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  1. I'd like to see an official ruling from Spartan Games, not opinions from players.
  2. This was directed to Spartan Games for an official ruling, not the peanuts gallery.
  3. Could we get this officially in the errata so the answer is clear?
  4. Spartan Alex, Spartan Neil have me a conflicting answer via email. Yes, as long as the captured ship already had an FSD that's an option as normal - nothing about Pathogen infestation capture deviates from normal capture in that regard. Cheers, Neil
  5. Spartan Games, Thanks for the response. The judges at the Adepticon "North American Championship" interpreted it as mandatory so boarding races were hindered by their interpretation and refusal to contact you for clarification.
  6. Spartan Games, There seems to be some confusion over whether an SRS can go move next to an enemy SRS to engage them in a dogfight. Could you please clarify that an SRS can attempt to engage multiple enemy SRS then complete a bombing run (given sufficient range and not getting destroyed or turned away first)? Thus if your SRS activates first, it could engage the enemy SRS, force them to return to base, and not be able to be launched by the enemy carrier later in the turn.
  7. Spartan Games, If an enemy SRS approaches my fleet and I have several point defense options, can I wait to fire my point defense until just before contact is made with my ship? For example, if I have 6 interceptors and a ship with 4 PD, could I wait to intercept until after my ship softens up the SRS instead of intercepting the enemy SRS first?
  8. Spartan Games, could you please clarify if Pathogen gain 2 Battle Log points ships they capture during a battle, and if that only would include non 2 hull point ships.
  9. spartan Games would you please clarify that Voluntary Decompression is an Optional Rule requiring both players to agree to use it. I know the answer is yes but there seems to be confusion because the wording of that Optional Rule does not specify it (even though other optional rules state that ALL optional rules are, in fact, optional rules.
  10. Ok let's coordinate the events. I want to leverage all of the hard work the Michigan crew is putting in at Adepticon. I'm in touch with Gen Con for tables and have a note off to Spartan to see if they would sponsor anything.
  11. Both events will cap at 8 players plus however many pre-register through me (and I can hold a ticket in reserve but I'm on the hook for it)
  12. It sounds like we have the interest. I am going to consider submitting for two events. One will be big pathogen vs. everyone battle where players can bring their own fleets or play one provided. I'll shoot for eight players for that and each player can bring various sized fleets and we'll run it as a beginners style of game. The other will be a 900 point pod tournament (two matches) that will follow the Adepticon standards of 900 points with objectives. I'm coordinating with the Adepticon crew to follow their standards. If someone wants to take the lead on demos, I can supply some terrain. Spartan's lack of presence at Gen Con might make demos difficult this year. Anyone else running FSA events please let me know and we will coordinate times so we don't overlap one another.
  13. I have no schedule in mind. Our thought was a large.battle such as the destruction of Dramos or a multi fleet action against the Pathogen. We might try for Sunday...
  14. A few of us are considering running an event at Gen Con. Are there any other FSA players going to Gen Con who would like to play?
  15. When will the actual missions be available to everyone to see?
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