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  1. After reading the stuff that Warcradle has put out, I've decided that it appears that there won't actually be a new version of Firestorm Armada. There will be some new game that has the same name, and new models and rules that have some of the old names and terminology scattered through them, but it won't be the same and it won't be merely a new edition. Mortal enemies are squished into a new faction (Terran and literally every other human faction save Hawker). Former allies are turned into deadly enemies (Aquan and Terran). Fleets are stripped entirely of their identify and mechanics (Relthoza). This isn't a minor realignment, or a brush-up of an existing ruleset. It's a full-scale do-over of the entire game. I, and the rest of my gaming group, will be evaluating this as if it's a brand new game that we have zero investment in, because it is. Maybe it will be great and we'll all go buy stuff and have fun. I don't know. I hate to be the negative one, but this just feels wrong.
  2. Maybe it's more like crew extortion? "Helmsman, full stop!" "....what's it worth to you?" Lol
  3. The space station from the narrative campaign. The space station from the first box set. Those civilian ships. I'm sure there's probably more, but that's just off the top of my head.
  4. I can't see myself ever taking a boarding fleet again, or any boarding specialized ships that are penalized in general weaponry for that matter, given the new boarding rules. Instead of being able to cause a massive game swing by taking an opposing T1 and jumping out, it's now an extremely short-ranged attack of opportunity that has to go through more defences than almost any other attack and can cause damage to your own ships if you get a series of bad rolls. I predict boarding will go from an interesting playstyle variant to the equivalent of v2 torpedoes: an almost-forgotten weapon system that you can occasionally use to do something if the stars line up correctly (and is occasionally actually useful, if your opponent has no idea how to build a list or deploy proper defenses).
  5. What version of the Cloak rules were they using at GenCon, because the proposed new Cloaks are much worse than v2 cloaks. If nothing else changed (base stats), then everything should be straight-up squishier than ever. Also, *did* base stats change? It seems the merging of Planetfall to Armada has been making Armada more like Planetfall rather than the reverse. In Planetfall, Relthoza have some of the highest base toughness stats in the game. In Armada, some of the lowest. Are they keeping Planetfall cloaks for Armada and making them Planetfall-tough too, or what?
  6. While the convention of hospital ships and other non-combatant targets has gone fairly well in modern world history, you have to wonder to what extent aliens would grasp or embrace the concept. Perhaps the armed ships were a necessary precaution against outsiders who either don't understand "not a target" or who can't be made to care. In either case, I still think that medical ships as a concept don't make much sense. With casualties on the scale of what must take place on these gigantic spaceships, there's no way a few teams of additional medics could make a meaningful contribution to manpower within the time constraints of a single battle. Make people more comfortable? Sure. Save lives? Absolutely. Turn hundreds of unfit-for-duty casualties into fighting-ready troops? Eh? Almost certainly not. While mechanically useful, the fluff should be reconsidered.
  7. In v2, our group plays anywhere between 4-6 turns usually. 4 if we're sure someone is going to win and want to move on, 6 (or more) for the one guy who refuses to give up until the scenario says to or he literally has no models left on the table (and with the amount of times he's had a single Frigate crit a T1, I guess he has a point). In any case, in many games the eventual winner is clear by turn 3 or 4 at the latest, barring a terrifically unlucky/lucky string of dice rolls occurring. Still better than Planetfall though, we generally determine a winner after turn 2, 3 at the latest. In my limited testing of v3, it falls closer to the Planetfall scale. The ramped up critical damage, addition of the CR+DR hit, and addition of Focused Fire (though we're only guessing about what ships will get what weapon systems) makes the game far more deadly. I didn't experience quite what Commodore did, but it's certainly possible to completely maul the stuffing out of even the toughest Large ships now. I hope the testers are taking this into account for factions that are based around "regrowing" like the Pathogen. I'm not sure that they're going to actually *get* to regrow much before they get blown into chunks.
  8. I was responding to the OP. One of the suggestions was to change the paired helix alignments such that they match up differently, such as leviathan/command instead of leviathan/heavy support. I was expressing the idea that, though I could see logic in the new pairings, its bad policy to ask customers who might have designed and bought a force featuring, for example, two leviathans and two commands to need to go buy new helixes due to that being an illegal formation in his proposal. I rather like the pairings proposed in the abstract, but think that ship has sailed and changes that might require wholesale changes/buys for customers should be avoided.
  9. Half moves and terrain mean that camping is alive and well. You just have to make big turns (with T1's, everything else is negligible) behind an asteroid field or planetoid. Wait for your opponent to get to your FF range, and then move out an blast. Not enough limitations, and a bad mechanic in general.
  10. I thought I had a bunch of ships with 200ish... wow.
  11. So what's with the big "dent" for lack of a better description in the back of the Directorate Light Destroyer? Are these going to have add-on components to transform into other ships as seen in more recent releases? Maybe Light Destroyer/Heavy Destroyer, even another class such as Light Destroyer/Light Gunship?
  12. A "sampler", whatever that means. I don't know that I've ever been involved in a Kickstarter where so many of the stretch goals are "opportunity to give us more money for this thing", generally they're free product upgrades or something like that.
  13. Free Command Point a turn? Or maybe just X free in the list build, 1/turn is pretty unbalancing from a points perspective considering I don't think Ops Center had much of any cost attached to it in the previous version for balancing purposes. If they did it that way, such as Ops Center[X], where X is the number of free command points, it would allow them to do much more with the rule than the previous flat bonus. Just a thought.
  14. I barely remember Forlorn Hope because the vast majority of the time my squads that qualify have already activated for the round. Not sure about the proposed re-alignment of helix pairings; I've spent a lot of money to be able to field doubles of options that would be blocked if you moved the structure around. I understand where you're going in principal, but it would basically kill my currently preferred builds. Not in favor of any changes that require customers (in general, not just me) to have to spend significant time and money rebuilding a new force in a new addition.
  15. Well, then I apologize for my earlier statement. That was definitely the impression that I got as there was no mention of any consideration of change in the brief discussion of the rule, and so I assumed that it wasn't up for debate. If it is, that's definitely something I look forwards to. In a competitive meta, strategy starts in list building. Closely following that is deployment; it's the first chance a player has to impose their will on the table. Arbitrary deployment rules in terms of sequencing limit this first interaction between players and rewards people with weak tactical sense. Note that I'm fine with Planetfall deployment rules, though far more structured than Armada, because you can offset having to put down full helixes in a large number of ways and if you fail to do so, it's your fault for not using the tools available.
  16. Well, retractable plating isn't a thing any more, so there's no telling how tough the new Ba'Kash are. Still, it is a consideration that the new Systems Network rules do apply to allied forces, considering that the Core6+Natural Allies are all one big faction now.
  17. If the new Relthoza Systems Network is only for cloak, then it is a huge kick in the nuts for them. Cloak is much worse than Stealth for the approach, so if they lost that then there's another durability downgrade on the shortest-ranged fleet in the game. It's going to be impossible to approach an enemy force without getting mauled.
  18. I think the idea is now that Systems Network can have a variety of uses. The design document shows that it is now a templated rule with (as I recall) the format Systems Network[Effect, Range] (could be the other way around). This allows them to have specialist ships in fleets that add whatever rule they want without having to come up with a new MAR each time. I wouldn't assume this means anything for Relthoza; I suspect there will be a decent amount of Systems Network implementations in the various fleets.
  19. On exploding dice, moving from 4+ to 3+ increases the average successes per dice from .8 to 1. You could certainly add 25% more dice to get the same effect if that's how you wanted to go. However, there are secondary effects to that approach such as the model always getting the benefit of the extra dice (ie, doesn't need a command point, for whatever that's worth), increased variability in successes due to extra dice and the exploding dice, and different falloff curves for effectiveness after damage. I'd honestly rather they just do away with the whole idea, but if they really want Focus Fire in, I'd rather they do so in a templated rule instead of attaching it to weapon types. There are a number of secondary balancing considerations to be made with the new weapon type approach that would not have to take place with a templated rule approach.
  20. The Pathogen kickstarter document makes it sound like Armada is adopting the Planetfall model of squads in that they only have two possible sizes: attrition and battle-ready. Is this actually the case? I hate the limitation with Planetfall, because depending on your force size and build you can be forced to leave out potential reinforcements just because you can't get to the next required size. Have a few extra points and want an additional infantry guy? Too bad, you need enough points for 3 (or whatever, depending on your race) or you can't do anything. It's a poor system that limits build choices for no good reason.
  21. It's already been brought up and completely ignored in the thread where it was mentioned. Spartan FA Mike basically said that his meta doesn't use deployment strategies and so they didn't notice any changes. I find this to be an...unproductive, to be kind, way to look at it. I want the rules to enable new tactics and strategies, not take them away. Any deployment options now rely on good old fashioned meet in the middle and pound each other to scrap. The only exceptions are reserve, which has significant disadvantages in terms of being behind activations and unreliability in planning for reserve arrival. My group will probably (almost certainly) ignore this as it seems like both a completely arbitrary and exceptionally poor change.
  22. Maybe they should have a different title? They don't seem to be really "medical" ships anyway, as I can't imagine a couple of shuttles of medics managing to restore crew on the scale needed to amount to a CP on ships (maaaaybe for Directorate? depends on how long it would take to augment out a person). Perhaps they should be "reinforcement" ships, and explained as having trained crew replacements ready to restaff ships that have suffered significant losses. On a failure roll, your available backup personnel didn't match the needs of the ship?
  23. I suggested (more than once) that if the devs wanted to keep Focus Fire in Planetfall, then they should remove it as a general rule and add it in as a MAR for select units. You could even template it to Focus Fire[Range Bands] for further control. In this fashion, for Armada you might see Destroyers get Focus Fire[Medium, Long] which would grant them the ability to use Focus Fire in these two range bands. This is, somewhat, similar to the weapon systems changes that the designers have put in. However, it also easily allows certain ships (which I would argue should be *most* ships) to not have access to Focus Fire at all. It is, all in all, a much more granular and flexible approach to the problem instead of adopting weapon system names that don't correspond to logic (Tertiary systems on a ship with only 1/2 weapon systems, for example, or Primary systems that are obviously not the main gun). I greatly dislike Focus Fire in general, and would much rather they remove it from Planetfall than bring it to Armada too. That said, if it's going to be in, there's much easier ways to balance the mechanics than coming up with an entire new system of weapon classifications that effect random other things in the game too.
  24. The description of the Aquan one does say it's the largest small hull they have, so I assume they classify as smalls? However, in one of the threads (I've lost track) someone said specifically that you can't use the light destroyers as smalls, so who knows. Not sure if they were a Beta person, or if they were also speculating. Edit: New Kickstarter update specifically talks about the light destroyers as smalls, so I guess that's that.
  25. You can certainly still win with Relthoza, you're just limited to one competitive play style. Core is good (except for infantry), max it out. The Leviathan is excellent, particularly with some of the TAC cards. The Ground Command is also quite good. Your force should be based around these. Your goal is to seize the scouting initiative and secure a route towards your opponent, utilizing the fact that basically everything in the force can be upgraded to have recon. Move from cover to cover until you get to mid-short range. If you're largely undamaged at this point, you've probably got the game. If you got the **** shot out of you first, you probably lost. That's pretty much it.
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