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  1. TIFI I sent out invites to play and make inputs into the FS Armada and Planet fall event I am proposing to run in Perth Western Australia.
  2. Hi, Just checking the obvious. Natural allies are treated as an extension of your nation. So under the rules a Terran core helix can attach a Hawker Air Helix. In the rules I couldn't then attach an Aquan Recon helix. Does this also apply to minor allies? Can I attach a Terquai Recon helix? It makes it an interesting question as to how a Kurak or Zennian Battlegroup can otherwise be made before core helices are released for the minors.
  3. To give folks some idea of sizes and capabilities here are links to current terrestrial Navy ships of each relative size: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Tobruk_(L_50) FS Small Landing Ship http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Adelaide_(LHD_01) FS Medium Assult Ship Carrier http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_America_(LHA-6) FS Large Assult Ship Carrier Folkgren
  4. Hi Guys, With the imminent release of Planetfall the question arises : When will we have the opportunity to buy FSA scale Assault Landing Ships? It would have been nice to have the Aquan and Directorate ones for release with the PF Starter set. perhaps one each as a bonus for preorders or as a deal? What are ppls thoughts in general? but also as to relativer size of these ships "LST" (Small) or "LHD" (Large)? Murray Wood Perth West.Australia
  5. So would the Aquans still suffer from a bad case of 'the Crabs' ( Ilosians)? Or would they spread in the aftermath? Folkgren. I at least hope we see the Ilosians in Spec Ops or Planetfall.
  6. Yeah , there are legacy models to take care of , Phantom FTW How about this as An alt . To the 0-3 BC squadron: "Marauder BattleCruiser , pathogen, corsair, syndicate , RtL Squadron size 1 Attachment 0-1 Marauder BC Or Max complete squadron of 250 pts with following 0-1 Spur CA ( not corsair) 0- 2Opportunity CL( not corsair) 0-4 Milita Escorts (not corsair) 0-2 Brigand Class CL (not RTL) 0-4 Cutthroat Corvettes (Not RTL) 0-4 Outlaw Frigates 0-2 Hopper Landers and 0-2 Outlaw Frigates" Folkgren
  7. I suppose the point is, Would a Raider /Pirate? marauder culture invest in true BB and DN? they loose if they have to fight Pitched fleet battles. Commerce raiders should be fast long range and overwhelm medium and small Mil vessels . Taking on anything bigger is to risky. For such a role the traditional BC is as big as you would need , its got range , a BB's firepower, its lack of protection is less relevant cause its not meant to fight Large Capital ships. thats a job for BB and DN. Folkgren
  8. Your bb is sooo fat, That spartan ships the one at a time ; cause a sea container can barely hold one. Folkgren
  9. Hi, Since it's BB is the Excellssior; and having read in the rule book what races consider thier escorts to be. Expedient, Expendable . Folkgren
  10. Your BB is so Fat ; - it's a SSBB - it's escorts turn off thier engines and hang in its orbit ; at max command distance. Folkgren
  11. Fine, Next time i go to Gallipoli , ill take some. Folkgren
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