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  1. Part of my reasoning is I primarily play Dindrenzi players, I tend to forget how the other armies play. So, fair point. My other reason for doing this is my utter lack of luck. I play VERY conservatively because I tend to roll well below average. (The running joke is for my opponents to shout out the number I need -1, and they are right %85 of the time.) If I take big risks, it usually works against me. As for must take them, I was referring to taking the towers with the infantry not the infantry itself, although I hate the namiscs and would rather take Jabri every time.
  2. Yes we have to take it. That is hard to say. Our infantry is very finicky to use. It will die to a stiff breeze out in the open and away from a nexus. With the confusing drop rules, It is entirely possible to loose an entire unit on the drop. That being said, we have a lot of them and if you get them into a building they are terribly difficult to get rid of. They can also throw out a lot of dice when near a nexus and they all have line of sight. I don't think they suck, but you have to be careful with them. They should not lead the army or strike behind enemy lines, but they are great for supporting our big guns and taking objectives and holding them when properly supported.
  3. No, Leviathans are the only models that can perform a melee attack while cqb is actually small arms fire with a range of 4".
  4. They wouldn't be on mine. 1 min unit and that is only because I have to take them.
  5. CQB is not close combat, but small arms fire. I don't think it is unreasonable to have units that can attack ground troops, be vulnerable to return fire in a similar manner. The CQB on fliers that I have seen (Works Raptor and Ba'Kash) are reasonable in return. I think fliers are pretty good overall even with their deficits.
  6. Ok, if that is the case, the entire rule needs a rewrite. Otherwise you would never loose a stand of infantry unless you scattered off of the board. This is very confusing and the FAQ only muddies the water.
  7. Well the quote I wanted didn't come up, but does this mean that I keep going down the line until I can deploy all of my infantry, not just the base of the tower?
  8. I agree with you about the towers being a tv sink, except I find the lights to be the same problem. The nice thing about the towers is they are off the board until you want them to be on, which makes them untarget-able. Additionally, they can be dropped first turn, so it is not necessarily a disadvantage. I wait till most of my opponents units have activated before I bring them in. I have been most successful if I activate first then get the unit into a bunker.
  9. At 2000 points, I would rather have more core helix items than heavy items. I would want two of the heavy walkers and four of the mediums. I would probably go with one unit of 6 lights and at least two towers of infantry.
  10. I am working on it. I try to do it, then I see this crazy good opportunity that I know I can get with my infantry, so I drop a tower, only to loose it to stupid good CQB, leaving my remaining infantry hanging out in the open with no drone nexus. Bye Bye 6 TV. sigh.
  11. I bet that is just fluff and they are identical. Hopefully the leviathan has drone nexus, or those namiscs are just 10 TV.
  12. My experience is that the heavy elements in the army need to lead and the swarm elements come in to mop things up. I never played tyranids, but everything I saw was kind of drown your enemy in cheap troops and support at range with your heavies. In this game, anytime I tried to do that, my light elements and infantry were destroyed and the game was over before turn two. By leading with my armored units under the protection of cloak, I was able to punch holes in my opponents defenses then swarm in with my troops and take advantage of those weaknesses. If you don't do significant damage with your heavies, then the infantry will melt quickly. The light tanks are great anti-infantry, but without a drone nexus nearby, they can't stand up to cqb. They really need to stay near a tower or the Visith command tank. The towers have 3 cqb, so if they are attacked that way, they can do some damage, but yeah they are stuck where they drop. That being said you can drop a lot of them, so it is not as big a deal as it may seem at first. You do have to be careful where they land however since you need at least three sides to get all eight stands of infantry out of the tower. if you get boxed in on two sides or have other elements too close it is possible to loose all of your infantry before you get out of the tower!
  13. Now that I see it from the side, I actually really like that model. 6 legged Triceratops with a gun platform. Pretty damn cool in my eyes. I like the Aquan one the least. It looks like a three legged octopus. Just doesn't work for me. I love the Relthozan one, I just wish it came with something besides space crickets. I have 18 of the things already and don't need 30. My last game I took 4 because I had to.
  14. If you go with two core helixes, Relthoza can get 64 stands of infantry in a 3500 point game. Not a particularly effective army but....
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