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  1. Ben, Thanks again for your help!! This has cleared up several things for me and helped me with understanding several aspect of these rules beyond what I asked. I really appreciate it!!
  2. Ben, Thanks for that example. That has cleared up several items for me. A couple of follow up questions. Does the unit doing the bombardment have to be in the same unit of the spotters? Or is it that you are spotting for your side? Can I use for example my scout gyro (I play ETOBS) to spot for my rocket robots? Do the spotting tokens go away after the first bombardment? Example: Let's say I have a fortifcation unit and I spot with my commuications tower and I get 2 markers as in the example above. I then fire my bunker complex's rockets at the target and hit. I have 2 rocket towers that are also able to fire at the same target? Can I fire at the same target using the same spotting markers? Or do I role the 2 tower and the bunker all at once? I am planning on taking a sky fortress and recon planes. I know I can use them for spotting for the unit they are "attached" to. Do I need more than 1 in a squadron and if so how many?
  3. Can someone give a quick run down on spotting? I am very interested in how the process works and how you stack and detract spotting tokens. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the advice Kbog. I have most of what I need to build with from buying the land boxes on sale from mini market and picking up the other land items from packs. I play air heavy in normal DW so I have plenty of air support. I like the sky forts my self and love the walking land ship (have 2, yea 50% sale and local store).
  5. I have the rules and the models (still painting) but I have not yet had the chance to play. Has anyone played enough yet to recomend certain build or better units to focus on? I play EOTBS so I would like to hear about those but I am interested in all feedback.
  6. They misspelled it. It should be Yugiri. Name of a WW2 Japanese DD of the Fubuki class. From WP: Yūgiri (夕霧, "Evening Mist"?) [1] was the fourteenth of twenty-four Fubuki-class destroyer destroyers, built for the Imperial Japanese Navy following World War I. When introduced into service, these ships were the most powerful destroyers in the world.[2] They served as first-line destroyers through the 1930s, and remained formidable weapons systems well into the Pacific War. If you type in Japanese Warship naming conventions, you can find a couple of nice sites that talk about this subject.
  7. Can't find this anywhere. We just started the HS campaign and we are having problems figuring out the scoring. We ran the first scenario of COA vs. EOTBS. At the end of turn 6, the set up was as follows: COA BB sunk 3 cruisers sunk Dreadnought prized 2 bombers destroyed Sky fortress 4 damage 3 escorts undamaged 3 tiny flyers undamaged EOTBS Dreadnought 6 pts of damage. 2 escorts undamaged. Had the commodore and did not make it off the board BB undamaged War gyro undamaged 1 scout gyro undamaged, 1 with 2 points damage 3 cruisers and 1 gunship sunk 4 frigates sunk So can someone tell me who won and by how much???
  8. HOLLLLLY MOLLY!!!!!!!!! Can you say flame, heat, hot, FIRE!!!!!!!!!
  9. The only really bright side that I see with these is making an Inari squad's main gun a bit more lethal. If you are combining dice you can now get a 20 vs. 16 at range 1. The other ranges also become more lethal. Few things in this game will look past that. One question that I do have right now is the effect of the incendiary rounds when you are combining fire?
  10. That would be right. I pre ordered 2 packs and got them on Saturday. Info come straight from the card in the box.
  11. They are cute little things!?!?!?!?
  12. Yep!! Overall, I have to say that this is a very disappointing add to our list. No spotter, lost AP and costs more. I thnk someone wanted to add a nice ship but the development process got in the way. Let the suggestings begin. Here are a few of mine: Mk 3 with a mimic generator Broadside guns that match the mains with IR Better bombs. Maybe a 12?? Invisibility generator
  13. The only thing that I really like is the main gun having the IR trait. This make the gun a lot more fun.
  14. Yep, add one to the squadron. That makes an Inari unit a bit nicer and if you have 2 of these 4 ship squads it gives you a bit more punch across the board. Still not enough to make this a "WOW" unit for me.
  15. Looking at them compared to an Inari, it just does not seem worth it. Costs more, no rockets so you have only one shot, less AP. You give it elite crew and cut the AP. The sonic generator would help this a bit but it impacts your own ships as well. It just seems like they want to give the EOtBS these units that have potential but then they trip all over themselves to screw the unit up!!?!?!?
  16. Sorry all....It is move 10. I have updated my post. It also costs 85 pts per unit
  17. Ok, here are your stats: Cost 85 pts 8,6,3,1 on the main guns. 270 degree arc DR - 4 CR-7 Mv- 10 HP-5 AP-4 AA-4 Squad 1 to 3 MARs: Altitude skimming Attachment(medium, Inari,1 Elite crew Incendiary rounds (main turret ) Limited availability Manoeuvrable 2 version : Mk 1 has a disruption generator Mk 2 has a sonic generator These can be mixed in a squad Seems to have a different mix. Not sure how well this will work on the battlefield.??
  18. Yea but once they are done with that ffg what good are they? The Inari is a lot better against everything else. Spending 180 pts to kill 150 is not a good exchange in my book.
  19. I like the point cost on the DFA, but the fixed channel and some of the MARs make them a bit limiting in MHO. I like the Inari a lot more due to thier flexability and heavier gun outfit. I love running them down the middle of my opps and hitting them from both sides. I hate to loose them but they usually take a good bit of pounding before they go down. I really like using them to front for an Ika or in combination with some FFG's.
  20. I love the small flyers at this point. I have only used them once (hence the post to see how others use them). I was able to close with a KOB Sky Fortress. I lost 1 flyer but was to get close enough to launch my troops and hit it with gas. My troops were wiped out but the gas wiped him out as well and left him adrift. I like them enough at this point to get another 2 packs to have a 2nd full squad.
  21. OK I see a lot of topics (which I read with great interest) on how to stop the Ika and the small flyers. So how do we as EotBS players make sure that we have sucess with these weapons? I have my own ideas (which I will get to in aother post here) but I want to get a feel for how our community crunchs ships and gases marines to ensure our victory. Also, if you have examples when you have K.O.'d a dread/carrier/BB in a spectacular please share!!!
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