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  1. Sorry index only, stat profiles are not allowed As I was just skimming through the book to see what the faction universal rules were this example highlighted another thing. As I didn't really read munitions type I immediately thought MAR. All that aside this iteration of the rules is a vast improvement for clarity and understanding.
  2. Using only the Index. Determine which page explains 'Concussive'.
  3. Don't recall seeing any other models for Dystopian Wars, can't actually remember much beyond scary giant winged sky fortress now, but remember the Mediterranean is in mind for future plans. Strictly this isn't a FA thread, but there wasn't much to tell anyway. Its envisaged a future campaign book would include stats to differentiate between distinct models that currently share stats in the 2nd Edition, don't know if that's news? Also for a step back towards to topic, but not quite there, I'll just say, RoF fully armoured shock marines, that is all.
  4. Hi All I got to see a few preview images at the Games Expo courtesy of Neil and his tablet, sadly no photos, but I can recall that: Indian Raj have sculpts sufficient for Land and Naval sets each. The vibe is precursor to the standard Kingdom of Britannia forces with an added Indian twist. The bombard previewed sometime ago is still in and a fair indicator of what to expect. In fact bombards are a bit of a theme in their land forces. The plan is for the Indian Raj forces to be ready for the release of a Mediterranean focused supplement, could be some news for the Republic of Egypt then soon as well. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth have a Mobile Airfield in the works which is very in keeping with their existing tanks with three pairs of tracks if I recall correctly. Chinese Federation will have a Sky Fortress and it has wings. Very, very big wings. A Chinese temple style superstructure crosses over the runway. You will want this model in your life. Cheers Biff
  5. Interesting topic. I've been facing the Republique of France recently with my EotBs in a few naval games and I've found it a challenging match what with all that Ack-Ack, swarms of tiny flyers, cloud generators, retardant armour and skimmers*. It's certainly encouraged me to compare the two fleets gimmicks/defining characteristics. I think from this thread there's a consensus on how to get the most from EotBs, with regards the Battleship I feel I've certainly got my points worth out of it in a supporting role however it would be fair to question if using the points to buy more Tanuki instead would be a better spend. That said when I've used it more aggressively in the past I've found in late game when heavily damaged the turrets at range 1 still throw out enough to make opponents fearful. Still back to the point - Question: Given the inferred play style of pound then close, are incendiary rockets a bit rubbish as a gimmick? Answer: Yeah, they can be. So what to do? Possible options: Lower points values of weaker ships Up AD values for Rockets on weaker ships Up AD values for Torpedoes while we're at it? Pack Hunter MAR for rockets in cruiser squadrons Make EotBs Rockets more likely to get through defensive fire (A new MAR so only blocked on 6's) Improve Incendiary effect Give EotBs rockets the MAR Corrosive as well The one consideration I have on this is how much of a change is needed, I don't think it needs to be that big a shift to balance out EotBs against other fleets, we know we can win anyway. It would just be nice for more of our ships to be competitive choices. As for the option/s I prefer I haven't decided, that said I wouldn't look to drop any points values and I'm not keen on new MARs, I want less of them**. Beyond that I'd also like to see the back of fixed channel on Port and Starboard, this isn't because I find it too limiting as I'll quite happily exploit sharp turn to assist getting into position, my issue is the amount of time I have to spend positioning myself to get the most out of the guns. Its a nice simple defining concept, but tedious to actually play. So there you go, there's my thoughts for now. * Yeah guess you don't have to go around that terrain. ** That's another topic.
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