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  1. It fits my vision of the FSA esthetic. "Great White Fleet" meets "Showboat" - White hulls with black bottoms, and red, white, and blue bunting draped from the upperworks.. I like
  2. "Steer three points closer the enemy'
  3. I think this might be in the wrong forum? I think you want Wars, not Legions...
  4. Naval - Lord Hood. Fast, Shooty. and can be a wonderful distraction for the rest of your fleet. Aerial - Halifax.. Plenty of Boom, and their own CAP Land - Royal Oak Landship
  5. And DHL attempted to Deliver yesterday. However, their delivery monkeys cannot read, And - instead of trying the buzz code on the intercom panel they posted the delivery notice, decided since there was no buzzer code listed on the package address, I have to put in a special request to them to add the buzz code. Said requests take a business day - and as the delivery was after hours, that means the business day it takes will be today - it will not be delivered today I will be getting the package on Tuesday. That's right. 5 days after the first attempt. How is this express shipping again?
  6. Mine shipped yesterday, but no tracking number - then again, since I am an international customer, I've never gotten one before.
  7. Which means I should be looking to get one today or tomorrow for my order of May 2nd
  8. Let me think - What forces do I have. Wait, it's in my Signature.. Of those forces, I have Land force for KOB, Indian Raj and DoC; PE and PS; EoBS. That's six Land Forces Air is a bit less. KoB, DRAaNZ, PE, EOBS, LOIS (I don't have enough KoD air for a full force. ) Naval is of course everyone but PS and DoC.
  9. All Imperial Dominion minor forces are fully available as singles. (Canada, RAANZ, Raj)
  10. The evidence in the images is only for the arm, not the twisting torso - That being said, the addtion of such would allow for the Liberte to move in one direction, fire in another - the upper half of the statue just becomes a very large turret then
  11. Amusingly enough, in thinking it over, the french have - given the technologies available - created what might be the most practical robot of them all. 1) It uses skimmer movement - thus it does not have to worry about getting bogged down due to its downward pressure not being spread over enough surface area. 2) The heaviest parts of the mechanism are all in the lowest part - giving it a low center of gravity, and thus excellent ballance. 3) It has ONE point of articulation - Yes, that's a feature. It means only ONE joint to armour, and thicker armour over the rest of it. The torch arm raises and lowers for elevation - and the rest of aiming is taken care of by rotating the entire system. Fewer mechanisms under strain, fewer places to fail.
  12. In OTL World War II, the poor performance of the French Army in 1940 was not an issue with Equipment or morale - so much as with strategy and leadership. Yes, there were French officers who wanted to take the battle to the enemy - but many high officers, and a good number of top cabinet ministers, wanted a defeat. Their idea was that - upon surrender, france would sign a seperate peace , and that with the failure of the democratic government to have managed the war, a more fascist government - drawn from the military and the right-wing parties - would take over. Late 30's Europe was not much of a stronghold of democracy, and these elements of the French thought that the Germans would defeat what they considered weak and ineffectual democratic government, allowing them to come to power.(Indeed, it could be stated that Vichy started as just such a government). However, they did not have a clear understanding of the German aims, and so misjudged the situation. Indeed, element of the French government wanted to evacuate - to England, or to french-owned Algeria - and continue the fight - but the president was told that should he leave France he could not legally govern. The courage and morale of the French forces can be seen in the exploits of the Free French, and in the various resistance groups. France could have continued to fight - and indeed the people continued in many cases to do so. It was a failure in government that caused the fall of France.
  13. Yet another example of why the french are renowned for their Art, and not their Engineering.
  14. My feeling is two boxes. First is an 'Armoured Battle Group' - Resolution, 1 Squadron Wolfes, 1 Squadron Huntsman/Thunderers, 1 Squadron Steeles, 2 Squadrons Light Armour, 2 Reconnaissance infantry tokens, 10 SAWs and 2Trays. Second is an 'Armoured Support Group' - 'SeeSaw' Mobile Airfield, SAWs and Trays for the same, 1 Squadron Archers, possible new tank/APC. 2 Engineer Tokens. My suggestion for the new tank would be an Engineering vehicle, able to clear mines and lay bridges. An alternative deployment would double up on Wolfes and Huntsman/Thunderers in box 1, and move the Steeles to box 2, replacing the possible new tank. Interesting fact. Historically, Royal Military College of Canada was opened in 1876 to provide training for cadets as both Military Officers and Civil Engineers - There was no standing army in Canada at this time, but a great demand for Engineers. This is the reason I have the 'engineering' focus in the second box.
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