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  1. Not sure how the rest of the world sees the U.S. but I'm sorry to say this model is way-way-way too Cliché. It pulls DW a few steps towards wacky-cartoony and away from plausible Steam powered SciFi. I would've much preferred an original model to an over played stereotype. Otherwise a technically well produced and solid model, I know a talented artist spent time & effort on it, just think it would've been better applied in another direction.
  2. 2015 has been a SciFi year with several times more Firestorm/Halo releases than DW. Bombers, Giant Robots & Denmark sums it up. Maybe next yr or the one after that. I too would love to see previously mentioned (here and in the Commodore Book) DW projects come to fruition. In the meantime, I'm taking a good look at Planetfall. Won't be waiting if we dip in both sides.
  3. I'm painting the Vauban Sky Fortress for my GF, tho I don't expect to run any games with her anytime soon. Your wife may be the exception. Some people naturally shy away if something appears to be too complex. I've had this experience & reaction at times even when attempting to teach Low Complexity games. You'll know better how much patience & tolerance for complexity your wife has. I'd recommend laying down minis & throwing dice as quickly as possible. Start with the basics of movement, dice mechanics & stat values like Damage Rating, Crit Rating, Hull Points...Range Bands. If it were me I'd start with 500-700 of Naval with no aerial units, not even SAS tokens, just basic ship to ship combat. Using Large, Medium & Small vessels, no Dreadnoughts or Carriers as of yet. It'll not only make for a less complex game but a faster one...which is Great for teaching beginners. Hopefully this'll peak her interest and you can gradually increase the complexity. People like what they like and I'll say initially I bought into the PLC Aerial Battlegroup because they looked awesome and were a nod to my Polish ancestry. Though in actuality I ended up playing mostly Russian Navy...since most DW players I've come across play Naval. The rules do allow for mixing Naval & Aerial so your money on the Eclipse Company wouldn't have gone to waste & they are Mercenaries that can be combined with other Nations. Like many others, I'm not particularly fond of the Federated States Naval Vessels but the Operation Shadow Hunter boxed set is an incredible value with everything you need for two players right out of the box. It's worth considering. Otherwise you can't go wrong with the Battle Group Boxed sets, especially the newer 2.0 ones. Your money, your choice, mileage may vary. Happy Gaming!
  4. Thanks guys. I love painting DW models even more than playing the game. I used the GW mold line remover (a highly useful tool) & sandpaper until The seat was flush for the Belogrod drop on. The RC command tops have gaps in them that I fill, shape & file down w/ green stuff. Next up I'm working on my PLC Naval Battlegroup. I'm very excited about the Metal n' alchemy metallics by Scale 75. Convincingly realistic metals & the 'alchemy' colors can be mixed w/ colors...i.e. Can't wait to see how my PLC turns out with white mixed with 'moonstone' and red mixed w/ 'garnet' alchemy. Fun stuff. Keep up the good work guys. The more painted fleets we produce for DW the better it is for the game. Well painted models warrant respect regardless of game system.
  5. Quite generous of you to paint for new players, that's one big barrier to entry. Fellas I can Relate. Patience from Wife/GF is a definite issue, in terms of Purchasing, Painting/Hobby time & Gaming. I recently picked up the PLC Naval Battlegroup...what are my odds of getting approval for picking up another starter set for another game & start painting? Exe's know how to hit where it hurts don't they? PLC Air Cadre, both Ottoman Box sets (some gorgeously painted), French Naval Battle Group, 1/2 of my Russian 2.0 Naval Battlegroup...along with a fortune in GW, Forge World, other systems, all my paints & hobby supplies...All Casualties of a woman's Scorn. Enough to make a grown man cry. Yet overtime I've managed to rebuild. Some numbers behind my earlier impressions that DW releases this year have been relatively light: To Date Product Releases for 2015: Firestorm Armada: 28 releases Planetfall: 39 releases Halo (only been out a short time): 13 releases Dystopian Wars: 16 releases Dystopian Legions: 16 releases Uncharted Seas: 0 available til November, get 'em while you can I don't believe these numbers came by random distribution. Customer demand? Popularity? Newer games bolstering their lines? Contracts & deadlines with MicroSoft?
  6. I don't have what they call "Gamer ADD". I don't often switch gaming systems and let's face it, getting into a tabletop miniatures game is a substantial investment in both time and money. DW appeals to me in a way that Firestorm Armada/Planetfall, Halo, Flames of War, Drop Zone Commander...doesn't. Granted those games may be equal in quality to DW & may have more streamlined rule sets...I'm still not very likely to jump into PlanetFall and I've never been a Halo fan (though the revenue that brings to Spartan can certainly be put to good use!). I look forward to new DW releases with enthusiasm and in recent months we've seen massive releases for Planetfall & Halo and a few releases for DW. Hopefully there's more planned in the release schedule & this isn't a pattern of things to come. In SoCal it's definitely an Uphill battle with all the competition and wargamers inundated by choice. There are simply more gaming systems than there are people & time to play...not to mention paint. I would love to see regular game nights at clubs like there are for 40k, WarmaHordes, FoW, Magic & D&D. As it stands DW get's played in the area on a one-off basis between sparsely located players arranged in advance. I suppose the lowest common denominator is I'd still run DW as a Special event at Cons. Make up House Rules as needed to smooth play for newbies. I'm much more Painter than Gamer so I'm going to continue painting my arse off, put it on the table & see if we can get DW the attention it deserves.
  7. Interesting color scheme choice, sort of winter camo. Makes for a cohesive battle group. Sharp patterns on the prow.
  8. Thank Goodness the PLC got their Navy! Could use some more models, tho combined with PLC Air & RC Allies you can make a well rounded list.
  9. I've magnatized my turrets since it allows the easy conversion between Marowit Gunships and Podaga Cruisers... but if I had to pick a spot for them I'd put the decorative wings on the top turret for aesthetic reasons. Since you'll be using the base of the model for Firing Arcs & Ranges it doesnt matter Rules-wise. 2mm & 3mm magnets can be had for cheap on ebay.
  10. Hot off the Admiralty Shipyard in St. Petersburg! I present a newly commissioned Azov Battle Cruiser. I add a touch of Red to my RC to blend in with my PLC Comrades. You can really go to town & get drawn in by all the details on this model. The topper is from the Belgorod Landship (part ordered from Spartan store). I plan on going back with some weathering effects. Waiting on an order of Mig Ammo Streak Effects, Weathering washes & Pigments
  11. The FSA are raving about the Buffs with their new Orbats. They didn't need them but seems to be mostly good news on their end. CoA drone spam needed the obvious nerf. As much as we need new players, I've developed an aversion for Beardy/Cheesy/Spammy lists from another game system that shall not be named. Power Gamers will be power gamers & Modellers will be modellers. Show up with the most min-maxed Imbalanced, exploited, broken list with Unpainted bare Resin models and I'll still be fielding my well painted RC Fleet, Win or Lose. RC was overpowered? Still the slowest fleet & prone to getting crippled before we get to grips. Not such an obvious need of the nerf bat. Thought our vessels were already on the pricey side. Very well, we'll take our Nerf bat beatings & like it. Time & Battle Reports will tell how these changes play out.
  12. In regards to Terrian that provide an Elevation Bonus on pgs. 160-161 of the Commodore rulebook. Is this Bonus provided as a To-hit Modifier or as Extra Dice? A plus 4 or 5 Modifier to a d6 roll would be overkill. Seems like Extra dice would better represent 'raining down some serious firepower'. Although I haven't seen it spelled out explicitly whether the Elevation Bonus is Extra dice or a Modifier?
  13. Extraordinarily productive painting progress! Well done. I've been working on my single Azov battle cruiser for nearly a week now. May be a bit overkill for the scale of DW models, but I've been using the Old&New Wood set from Vallejo for my decks. A pair of 2x reading glasses has made the process much less of an eye-strain. I'll post pix when complete. We've got something in common as I'm also working on a combined RC/PLC force. http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/es_ES/simple-techniques_-simulating-wood-effects-%E2%80%93-wooden-planks-and-rail-road-ties/blog/1/59
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