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  1. It might have been a copy-paste error from the Dindrenzi escort carrier, whose Quick Launch (Fore) * denotes that it can only place SRS in its Fore Arc. Or maybe the hard point for the Ascendency is supposed to have an (ARC) limitation as well. EDIT: Ignore this, it made little sense.
  2. So escort carriers take up a heavy cruiser slot? That is a very interesting way to set up the fleet building. I was expecting another entry on the fleet guides, but now we'll see "X Heavy Cruiser or Escort Carrier squadron(s)". I predict some interesting fleet ideas stemming from this in the near future.
  3. Players: Werewyvernx vs. Troxeltron Point Values: 1200 Scenario: Capture the Station Factions: Directorate w/ Omnidyne vs. Aquans w/ Terquai Battle Log: -3/5 Players: Yancy (not on forum) vs. Colin (not on forum) Point Values: 800 Scenario: Border Clash Factions: Tarakian w/ Ryushi vs. Pathogen Battle Log: 8/-3
  4. I do not recommend purchasing your own transfer printer that can use white toner. They're $3,000+ for a good one. Just make what you need, and go to a copy center that has one. They're actually most commonly found in places that do transfers onto clothing. So you might have to check a place where you get your own designs on t-shirts.
  5. In the spirit of fun, as long as your opponent has no issues with it, I 'd say follow the 1/2/3 limit for patrol/battle/grand fleets for assault carriers from the fleet manuals that have them. But technically, as Ryjak pointed out, if the fleet manual doesn't have a slot for them, you can't take them.
  6. Players: Werewyvernx vs. Mark (Not on Forum) Points Value: 800 Scenario: Escalating Engagement Factions & Allies: Works Raptor vs. Sorylians Battle Log Scores: 4/1
  7. Pg 74 of the PDF: ‘Disabled’ If a system is Disabled it cannot be used until the effect expires or is removed. For example, if a particular Weapons System is Disabled, the model cannot attack with it until it can be brought back on line. If a particular ‘Arc’ is Disabled, none of the weapons on that model can fire into the designated Arc (including Mines). For example, a model with Gun Racks and Port/ Starboard Torpedoes whose Port Arc had been disabled could fire its Gun Racks and Torpedoes at targets in its Starboard Arc, but not its Port Arc. If a model’s Cloaking Field is Disabled, the Cloaking Field immediately becomes inactive, and cannot be made active again until after the Effect has been repaired. "Immediately becomes inactive" means you remove the cloak marker.
  8. Yeah, cloak status is determined in the command phase of a model's activation.
  9. You don't get to link PD attacks against SRS, so Pack Hunters won't help. You'll still get 6 sets of 2 dice at the token you fly by though.
  10. Well, I've yet to see this come up, but now I know what to tell the guy in my group if he ever fields the Ba'Kash cruisers along his Relthoza.
  11. I push some thoughts around my head every now and then about this. Usually I just give up theorycrafting and come to the conclusion that it's not all that useful except in some nice big grand fleets. However, I think it can be done, just with a fair amount of 2 model squadrons. 2 Auditors, 2 Turmoils, 2 Nullifiers, 2 Annihilaitons, all of these squadrons are in the 150-200 points range, so a battlefleet can fill up on tier 2's this way, and none of these squadrons are useless. Then, you'll still have enough room (I think) for some tier 1's and 3's.
  12. If you absolutely despise the cruiser models, the other options that I would use are the Shiva gunships. They aren't too expensive, and you can add a Sulis heavy cruiser to them for extra firepower and the Energy Locus shenanigans. Namazu heavy cruisers, while not that different looking from the cruisers, might bug you less, but they get pretty expensive for a full squad, and aren't always considered tier 2. However, they can really blow stuff up. There are also the new cruisers/cruiser-carriers coming out with Task Force. No rules on those yet, but I think they look cooler than the Isonades. If you want to really get hopeful, there might be some of the older sculpts still out there, I for one love the look of the old Tsunami heavy cruisers, but they are really difficult to find. And lastly, if you can find at least one tier 2 squadron you like, even if it is just the defense platforms, you can start taking allies! Of note are the Terquai cruisers, either assault or torpedo. They're natural allies, and pretty effective.
  13. While I agree it seems like a good idea from a narrative perspective, move it into some (extreme) cases that could occur. An Anarchist with 5 assault boats, 12 AP with Special Forces flies up to you, hits you with the 10 AP from the assault craft, which crit, taking out 2 HP, 1d3 CP, and the boarding strike chart causes an additional 1d3 CP loss. Then, the Anarchist shoots its cyberturret, hits, and rolls the Security in Disarray on a bridge result. Then it assaults you, and most likely captures your ship. Then it does it the next round as well, because of Second Assault. Seriously, I player Directorate, and I admit that allowing me to assault the stuff I cyber would be completely unfair to my enemies. Especially when I mix in Omnidyne.
  14. In the few games I've played against them, or watched them played, they are not very good at the early game. Hit them hard, early. Delay closing the gap by a turn or two if you can. Also, (this works against most opponents) focus down models. A ship with 1HP left can still use all of its AP, mines and torpedoes, which are the Pathogen's main source of pain-giving. Also, support shuttles can definitely help out, due to all the Biohazard Ammo torpedoes and mines and assaults you're likely to lose CP to.
  15. To expand on what the others have already said, I will give a rundown of some other choices than just Relthoza. The Relthoza are an obvious choice. Nearly all their tier 1 options can bring (or be upgraded to bring) 6+ SRS. The have two tier 2 choices that can bring SRS, although shunt cruisers are only WC 1, and assault cruisers have to bring assault boats. They are, as stated earlier, they only faction with a tier 3 model with WC. They have a TAC to bring back lost SRS wings. The Zenian League has a TAC that can allow your SRS tokens to not be driven off during the turn it's played, at the expense of being forced to lose 1 wing. Aquans are another obvious choice for an SRS fleet. Nearly all their tier 1 options can bring (or be upgraded to bring) 6+ SRS. They are about to get some cruiser-carriers. They have a TAC that prevents the destruction of any of their SRS during the turn(s) it's played. They have access to a decent amount of models with Precision Strike to make targeted strikes they perform more likely to successfully knock out PD systems on models you're going to hit with SRS. They have a TAC that makes targeted strikes much easier with models with Precision Strike. Dindrenzi have a super wicked assault carrier. They are about to have some (hopefully, super wicked) cruiser-carriers. Combined this with their powerful weapons, I believe Dindrenzi SRS lists will become a solid choice after the Task Force release. Their carriers can have Deck Crews (this can rebuild lost SRS). Dindrenzi have the RSN as a natural ally. The RSN have a really nice carrier, that can also have Deck Crews. The Zenian League has a TAC that can allow your SRS tokens to not be driven off during the turn it's played, at the expense of being forced to lose 1 wing. The Directorate have a carrier, an assault carrier, soon some cruiser-carriers, and are natural allies with Works Raptor, who whave an assault carrier and battlecruisers that can be upgraded to have 3 WC apiece. Their carrier is a great cloaked cyberweapon platform of doom. Both theirs and WR's assault carriers are fast, somewhat durable, and able to deploy SRS in the face of the enemy while themselves assaulting models. The Directorate also has access to the highest amount of cyberwarfare in the game (so far) that can be used to disable the PD systems of enemy models you wish to hit with SRS. They also have a TAC that gives every targeted strike made during the turn it's played a chance to ignore the -1 to hit, allowing them more chances to disable PD systems before striking with SRS. The Directorate are also natural allies with OSO Omnidyne, who have a dreadnought and battleship that have a WC of 4-12 and 0-6 respectively. OSO Omnidyne has the second highest amount of cyberwarfare weapons in the game (so far). The Zenian League has a TAC that can allow your SRS tokens to not be driven off during the turn it's played, at the expense of being forced to lose 1 wing. NOTE: Without using Commander Olga, you cannot bring OSO Omnidyne and Works Raptor in the same fleet. NOTE: Bringing OSO Omnidyne models at all restricts you to the general TACs only. Terrans have two carriers. One can have a WC of 12 and comes with Deck Crews. The other can be difficult to kill. A Terran carrier list can play with defensive / support SRS and use it's (primarily tier 2/3) torpedo volleys at longer ranges to whittle enemies down until it's time to engage up close and deploy offensive SRS. Terrans are natural allies with Hawker Industries, who have a relatively tough carrier with built in Deck Crews and the potential for cyberwarfare. The Terran defense platforms have WC 6 (with 3 of them). While they are immobile, they are cheap, and a tier 2 slot, and great for scenarios like Ambush (attacker), Capture the station (defender), and the planetary invasion scenarios (most of these require the defender to take these). The last faction I will speak about is the Pathogen. All their tier 1 ships have a WC. Every tier 1 ship the capture has a WC. Their wings are better than everyone else's wings, but cost 10 points each instead of 5. Winning dogfights and killing enemy SRS rebuilds their SRS. Their SRS can assault and capture enemy models (just like assaulter SRS for everyone else) and add that ship to their carrier's squadron. As a Marauder fleet they have a TAC that shuts off a models PD, guaranteed. They have a TAC to cause an enemy squadron to make a disorder test. Being disordered, among other things, prevents that squadron from launching SRS, and forces any launched SRS to immediately return to base. This can be used to great effect to get an interceptor token out of the way, or keep offensive SRS from attacking you. Other than these factions, nearly every faction has some kind of WC. These are just the ones that I personally believe to stand out as being super capable at achieving what I believe your goal to be. A big thing to consider when making a fleet where you want SRS to be your primary weapon is to remember that SRS can be shut down by interceptors. Bringing your own fighters to dogfight enemy interceptors before bombers/assaulters are used is almost imperative. Also remember that SRS are absolutely amazing, until your opponent rolls a couple 6's on PD rolls and you lose some. A Relthoza player with 4 fighters on a Nidus frigate squadis happy. A Relthoza player with 2 fighters on a Nidus frigate squad is significantly less happy. Also, while SRS are a wonderful tool, they should never be the only one in the box.
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