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  1. So if the cap functions as a normal attachment, does that mean it works against rockets like it did in 1.0?
  2. They were also some of the less well written rules in 2.0 Here, if I understand it correctly, you first roll damage, if you manage to deal enough for a crit you then roll for a normal crit and then you roll to see if you get a focused crit from having suffered any damage in the collision, and if you do you roll the focused crit (this happens as long as you receive a single damage point). Its cleaner than the old rules, but I'd still prefer if you could cut down on the amount of times you need to roll to resolve a single action.
  3. Collisions use the focused crit table so no explosions there
  4. In the new rules can a ship with 0 so participate in a squadrons boarding? What liaising here is not RaI but RaW, because if it just says that the squadron boards, then technically you can have ships with 0 ap supplying terror tactics.
  5. I'm still curious how terror tactics works now, do you just add all the TT dice since its no longer specific which ship the assault dice I'd coming from? Or do you remove one every time aa shoots down enough ap to empty a ship? Or only if the amount of ap shot down means a least one ship has to be empty?
  6. I think I might hold them back and use them to counter bombers or boarding threats. 3+ for no boarding or tertiary could stop a lot of units dead in their tracks. Either that or hit opponents carriers in the turn they would relaunch wings.
  7. Agreed, but they were quite good at that before and they've just received to boosts, so I wouldn't be surprised if their cost got bumped back to 25 pts. As it stands they could easily replace my corvettes completely.
  8. True. I just think it might be closer to 150 pts in potential
  9. And ignores shields, plus zarigani can now board from 2" away increasing their threat range.
  10. I agree that shield is no longer an auto take. I'm also wondering if I'll field the kaiju as often now disruption can be used after moving and nodes are before moving. It probably won't make much difference as the kaiju is still an awesome ship, but it might.
  11. Thanks for the comprehensive list. Nice work.
  12. I honestly cannot see an issue in raising small cap to 60% like the two other caps. I doubt there would be a great shift in most metas due to 300 pts extra small in a 1500 pts game. Sure some might start bringing an extra squadron or two, but I can't see that throw balance out the window.
  13. I think sustained is gonna be a stable for us if the new battleship is an indicator.
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