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  1. See, I don't think it is such an auto-include as I think it is balanced against the Sorylian and Terran escorts given their relative profiles and costs. Guardians are cheap and good at anti-torp/SRS work, Sorylians are even better at anti-torp/SRS work and have other little advantages, and the Aquan escorts drop mines, for happy shenanigans every turn. It's just the Hawker Stalwart which is increasingly irrelevant which to me suggests the need for a buff, not a nerfing.
  2. For the same price as a Stalwart the Nadir has the same profile plus one shield, one point of AP, and minus several inches of movement. For five points more, it has two shields. Unless you just really have a problem with SRS and torpedoes or the escorts are your only source of point defense, there's no reason to favor the Stalwart.
  3. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the carrier also but the escorts (don't lie to me, there's no way those are frigates) and assault cruisers seem like auto-includes. The Nadirs look like they'll do just fine as an escort for a Tyrant carrying Fighters because the PD of that group is very happy anyway and the escorts should stay in town and do their jobs for a good long while.
  4. Hmm. Quick and dirty read-through is... interesting. I'm not using admirals and probably won't play against them. I think it's a layer of complexity the game really did not need and an additional barrier to entry/steepening of the learning curve for new players. I don't know enough about the ships to give a complete opinion but off the bat I'm not really pleased by what I see from the Solar and the Nadir. The carrier with heavy cruiser escorts is a cute idea but I'm not sure if it's going to do enough work for the points. I'll have to play it out and see what the result is. The Nadir being an escort for anyone not playing games of Planetfall is a problem. It's an escort option for the Terrans with better than Hawker levels of durability and speed for the same price and a reduction in point defense. That Horizon, however, is a rather different kettle of fish. Tougher and faster and cheaper than the Hermes, a very large reduction in firepower, but did someone say 5 AP and 5 PD? And more shields? And a shield cruiser escort? If only the Solar and Nadir had been that compelling.
  5. Yes please! I'd definitely like to know how you did this with the airbrush in particular, since I'm trying to accumulate tips before I make that jump myself.
  6. Sorry, I think of "offense" as "affecting the other side" - I did understand the Tractor Beam MAR. However, it's quite offensive to have your models dragged (2)d3" either out of formation (No extra Point Defense for you against my Torpedo volley!) or into a position where maneuvering for the next turn is going to be difficult. That you can also use Tractor Beam gravity weapons to drag friendly models is just gravy.
  7. Hang on, since when is the Stalwart 15 points? Or do you mean they made the Guardian 15 points at the same time as they stripped off the shield from the Stalwart? Scout seems fairly powerful even though it is on the Endeavour - I probably wouldn't add that for no additional points without a fair bit of playtesting. RF(Front) or Bigger Batteries are changes that I feel need next to no testing for the same points, but I'm not in charge of balance so it isn't really up to me. And while 5 points is not a lot, on one hand, look at what five points gets you on the other Escorts? For five more points over the Guardian you can get -1 Shield, +1 CR, +1 MV, +1 AP, +1 PD or -1 Shield, +1 DR, +1 CR, +2 MV, +2 MN. Then you could get -1 Shield, +1 DR, +1 CR, and... the Terran TAC, if you want it and have a TAC choice free to take it, otherwise it's going to cost you -1BL also. You know what the real killer for me about the Stalwart is? The STL Trader escort, the Penitentiary, is 20 points. Compared to the Stalwart it has -1 PD, +1 AD, a Gravity Weapon turret which reaches to RB4 and the Tractor Beam MAR. And for a Terran player the STL are Natural Allies. The Penitentiary is no less durable than the Stalwart, is a bit worse at defending, and has improved offensive capabilities in several ways. It just doesn't quite add up. I'll probably proxy my Stalwarts as Penitentiary escorts instead, to be honest, because I really do love the models but I think that if I'm going to pay the increased cost over the Guardian then I need to get more than just an escort which may survive a little bit longer, particularly when all other similarly-priced options do more _including_ allow racial TACs.
  8. I think perhaps my perspective on the balance question is something like this: The Sorylian and Aquan players would never (I don't believe) give up their racial TACs purely to gain access to the Hawker escort. Terran players, on the other hand, have some very compelling reasons to give up their TACs to gain access to the Sorylian and Aquan escorts. I don't know for certain what space the Hawker escort needs to occupy but right now it looks like it's living in no-man's land. If Temporary Solutions is that important, cheap out on durability and just by the Terran escort - it's every bit as good as the Hawker at doing its job and is a bit easier to pick off. Well, every shot going at the escort is a shot less going towards the big stuff, which then means that there's even more mileage to be had out of Temporary Solutions. Plus, you're five points better off as far as upgrading other ships is concerned, or you can just buy some Interceptors and be very well covered against torpedoes and SRS. Conversely, if Temporary Solutions is not a central component of The Plan for a terran player, then drop it and the Terran and Hawker escorts like hot rocks and either buy Sorylian or Aquan. At no point is there, so far as I can tell, a real reason to buy the Hawker escort for more points, no increase in capability, and a bit of semi-meaningless durability. (an extra crew point? Really?) Looking at Escorts more broadly, not just at the escorts available to the Kurak side, the RSN Siren, for 5 points more than the Hawker Stalwart, has the exact same profile except for being a little bit faster (+1" MV) and then brings two additional MARs. Elite Crew is... essentially pointless because the wording on Elite Crew specifically excludes squadrons from checking whether their escorts have Elite Crew and you can't take Escort squadrons by themselves, but it's there if you need it, I guess. Target Resolution, though... Across the board, the Hawker Stalwart is tied for second-highest base cost, has no upgrades, has only the common MAR to all escorts, is tied for most durable, and that's pretty much it. It's not even clearly the most durable, it's just tied for most durable. Aquan, Sorylian, Directorate, Relthoza, RSN, Oroshan, and STL Trader escorts all cost the same or less than the Hawker, have additional functionality built in and/or can upgrade to that or more for the same cost as the Hawker Stalwart. Balance within the faction/league is a reason to design things a certain way, I absolutely grant you, but balance across the game is a thing too, and it's not like other factions don't get unique cards also. I have to admit, I was excited to see the Stalwarts in person because they looked so-so in the shop picture but look much, much better in person. I'm not excited to use them because it's obvious they're missing something. I would not have known it was shields without having read that on the forum here/in the errata but I feel like they need some help. Cyberwarfare is an extremely interesting suggestion but Bigger Batteries would also be an extremely interesting option given that no other Escort, to the best of my knowledge, has that and it would make the Stalwart feel like a different type of escort than some of the directly comparable competitors it's facing off against. If it has to be the "I'm-a-brick" escort, however, why not give it Re-enforced (Front)? The model itself definitely looks like it could take a hit from that direction and shrug it off.
  9. I don't suppose there's any chance/hints that the Stalwart will get the Shield it apparently used to have back or, conversely, that it will get something, anything to justify that 20-point price tag when compared against the Sorylian and Aquan escorts? Faction balance, as an excuse, does not seem to cut it, because the only real point of balance is enabling access to the Terran-only TACs and that doesn't appear to be a good enough return for the voluntary limitation.
  10. So, ignoring the TAC cards, because they're something of an intangible as far as balance is concerned anyway, there really is no reason to select the Hawker escort over the Aquan. That bothers me a bit because every other escort seems to make sense given its cost and capabilities. I think that when the shields got stripped from the Stalwart it was a mistake because +1 CP, -2" MV, -2 MN, - Minefield MAR does not seem like a reasonable balance at all for equal cost.
  11. USA - The local shops I've checked out have Paasche, Iwata, and Sparmax
  12. Thanks to the Hawker Carrier Group which just arrived yesterday, I am now the proud possessor of some Stalwart-class Escorts. That's all good as far as it goes, particularly given that I love the models. There's something almost hot-roddish about them. But in looking at the rules, I find myself confused about what the point of these vessels is. They're more expensive than the Terran escorts but measurably better in every way except for not having shields. That's not too surprising given the normal correspondence of Hawker to Terran equipment anyway. When compared to the Sorylian and Aquan escorts, however, I am left scratching my head about why I would want the Stalwarts. The Sorylian Arrow-class is faster, has the same CR, a point less DR and CP, but a point more AP and PD. For the same cost I can see arguments about why you might want one over the other but it does look a bit like the Arrows are just better at the job of being an Escort both when standing off and closing to brawl. Then I look at the Aquan Kappa-class escorts and I start to wonder why Hawker even bothered coming to the party. The Kappa is the exact same profile as the Stalwart except it's 2" faster, has 1 less CP, and can lay mines. And has the Minefield MAR. For the same cost. What am I missing about the Stalwart?
  13. If I could just jump in and ask the collected wisdom here - anyone had any experience with the Iwata Neo setup? I'm looking at it as a very affordable starting point for a beginner which still has a dual-action gravity-fed brush.
  14. That would be a huge help in making the decision about whether to get these boxes to expand my Patrol fleets up above patrol level or to go a different route.
  15. Those are really quite awesome. The heavy/assault cruisers look a bit busy but the gunships and frigates look excellent in that scheme.
  16. I try not to fuss with the pegs unless I can't change the hole and a quick scrape with my hobby knife around the inside of the hole on the base is generally enough to get the peg to slide in with no problems. I actually use plastic wrap to protect flight stems if it's important they stay unpainted but for FSA, I think starfield paintjobs on bases look amazing, so you really can go either way on that.
  17. Amazing views. I want to see more of these, for sure. Also, does that Horizon have a hangar bay door out front, or is that something else?
  18. Storm Zone: Valhalla has arrived. Fleets are being built. Can't wait to see how these things look with a bit of color on them.
  19. I have to admit, I have a personal rule of only reading the first three books of a series involving the same main cast of characters. I've been burned too many times by book series which grow convoluted and stagnant after that third book focusing on the same people and their ongoing story. YMMV but I haven't really been disappointed by not "finishing" most book series which stretch beyond three books.
  20. The Honor Harrington series, the Miles Vorkosigan Series, and the Lt. O'Leary series are all good space opera/mil-sci-fi series. The Better Part of Valor is interesting but perhaps not exactly contributing to the atmosphere of FSA. Flight of the Icarus is fascinating and might make a good seed for a campaign, actually. I have personally never been able to get into the BOLO series but Gordon Dickson's Dorsai series is good and asks a lot of interesting questions, I feel. I also think, although this would be primarily for the Planetfall side of things, that March Upcountry and its sequels are good.
  21. That's actually a very good point to make. Battle Log seems to be the aspect of strategy I'm having the hardest time adjusting to before playing a lot of games. How much of a percentage of your overall fleet value is too much to shunt in for Terrans? It looks like a lot of Terran ships do want to do that after all.
  22. Every strategy starts as a theory once. Plus, Hidden Killer and Stealth Systems are a thing.
  23. I think it probably ought to go without saying that this plan relies on you getting value out of the additional activations and on you spending those extra points on T2 or T1 ships which can be extremely menacing. In that situation, going after the low-hanging fruit of the cheap frigates will get some easy battle log points, it's true, but each frigate should soak 10-12 dice worth of attacks before dying and if you are going this route they should be, ideally, parked at RB4 or beyond if you can manage that. All of those attacks have not, at that point, gone into that battleship, battlecruiser, and carrier which form the main chunk of your patrol fleet. I'll have to see how it plays out, but at least on paper, giving up 4 "easy" points to get your heavy hitters up the table unmolested, shooting the whole time, seems like it might be worth it.
  24. Such a very striking color scheme. I definitely can't wait to see more and to see some ship-by-ship closeups.
  25. Is the Hauberk really worth the upgrade cost over the Teuton, though? I'm finding it hard to justify those points in my head, given that the Hauberk probably does need to shunt in and the Teuton can start on the map with torpedo-how-you-doin'-volleys from the word go.
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