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  1. I can't think of a target that could be in the open, in both port & starboard broadside fire arcs, of 3 Tiksis. Or am I missing something? Yes I am : the broadsides are 6AD and the mortars 5, not the other way round. Sorry for this. But hey, thanks for the tip!
  2. Hey milord, Your bat reps are still a joy to read - thanks! If I dare (since I'm still in the process of painting and only had one game), I wouldn't put a Moskva in the face of storm-totting Firtina generators - too many points slowed down. In the same vein, against the Ottomans, a possibility I think of would be to multiply the threats, but at 800 pts, I find it quite hard. Agreed, using PLC allies would allow your Large to Mimic something, but you would need to add at least 2 Szabla to select a Zamiec. Maybe you should save this for a bigger game. A Shield Tower could suffice. Another hypothesis: why not Tiksi Support Cruisers? 9 AD Bombards at RB3: let them have a taste of their own medicine. Besides, have you ever thought of Saransk Skyships? With their Concussive Barrage MAR, they could help you get rid of Mines, couldn't they? Or prize a Sinop? Or even help your Borodino prize the Kanuni? Courage!
  3. Thanks for the entertaining bat rep, milord, and for the insights against the Ottomans! I will sneak around tour website.
  4. Hi guys, (sorry if this is necromancy) As a newbie and fan of the model, I was wondering if there wasn't something to do with Icebergs: since they are Medium, and the Moskva's Massive, can the Dreadnought advance and open fire with a relative impunity from behind a wall of Icebergs (maybe her own thanks to the Mimic Generator)? Of course, "relative" because there are many threats that won't bother these obstructions; besides, the feat can be performed with Medium squadrons, but popping Icebergs where needed looks far easier than moving Russian cruisers and gunships. Any thoughts? Noob misread. Apologies.
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