.. yeeesss.. I wants it! Preciousss..
  12. I've had good games with a EIMC Forbes with Guardian generator and additional SAS. Not quite a carrier, but you get some wings, and with sustained fire, half AD due to the dilation fields can be mitigated somewhat.
  13. Could you give a ballpark figure for a "fair" figure? E.g. 1250p Invaders against 2000p human?
  14. Edit, due to a terrible delayed connection.
  15. Well, yes. The west indies would be the caribbean.
  16. According to another thread in the forum, they do get elite crew.. http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/7927-strange-that-there-is-no-thread-about-nikonovs-fleet-here/page-2#entry163358 I don't like it, and you'd have a fair chance to get a referee to agree on conscript crew, but it is debateable.
  17. You are missing a small core. Aleas are escorts and don't count towards the minimum squad requirements.
  18. It would be weird if a mercenary in a CoA-fleet had Sturginium rounds. They are, after all, part of the fleet themselves, and not an ally. However, a Deathbringer in a CoA-fleet retains its Elite crew, and as Thamoz said, its merc. Also, the carefully owned model isn't included in the fleet. Only in the fleet list. (Yes, I'm lawyering. Elite crew'd chinese battleships are against the spirit of the rules for sure!)
  19. Page 3 in the Update Guide, at least in the case of the CoA. "All" models in the fleet, "all" energy turrets, and several other ships do get specific upgrades. It would be inconsistent to assume that the other updates are more selective.
  20. Hi Hephesteuse, From what I've heard, DW places more emphasis on careful maneuvering. Though I've only seen FA, I haven't played it (yet). Which fleet do you have/prefer in FA? DW has fleets that might play similar.
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