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  1. I will be playing Friday and will try to post some pics, I can never get them the right size to upload though but will surely try for you
  2. Sorry if this has been covered, and I think I have been doing it right but just checking If you decide to fire a vehicle with multiple weapons but do not want to combine the weapons do you just treat each as a separate ordnance attack for modifiers, disorder, etc.? Thanks
  3. This is the same question I am struggling with. I have Directorate and both Terrans and Relthoza, trying to decide between them. I love Terrans fluff but to be honest have tried 6 paint schemes and cant find one I like and its frustrated me to the point of wanting to stop messing with them. How do people think everything plays? Is this the line up of similar play styles Terrans = Directorate Sorys = Relthoza Aquans = Din ????
  4. We have been doing it hits the infantry mainly from a logical standpoint and it works so far. To me they fall in the target change directly after the transport... Basically they take its space in the chain for that ordnance attack.
  5. Gotcha. Haven't looked at them, thanks so much
  6. Thanks. What do you mean about repairing the Mediums? I thought the repair MAR bonus was just on when rolling for things like Corrosion Healing.
  7. Well I have been looking at Relthoza stuff for a long time, I play directorate and terran... Which are very similar and I wanted something that plays differently. My group has all the factions but spiders covered a couple times over. So basically looking for tips??? What do we know about future releases??? Thanks
  8. We do everything in the book as it says except terrain. Have been using the tier levels as well for LOS Tier 1- lights and infantry Tier 2- armored and 1 story buildings Tier 3- elevated and 2+ story buildings Tier 4- flying Works pretty good so far.
  9. gr1mdan I think you are exactly right. I feel that Spartan has got the right idea trying to make all the Helixes work with each other and have Allies and such fulfill specific roles and make us, the players, make the tough decisions on what to bring for the right situations. There is a greater plan involved in all this and I feel we cant quite see it right now with the limited number of options the factions currently have.
  10. I would say that the other variants will have other units in them like the current ones having recons and such in them. I think the goal is for each variant Helix to be a completely different type of tactics
  11. 4500 has been our average, goes pretty quick and allows for some decision making on units to bring in.
  12. Today we played a big game. It was fun but still trying to figure out the 2+ player game. Time issues and such. Forces: Max Directorate Core Works Raptor Recon Helix Half Rethoza Core Ba'Kash Air Helix Vs. Max Aquan Core Terquai Recon Helix Half Terran Core Hawker Air Helix Only played 2 turns, was taking a while but a lot of it was due to 3 new players. Zero Tracker started at 55 each side. End of turn 2 Zenian League was winning 19 to 36. It was tough for Kurak, great roles and scatters. Rethoza spires landed perfect and the drones 1 shotted Aquan Heavies... All down hill from there. Was still fun though... I was on Kurak side Dang pic was 2 big to show full table
  13. I don't see how people are so upset with Arty... I would say it comes down to mostly people who are reading the rules and playing out scenarios in their heads or on paper... its never the same as actually playing. I am an Artilleryman in real life and I like how it works and it has been effective in my games so far. Artillery is used for mainly 3 purposes in real war: Protect Your Elements as they move/reposition, Destroy Enemy Elements Reducing their Combat Effectiveness, or Deny the Enemy Avenues of Approach/Advantageous Positions. The Planetfall Arty allows you to do all of these in some form or fashion and is really effective for the third purpose, and considering this game is about objectives it makes sense. Also about the Hawker cost... use them like they should and your opponent will say they should cost more
  14. Can't believe I sold off my DZC commander including buildings well might have to pick them back up
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