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  1. The hex base has to be because of movement. The only pain I see is getting new bases for my ships lol
  2. I will actually be doing some announcements regarding Adepticon in the next couple weeks. as there were some issues with me being involved and working for Spartan. Myself and my two cochairs will not be running any firestorm Armada events or be handling any of the events at Adepticon in 2018. it was meant to be a fan run type of event and I want to make sure it stays that way. The organizers that ran dystopian wars and the Halo games are more than likely going to be back to run those games again I will be looking for someone to take over firestorm Planetfall and firestorm armada. truth be told things have me burned out and I just want to go and play games and enjoy the convention. I will still be helping whoever's interested in running events as a coordinator, getting prize support and get things set up. this would include getting mission packets formatted and made all pretty. Event submission has not happened yet and probably won't be up and running until the later part of August. registration typically is until September or October usually October . The hotel block has opened up as of Thursday so you can make hotel reservations . if you've never been to the convention it is a great time. lots of games and a lot of stuff going on and it is definitely worth the trip. there will be Spartan games still being played there.
  3. Honestly @Flamebeast most of you have nothing good to say and bitch and moan no matter what is said. its not worth reading. I spend most of my forum time in the Beta forum being productive. if you dont like things then move on.
  4. Talking to the Hawk guys at Origins, they are in their own shit show
  5. Me thinks @sentinel69 is somebody trying to circumvent their banned status
  6. The Stats are being tested by the Alpha group and the Beta group is coming online this week as NDA's get returned. So they will be tested with gameplay.
  7. The stats are being tested in The Alpha group and the New Beta group is coming online this week as they turn in their NDA's so they will put the stats through the paces with gameplay.
  8. The events at Adepticon are fan run and sanctioned by Spartan much like Reading. Events are run by Vanguards They have been like that since their inception. I now work for Spartan part time and I am able to do some previews. The events are not funded by Spartan they are funded out of my pocket and the other organizers. So they are not company events like Gencon and Salute. The lack of reporting on the event is a failure on my part not Spartan's. A failure I plan to correcting the future. I would also point out GW is a U.K. Based company. I would recommend attending Adepticon at least once. There are games a plenty. Its attendance is well over 3000 so you get a very large diversity in terms of players.
  9. Yes we are evaluating Aquans and 2 day events with a cut to top 8 or top 16 is pretty standard here in the United States. After discussion with players and my co organizers we are going back to a one day format to make scheduling easier. Adepticon has a lot going on and players do not want to dedicate to a 2 day event as most plan with the assumption they would make it to day 2. This also affected attendance. There was 17 players. with one drop on day 1 after round 2 was over. I don't know where you got 14 from. Players were told to bring Printed lists and because the hotel did not have a printer some were not able to print said lists on site as they had hoped to do. We may do list submission before the tournament next year, but only if we have a standard form in place so the format is the same. For future events I will post more to the forum.
  10. There has been coverage on my blog and on Facebook. Participants have also been talking about it. I did post a couple updates with pictures during the convention as well.
  11. @Ozysturn The Convention just contacted us about participation if you would shoot me a message I will connect you with Spartan Gary so he can make introductions with the convention heads.
  12. Neil and I have talked about reducing the Squadron size down to 4 for the update. 2 ships per blister fits with the packaging scheme he wants to do for the Marauders. We have to do testing to see if its viable though. I know a lot of players are fans of the flotilla of STL cruisers so we are taking that into account, that and the fact you can attach them to the carriers. I am inclined to keep the squadron size at 5.
  13. I am looking forward to doing the podcast. It will be nice talking Spartan Games monthly :-)
  14. Interesting Idea. Scale wise a Leviathan is supposed to be more Super Star Destroyer rather than a Death Star. The base is big though and Movement will be tricky. The Relthoza one as it stands now actually is at home parked in an Asteroid Field. Its size and Abilities actually make it so it does not take impact hits from asteroids . The Cloud of Nanites around it eats everything to break it down for raw materials. Asteroids, Debris and Planetoids anyways.
  15. No FSA is not turning into halo I merely stated that the rules for leviathans are similar to the rules for massive capitals from halo fleet battles. They are based on the concept of having multiple sections that have their own DR, CR and hull points. Because the ship is so big we had to do some things different than How normal ships function.
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