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  1. Major Spag

    Hey, it's my ship thread!

    Thank you everyone for the kudos! Hopefully I will have more painted soon.
  2. Major Spag

    Hey, it's my ship thread!

    Just posting these as I finally got around to painting something: Butts!!!!
  3. Major Spag


  4. Major Spag

    Hawker Fleet WIP

    Nice names you have there. Is it sad that I know the reference for it? How about maybe something Firefly related for the frigates?
  5. Major Spag

    Sorylian vs. Relthoza Box Speculation - Sorylian Thread

    I am kind of digging this idea. Since generally our ships tend to outlast opponents, disabling FSD will mean we get that extra shot at moping up enemies and building points in our favor.
  6. Major Spag

    Planet with nightside

    Maybe give slight outlines of the continents on the night side too. We here on earth tend to have lots of cities near the coasts so they show up more than you would expect at night.
  7. Major Spag

    Sorylian Scythe help: Engine glow

    The yellow stripe is kind of my reference to lizard like coloring. Usually certain smaller reptiles tend to have a coloration that is in contrast to their main color so I added the yellow. Orange is typically the contrasting color but since I was using it for the engine, i went with yellow.
  8. Major Spag

    Sorylian Scythe help: Engine glow

    Just came here to post the rest of the pictures. I think I am going to keep the engines the way they are except for the bottom exhaust area. I like the way it looks even if it doesn't make much sense lighting wise. Things I need to work on: Add glow to weapons so that they stand out - That's why I was a bit sloppy with the metal highlights. Straighten my white lines - The painters tape wasn't enough to prevent my lines from getting sloppy. Pretty much tried to fix it by eye which has my white lines a bit off. Add light glow to windows - Aren't many on this model but could help break up the model a bit. I intend to go back over my black highlights to make them a bit neater/thinner so that is still on the books. As stated, the weapons need something to make them stand out so I may be doing some red glow on the cannon ports. The silver Patches were my attempt to look like they had to do repairs without repainting the ship but I don't like how they turned out so I may get rid of that and use streaks/scrapes instead. I also intend to paint the base with a star field but I am not certain where I want to go with that.
  9. Major Spag

    Sorylian Scythe help: Engine glow

    As in the recesses between the claw like bits around the central engine hole?
  10. Major Spag

    Sorylian Scythe help: Engine glow

    Okay, so I decided to make an attempt. My ship is primarily blue so I went with an orange glow: I haven't decided how I want the lower engine like ports. Mainly because it doesn't really strike me as an engine port so it's just a bit weird. Thoughts?
  11. Major Spag

    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    Chess vs. Tabletop wargames is a heated discussion, best left for other times. Though I've played around with the idea of applying dice to chess combat for fun . In my opinion, what makes tabletop wargames such a fantastic industry is that every company does things different to solve the same problem: How do you move models on a board and interact with them in a way that is fun, exciting, strategic and fun. Yes, fun is put in their twice on purpose . For me, I am used to games that take a long time to play (Talisman, Battletech, fourty kay etc.) so having a match take 3-4 hours is par for the course to me. I can sympathize with people who want a quicker game but ultimately it's personal taste on what is better and what isn't.
  12. Major Spag

    Sorylian Scythe help: Engine glow

    I was looking more on the lines of the actual parts of the engine that you specifically picked out as being the engine exhaust. Awesome work Frans! Definitely worth considering your route.
  13. Major Spag

    Sorylian Scythe help: Engine glow

    I am currently painting my test Sorylian Scythe that I intend to use as a template for my fleet. The problem I am having is which parts of the back to pick out as being part of the engine exhaust. What I can use is several examples from you all that show me how you've painted the engine parts on a Scythe. Color doesn't matter but maybe I can extrapolate your scheme to figure out how I want to pick out the engines. Gentle-people, show me your Sorylian frigate butts!
  14. Major Spag

    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    Which were released a few years after the actual book which gives incentive to buy the book when it is first released. I would have to wait until the free one is available which may or may not work if I ever actively play during that wait time. The problem with new editions is that rarely (except for D&D) do groups want to play old editions.
  15. Major Spag

    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    I'm hoping this is still a long term project. Due to real life issues, I still have yet to get a game . Would like to get at least a couple years before having to buy a new book.

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