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  1. I really like these. Very clean and a great representation of your skills. I am going to feature this thread on The Black Ocean's Facebook page tomorrow 6/2/2015 at 8:30am pacific time. Great Job!
  2. Hi all. Been on a break from here but this subject I am truly interested in. To me Hard Science Fiction relies on concepts that can currently be explained or easily extrapolated upon. Like technologies we have now being scaled up like lasers or electromagnetic rail guns. When we begin to have concepts like phasers which the authors can explain with current science or easy extrapolation then I feel we have ventured into the realms of Science Fantasy. Unfortunately in a sci fi wargaming environment Science Fantasy is much more fun. Hard Sci Fi would require things like Newtonian physics, no sound in space, and time delays. All of which while closer to realistic would be not much fun to play. Here is a list of things I feel are Hard Sci Fi Lasers Rail Guns Fusion Drive Ion Drive These are Science Fantasy Psionics Gravity Control Transporters Phasers Jedi Light Sabers
  3. These cards are fantastic. I am veritechc the owner of The Black Ocean a Sci Fi wargame website. I will be putting a link to these on our Facebook page. Keep up the great work!
  4. There are awesome. You have the engine glow down. Can you tell us how you did that? I have posted these up on The Black Ocean's Facebook. Great Job
  5. Seriously Erebi how can you get even better! Love this but it is insult to injury that you used the same background my logo does to take these pictures, lol I have added this to The Black Ocean's Facebook so they too may praise your skill.
  6. I fixed that. So sorry. Next time I think I'll learn to read better!
  7. I really like what you have done. I am going to put this up on The Black Ocean's Facebook for everyone to ogle at it. Great work!
  8. You have outdone yourself Erebi this time. This will be up on The Black Ocean's Facebook on Monday the 26th at 8am. Absolutely beautiful! Please do a tutorial on the Spur Heavy Cruiser!
  9. Wall of resin crits you for 1000 hp.
  10. Let me answer some of your questions. First off Spartan Games has been so very supportive of The Black Ocean. We have done the Small Ships player designed contest, give us renders for our Fleet Recognition page and chat with us from time to time to help us support all of you. We couldn't ask for a better game company to work with and the blokes from Spartan are top notch. Our forum was created solely to cover the down time that the Spartan Forums experienced a few a couple years ago. We have turned them off until such time as they may be needed again. Sorry about my PM box here being full. Its hard to keep up with all of your feedback sometimes. Thank you all very much for your great support. Also I would like to invite you check out our Facebook page. We report about all kinds of Sci Fi and as stated above we have a bit of fun Thursday and Friday. Stop on by.
  11. Any changes will be reflected on The Black Ocean's Combined Ship Stat Cards the day they are released by Spartan.
  12. And those are going up on The Black Ocean's Facebook tomorrow April 2nd at 9 am. I am in awe of that black background front shot and the side shot with the reg glow. Please tell me exactly how you painted those and photographed them! Outstanding!
  13. Here is a step by step I did for a Sorylian Carrier with the blue/white engine glow. http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/1431-sorylian-xiphos-carrier-step-by-step/?hl=%2Bxiphos+%2Bstep
  14. Good luck painting yellow. That is one of the hardest colors to get right. I can't wait to see the results.
  15. I don't know how lightly armed a Raptor is as they can carry 8 anti ship nukes: http://en.battlestarwiki.org/wiki/Raptor#Armament But I do get your point. I think your ideas are great!
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