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  1. So here's an idea, you have the flying drones, why not similar units on sea and land, with some kind of dispenser similar to the various carriers that just spew out wave after wave of these meatshield/low attack units, possibly suicide units (them being drones after all) like mini low damage fireships. Even just a big mothership-esque carrier that spews out frigates..or corvettes, making use of what is essentially a couple of fairly useless antarctican units.
  2. Need more tactics guys, I play CoA, and they're awesome..especially teleporting my flaming half health BS 3 inches behind his BS (Prussian player), and with my objective being to destroy his capital the look on his face was priceless...I didnt win but it was close and made for an awesome scene. As for tactics, the Prussians mess me up every time and it's shitting me though I dont use the other features of the time orb or mine dropping etc.
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