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  1. I'd imagine movement really didn't need much changing in the first place so they've either; a. Left it the same but revised the templates to be easier to use - I don't have any problem with movement ONCE you get a small acrylic template (1" forward, 1" 45degree angle for example) that can fit in the gaps etc. I imagine this is the way forward. If Spartan redesign and give players something similar, that will go a long way in helping. b. Tweaked it slightly in such a way that it makes no effect on tactics but better game play. I can't really see it going CRAZY as it seems some are predicting. Regarding the attacks on Dereks rules and what he didn't get right (PF and TF - although I've had a lot great PF games and don't see it as this awful game some do. TF however...) lets not forget DW2.0 and the two Halo games which are all very good games (maybe not deep enough for some but for many they are great). So the guy can obviously do a good set of rules given the support. In PF and TF I know he didn't get it. It was literally "design game, you have a matter of weeks" but there are people in the beta team that I have a lot of faith and trust in, who've played A LOT of FSA/PF and will support Derek in its design process.
  2. Maybe they just didn't see them as a main product line to justify the boxes? Only thing I can think of. Not ideal for the customer but probably better for business overall. Just happy that Starter Fleets won't be going!
  3. Just had a word with the man in the ivory tower - Fleet Boxes are not going anywhere. Blisters are released alongside those fleets who get a starter/fleet box.
  4. I think, no matter Derek does, SRS will be a total Marmite-fest as clearly shown by the comments over the last few pages - everyone wants something different from them! My thoughts: 1) The current problem with SRS is that people either take Interceptors or Bombers. You RARELY see anything else as they are just pointless taking. I've played 100s of games and in a handful of big tournaments and pretty much never seen anything but those. They are literally just a big AD attack with little fear of dying on the way in due to how ships fire PD etc. 2) Taking away options is NOT a good thing in my opinion. Taking customisation away from players will go down like a lead balloon - however - it will allow the creation of new ships for new purposes maybe? I can't see why they would take away options other than that. What I would personally like to see is that Carriers can replenish/retask etc. Why does a space carrier get fixed wings but a steampunk carrier can do all sorts of crazy stuff? 3) If PD mountain goes the way of the dodo, I will be a very happy man. I think its a daft part of the game and neuters most factions who rely on early torpedo strikes. Interceptors should still interact with torpedoes but not the way they do now.
  5. A few points that we may need to consider... 1) Some concerns over "ships will die fast" - maybe that is the point and that points levels will be changing so that, 1000-1200, becomes the norm and can be played in a reasonable amount of time? I've always been an 800 or below fan but it can look and feel sparse with little options occasionally. I guess opening it up to the big numbers and increasing model count, whilst keeping play time the same, is a fair route to go down - they need to sell more models and it gives us more choice. Also - statistics could change around for ships? I can't imagine Light Cruisers sticking to 3HP!!! 2) Movement - lets keep away from Halo movement. Halo has that and that's its bag. FSA needs to stand out and away from that BUT does need speeding up. Something between Halo and FSA somehow? Maybe ships can turn 45 degrees on the spot and then have a turn limit to represent how many times they can pivot throughout their allocated inches of movement. So a Frigate could move 13" and be allowed to pivot 4 times etc. I don't know...it's not great but I believe this is the hardest AND most important area to get right. FSA is ALL about planning, movement and application of firepower in the right place at the right time to critically disable your enemy. I'd be really against more templates or curved templates - this is not X-Wing and I don't want to shell out for them.
  6. I don't have anything on the price rises to be honest. Not sure about that!
  7. I can sort of answer this. When they first went down the blister route, they did so in weird numbers, meaning people would need to buy MORE than they needed and be left over with spare ships - annoying as hell. So I believe a few retailers said a box idea would be better - but instead of doing mixed boxes/blisters, they went full box mode which is perfect for starting a new force but it's awful for expanding an army or adding little bits you need. Plus its crazily expensive and annoying to display as a retailer (ex-retailer here) in full boxes. It's also heavier and harder to ship. I don't mind a change back to blisters, as long as it is done sensibly, which from all accounts it is *fingers crossed*
  8. Did you just put something fairly positive?! IT CAN BE DONE!
  9. I agree Charbe86. Lets hope it goes through and they keep to their dates.
  10. I'd say Derek can do decent rule sets but being nailed down to make a fully functioning set within a handful of weeks (like he was made to with PF and TF, I know) is nuts and bad management from up top, but hopefully they'll realise that rushing out sets is NOT the way forward. A good rule set takes months to do and then months to test. His work with both Halo games has been decent and they both play very well though, but I wouldn't want FSA to head down that path as I find them slightly too simplistic (Although HGC is much better than HFB in my opinion, it's a cracking game now there is more units) Planetfall isn't awful either, I've played much worse, and I've had some tremendous games back in the day. The rulebook itself was utterly awful but again it was rushed out with glaring errors and some rules that didn't make much sense or wasn't worded correctly. That's Derek's biggest issue IMO, in that he assumes that gamers know what to do, when in fact gamers generally need their hand holding so it leaves little room for "interpretation".
  11. I don't think that was overly harsh Flamebeast! Pretty fair criticism and pointers I'd say, and probably what I'd suggest too. As I think I did on FB somewhere.
  12. I'd definitely get that e-mail off to them ASAP.
  13. Have you sent an email to Lizzie or Neil? Or give them a ring? I highly suggest you push this complaint through because this is of greater concern than not receiving your items at all in my opinion. I've always had good experience with their packing and missing items but this sounds a new level of bad.
  14. I'm torn on this particular subject. I believe this style of BETA group is just here to feedback on how ships perform in game (theory crafting is fine, we all do it, and some of us are fairly decent at it too but it's not regular game play where situations arise that generally don't in self-play/theory craft) and not actually anything to do with creation of ships any more (like the FFG was). So from that perspective I think it's fine to have some minimum requirements for BETA testing. Other games do it very similar, and I know Hawk beta tested DFC over one weekend with 30 people playing constantly. Obviously I don't think this will ever happen with Spartan but we can dream. On the flip side we have some good gamers who are fairly good at theory crafting and this may exclude them. However starting with a fresh group could be beneficial, especially if they are gaming often, regardless of skill level. New ideas, new personalities etc.
  15. @Paladin21 I used to manage a FLGS and we were massive stockists of Spartan at one point, and sold it too. It was one of our biggest games in the shop for a long time (mainly because I absolutely loved it and pushed it a lot). We started by going through a distributor (Trolltrader aka Kingsley Distribution) but they slowly ended up not having stock and Spartan were very slow at restocking them (got significantly worse after Halo Fleet releases) to the point where we had to go direct to Spartan. Then we struggled when customers were ordering direct from Spartan due to their epic sales, although they are not the only company to do this either, I believe Warlord and Mantic do heavy sales and deals. Since the store I worked for went bust, we have no Spartan stockists within 40 miles. My local gaming store, Sanctuary Gaming, aren't interested at all in getting it in, despite having a 4-6 man strong community who'd easily spend a few hundred quid a month if toys were on show. As it stands, we just turn up and play in a corner and folk just walk past
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